Fauci speaks freely on COVID-19 plan

“The View” co-hosts react to Dr. Fauci saying he can talk about the coronavirus without fear of “repercussions."
7:37 | 01/22/21

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Transcript for Fauci speaks freely on COVID-19 plan
And I loved me doctor Anthony thought she had to bide his time. About how badly the so called top administration handled that and Jack. Another president Biden's in charge that she is going public about getting out of a toxic relationship based on lies much. It is very clear that they were things that was said. B Ed regarding things like hydroxy clerk Quinn and other things like that. That really was an uncomfortable because they were not based on scientific fact so it was really something. That she didn't feel that you could actually say something and they wouldn't be any repercussions about the idea. That you can get up here and talk about what you know what the evidence what the sciences. And no that's it. Let the science speak it is somewhat of a liberating field. To the lack of facts in some cases over the last year cost lives. You know it very likely did. America or is set to hit a half million dead by February. So I'd like to know how is SaaS saving lives still a political issue. And can president Biden went a war against lies and a some people won't even Wear my mask to this day no matter how much information they get. And I'm at a how many people die what do you think. About that. At present I I feel so happy for America where where finally getting signs we're finally getting facts. Over politics I feel very happy for Anthony crouching he looks like. Like a hostage who's just been liberated we've seen him for the past year. You know balance what he says and how he says that so as not to get fired so that there would be some continuity. And finally he's being able to be what he has a doctor first. And it's so important looked what I am I'm MI and the the headlines here this morning are that hospitals are canceling the appointments because they don't have supply. That African American community is lagging far behind. So it's not only important that we get fact over fiction is not only important that we all do our parts to deep politicized. The out mask wearing. But it's also important that the senate come firm. Caveat that Sarah the new secretary of health and human services and that Joseph Biden has his entire eighteen. So we need all hands on deck and we need right now. Yeah but a lot of people are just not going to do it they're just not. So I mean let me ask you Sarah is found keep fighting an uphill battle here onion. He he absolutely is were in the throes of a global pandemic but at least he's fighting it and that's the thing we didn't have before. He could I got a visceral relief watching him seem so much lighter because. As an a said he's doing what he's trained to do with scientists and doctors follow information that's just what a deal. So to have to dodge land mines are to Parse words or to try to. Anticipate. What's going on that's not what they're trained to deal and I feel like it it takes me back not to harp on the past but when we were told that the former administration. Didn't want panic anyone what if there's a fire in the house I'd really like to be treated like an adult and told there's a buyers alike can find a way out. And I think that's what we're being told now we have a plan and this new administration was at told us repeatedly we're gonna come in and we're gonna have a plan in what they revealed as. There wasn't just a poor mishandling it was just actually no plan when they got there so hearing that the mask Mandy on federal property and interstate travel. Setting up media hundred community vaccination site possibly org vowing to invoke that defense production act. Creating a public dashboard to follow these are just bullet point things began following the hardest part here is from the election two out now. We just didn't hear anything and now we know was because there was Neil planned but as we sit here and we watch as historic numbers. We know something's going on someone's in charge in so well I'm fine I currently now. Right I don't think would ever going to know exactly how many people died. Because of the last administration's failed policy is. I do think will I don't find that out Megan. Look I think there at the great. Horror of living in America right now is that apps look complete and total breakdown of trust in our institutions in sense. Everyone has gone after the top administration I think that it is OK don't hold the feet to fire for doctor. Algae as well I remember being told and I too would like to be treated like an adult Sarah that Nash still working to throw them away I was pregnant in New York City. When that a pandemic broke out how to bunch of mass ended up giving them away because they said it doesn't do any thing and and you don't need it just say to me. The first responders need them more than average Americans please donate them to the gut of your heart I would have done the same thing but I was lied to you what we have president Biden yesterday him and his family they're not wearing masks. Add a mandate lap or mandating and requiring people to Wear masks on federal property he and his family were not wearing wearing masks out so. Again I think the walls for dean but not for me that have been going on for a long time in the drug administration and now magazine that president I know it's really disappointing wasn't wearing a mask. And I would also like to say Amazon I don't really understand why you're now offering. The Biden administration helped with covad vaccines after months of complete silence from trap because that seems political as well so why does Jack pays us now all the federal wanna help of vaccine distribution. But he didn't during the truck administration has a lot of blame to go around everywhere yes. President trump was a you know injured rolling and spreading false information but I'm not about to get doctor fascia profile in courage award this morning. Okay doctors out she was outside and he was far away from everybody yesterday. Com affect us funny do you think that this is say Yahoo! puts equivalency that said that we just turned on not. Well you know I act. I think. That. What what I want to mention is that the reason that this is a partisan issue is because trot made it a partisan issue. Trump politicize the virus in an in ways that I don't think any of us would have imagined I mean. He politicize wearing masks he. You know doled out resource is according to red states and Blue States and you know I just met this morning at Walgreens. Says up to 80% of its staff. Some long term care facilities declined cove at nineteen vaccines and that is because people are scared. Because of president trop I mean you know I just this morning I saw that ex GOP pollster Frank Luntz right after Joseph Biden's inauguration. Basically. Held others focus group between. Evenly split between Biden supporters and trump supporters to talk about unity and hope and one woman from Texas said that cold it was a hoax. Another gentleman set it's not a hoax my mother died from called it and she did not believe him and she jeered at him. And it's if that is where we are still in this country there needs to be accountability. For those that enabled. President dropped. Those that continue this big lie bit cold it is a hoax. Those that are continuing this anti mass movement there will not be unity there will not be unity of message before there is accountability and that is I think. One of the issues that we still need to talk about in in this country that is why we are going to be stuck and that is why we aren't going to be able to. So handled this pandemic. In the way that we need to.

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{"duration":"7:37","description":"“The View” co-hosts react to Dr. Fauci saying he can talk about the coronavirus without fear of “repercussions.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"75430231","title":"Fauci speaks freely on COVID-19 plan","url":"/theview/video/fauci-speaks-freely-covid-19-plan-75430231"}