Ellen DeGeneres slammed over George W. Bush friendship

Should you be friends with someone you disagree with politically? "The View" co-hosts discuss.
5:57 | 10/10/19

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Transcript for Ellen DeGeneres slammed over George W. Bush friendship
Ellen DeGeneres defended herself for being at a game with former president George W. Bush at Sunday's cowboys game saying she's friends with a lot of people who don't share the same beliefs she does, but as far as the backlash online including celebrities like Mark Ruffalo who say she cannot overlook how he handled the Iraq war, gay rights and hurricane Katrina. What did you think when you saw them sitting next to each other? I didn't spend my Saturday tweeting out how upset I was about it. How much time we're wasting tweeting negative things about other people when we should be spending that time with our children, our family, or heaven forbid people that might think differently than we do. I was upset -- I don't know Ellen. Say what you will about her, but a lot of people tweeting don't know Ellen. Stop judging other people's lives. You mentioned this yesterday. We had Susan rice on, and she talked about having two kids that were completely opposite in their political beliefs. She said, our household welcomes everything because that helps us learn. I grew up very religious. I was Mormon. I have since left the church. I love all my friends and family back home who are still religious and I hope they respect me for the life that I live because that's what makes this country go round, and that's what makes this country unique. You can criticize her for sitting next to him. She made that decision herself. I don't agree with that 100%, what you just said. I always said I want to get to know George W. Bush because I know I would like him. He seems like a likable kind of guy. You see him up there. A lot of people really dig him. They like him, and then, you know, if you lost a child in Iraq, then you don't like him so much, and I don't see myself hanging out with Donald Trump any time in this lifetime. So it's not about only -- it's not only about disagreeing with somebody, which I certainly -- That's your choice. Yeah. That's your own choice, and this was Ellen's choice. She's entitled to her choice, but it's not just about disagreeing with somebody. It's more than that. Yeah. I agree with that. When you think about the position that he took about gay marriage when he was in power and had the power to do something, I mean you think about -- Same position Obama took for the record. We're talking about George Bush. It's also been years. He was in the position to do something about it. He actually pushed for a constitutional amendment to make sure that marriage was defined as between a man, and a woman, and to my knowledge, his father has come out and said, I have mellowed on that position, but he hasn't come out and said anything about it, so I think when you are a woman like Ellen who came out and changed the lives of so many people in the lgbtq community, I can understand why there were people that were put off by seeing her doing that. Were you put off? I think part of the issue is, and I'm, like, somewhere in the middle on all of this. It's not that we can't have be friends on both sides. Obviously we all do. Any normal person probably do does. I don't choose my friends based on their political background -- I mean, unless it's radical. I would have a hard time being friends with Rand Paul or anyone associated with him. I say it on the show every day because I won't be here tomorrow. Tomorrow? Blood on your hands, Rand Paul. There is a revisionist history that I take bridge with. I think great, Michelle Obama wants to be friends with him, but I remember the things said about him in power. He was called for impeachment, a warmonger, and part of this is confusion. Did your opinion on hurricane Katrina and the Iraq war change? There has to be a level of consistency with your politics. I don't blame Ellen and we have to go to a commercial break. Not before I get in this time. Never mind. Finish up. The revisionist history about president bush, my husband says when you cry wolf with every Republican which is what I believe happened with bush, Romney, my father on forward, sometimes when you cry wolf, the beast shows up, and the beast is Donald Trump. I think part of the reason is maybe take a second look at some conservatives when you talk crap about them while they're in power. If there are some conservatives that have done some really good stuff -- Yeah. George, for whatever it's worth did a lot of stuff I didn't like, but something he did do was he had a smart idea, how to deal with immigration. I like that, and your own party -- your own party pooped all over it, and it didn't happen. So, you know, my feeling is this. It's like when people got pissed off because Clinton was sitting next to Louis far con and it was set up that way. That's what Aretha wanted. The man who owns the cowboys sent tickets and she ended up sitting next to bush. These are two gay women. If he has got a problem, he's going to be real uncomfortable. I would be leaning on him. I would be just hugging him. I would be messing with him because if you have the opportunity to take a second to show people your humanity, why wouldn't you try? Yeah. None of us are perfect. I have pooped all over stuff that I now know probably was not the best thing to do. I understand, but I think if you are not going to give people the opportunity to at least try to change or try to grow, if you are going to dump on everything they do because you think it's bad, then maybe you should be living their life, and they should be living yours. That's just weird to me, but that's what you might wanted.

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{"duration":"5:57","description":"Should you be friends with someone you disagree with politically? \"The View\" co-hosts discuss.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"66189856","title":"Ellen DeGeneres slammed over George W. Bush friendship","url":"/theview/video/ellen-degeneres-slammed-george-bush-friendship-66189856"}