Felicity Jones and Armie Hammer on their new movie

The "RGB" actors talk about meeting Ruth Bader Ginsburg and portraying her life in their new movie.
8:01 | 12/13/18

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Transcript for Felicity Jones and Armie Hammer on their new movie
I haven't joined forces and you know we'll be back couldn't we want timely in the era of me too and time's up. On the basis of sex tells each understand how Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg historic fight. The gender equality started at home cycle up. Just tell me which ones. I want nothing I when you go to work. How do you possibly clients and be the youngest bringing his kids are fair and I don't let me know what he's considerably cooler in Atlanta and it's my in the nick have both going to fight for equality I don't understand why you're acting like that such a bad thing. You're at their training the next generation of lawyers to change the world. Oh. I mean I'm. Some hints left. Okay. Oh yeah. So I he implicitly that route bayonet. Ginsburg attended the fountain. And do you sing and did she like get. She did say. Yeah we got the we got a thumbs up she's outfits. It was a great name and shattering it with. And yet is fantastic to hear when she came out on stage and include your name before and she had left the skin beats them or. So Sharon that roads you really nailed her you they'll be accents and you know I have I've met the justice and you were. Perfection with her so I love the movie. On the legal can give you definitely did have an you say that it's a superhero. Movie yep we it was kind of I mean look she's she's has this sort of four and status as the guests are here yet but clean what I loved about the moving morning things that you see their human behind it. Which makes it more accessible this is a woman who flies are sure sleaze rubberized this is a woman who change the world by using just her brain. And I love that I'd love let us shoot lasers out of the. Yeah it may forget that 85 she is the oldest justice I believe I'm right about that thinks. And she literally. Recently broke three ribs and she fell at but she works out. Every single day with a trainer where you what were your thoughts when you heard about that. Hello yeah. OK. Yeah I think the political stakes are pretty high right now. Without their notorious party but I. It shows you how tough she isn't them why it's no surprise she is a Supreme Court just is too she fell and broke three ribs and went home. You might stub my toe on the take to get out and I'm like I gotta go to the hospital. It's just tough. And you come back in the office the next day it's not tough one with three broken right Sanderson you guys actually went to dinner with her before filming what was that like. I U it's two men's there's just about getting to know how animal hospital level and opinion if finding out about the human behind the incredible icon. And but it is wonderful when we were caused enough to be waking up site to go into office to meet and we maintain and then and we just I just need to that she can take our eyes of bombing how much better. OK. Yeah. I. I'm I can't even imagine having to prepare for that role to play our TV because she's an inspiration to to so many people. How to study for that role how did you prepare for a while behind me as you say it's fascinating averaging paying someone here they say deeply beloved and spent many people in the hot seat. But I mean my way into it was too just in game going to every single detail on change myself and as much as possible to become. The notorious BG even half she walks absent well be absent any he has spent some. She just has an incredible who presents. And she takes timing with everything and you understand just the dedication that she is and walk and halt what that is taken. To get way she is. I was in my chambers one time yes and she put somebody got some errand she just was telling us all the cases that are coming up but she spent time. Who really rolling it out it was self interest staying and really hard work of the other thing about the movie is he saying that that a relationship and a husband was very strong that he was very supportive backdrop. And I think that that does that does that resonate with you your selves in your lives. Gavel for sure yeah it's really fun because now that my wife has seen the movie if you think any time might do something a five you know if I got a car and I walk where she wrote. Marty wouldn't do that. Oh yeah. You're right you're right all right record yourself never does anything. In living in that sort of character walking in the shoes for a couple months that I mean I know for a fact that it made me a better partner in a better husband and about a father and all that stuff and now it's great good but it's also great to play a character like that that fuels. Kind of vastly under represented in film. Yet as that character and does not get played very I don't because house is not just he's not this sounds a lot do you not a day not sexy to be the equal of your partner and hear any plus tax lawyer but they work together on one of her first implant cases and a lot of people don't know that -- is about me you know every summing the guy you know in a strong strong he would give his lessons well so you have heard like. I'm incredibly confident and strong some people look on the go will you kind of played a weaker man I'm like what purpose has more about you to say that also has. Due out this. The guy who in their fifties and sixties and seventies. Existed in an equal partnership with what he did the Clinton did to clean any whatever he could and it just looked great cook for troops and mayhem and getting more comments in the fifties your home cooking your family and like an apron and your friends come over and go party what are you doing like I'm cooking which likes and he just he was released a for sure. You're chopping in the movies like a master chef for you can cook too light I'd like to think so there can't. I was off topic but I decide this remember it what was also interesting in the movie was enjoy taught and what we talk about her all the time. She talks about the fact that women at that time had to get credit cards in their husbands and yes maybe and I was just thinking. So Ruth Bader Ginsburg have to get a credit card in her husband's AM yeah meanwhile loses again this time every little leeway well yeah and is how she. She just full she just push through it and analysts see with with her husband and have found in the and so much of that stories about how they did it together now and is he says that men and women can achieve great things when they went home tonight the eggs and only joy comes right now when you saw that play last night I would add a glorious times life and you know those days were rough on them and but we chick cash yeah. Parents if you ever. That is news and cost what they cost now felicity I hear that you had in the usual way of loosening up before shooting scenes. What was that I. I mean I always sixteenth phenomenal bay on say yes I'm Harry effect any scene she is just the puppet that it's fifty he had music media days now and AK nine he pays my door attack and Pete say it again and found. We wit it's when we obtain the scenes in the seventies and and we wanted to say the shift from the fifties interest you know so much will controlled and and then when you get into the seventies it's what about you know being a little bit Lisa and that we would watch I'm single ladies. Before we going to you know be Mumia video we trying and we trying to imitate the dunks ferry got to get it now would you like. Oh and I here you have a similar process and acting process before you're seeing I'll watch beyoncé. Yeah I. What superior found. And I it is suspect many people will get enlightened about what you can do when you work together that's an amazing things aren't thanks to felicity and army. On the basis of six will be in select theaters Christmas Day and opens nationwide January 11.

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{"duration":"8:01","description":"The \"RGB\" actors talk about meeting Ruth Bader Ginsburg and portraying her life in their new movie.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"59802011","title":"Felicity Jones and Armie Hammer on their new movie","url":"/theview/video/felicity-jones-armie-hammer-movie-59802011"}