'Fire and Fury' author Michael Wolff addresses his critics

"The View" co-host Meghan McCain challenges Wolff: "How can I trust some of these quotes when ... all these people are denying these quotes and stories attributed to them?"
6:17 | 01/10/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Fire and Fury' author Michael Wolff addresses his critics
You know, Michael, your credibility is being questioned. Trump says the book of full of lies. Remember who my credibility is being questioned by. New York City John martin. Vnn, to any Blair, Ana wintour all denying quotes. Mark Berman was in the four seasons at the same time ivanka Trump. You admitted mixing him up. This goes on and on. The age of the white house communication director. There are a lot of factual errors in here. I regret mixing up Mike Berman and mark Berman. The Berman brothers have my apology. I think this hits -- I read your book. This hits a special place for me. My family has been the subject of a book like this, "Game change." People like Ana was asked -- thank you for not giving interviews. I don't. Traditionally it's the disgruntled staffers that give interviews like this. When you talk about staff, you've didn't talk to his cab bet. Did you ever interview Jared and ivanka. How can I trust some of these quotes when all these people are denying these quotes? I think you have to look at the the other people who are denying. Steve Bannon. A great number of people. There were -- there was initially people questioned. There was -- it begins with a dinner with Roger Ailes and Steve Bannon. Was that off the record? That's a good question. People questioned this and said how could I know this? There is no I in this book. I don't appear in this book for a very specific reason. It's not about me. It's about other people's impressions of Donald Trump. This dinner was questioned. Then it came out because somebody who was at the dinner pointed out this dinner was actually at my house. That's how I know exactly what happened there. So when you write a book like this da-- this is a particular kind of book. The "New York Times" is going into something about this because I kind of scooped them. You did. We're all journalists. This is what we did. There's room. Daily reporters do a specific job. Book writers do a specific job. I am -- my goal was not to give the explosive things that happen every day in this administration. Therefore, they make you forget what happens the day before, but to give this longer view, to put some context, to put everyone -- actually to put everyone in the seat that I sat on in the west wing, to see that this administration from that point of view. To see the forest for the trees. I'm not saying they aren't idiots for letting you around and giving you that access. Had you invited me to your house at any time before this book I would say hell no. I don't go to journalists houses and discuss anything. Were you friends with Steve Bannon and Roger Ailes beforehand and you were like come to my house for an off the record dinner and you reported it? Fair question. This was an off the record dinner This is why people hate journalists by the way. This is why I don't believe in the concept of off the re. I would always be careful about that. Two thingshappenedatthat dinner, Roger Ailes died. Not at the dinner? You said two things happened at the dinner. He didn't die at the dinner. How bad was the food? The food was very good. I cooked the food. With Roger Ailes' death it seemed to me that off the record died with the death of the source. That's number one. Still Steve Bannon understood it was off the record, but not long after Roger died Steve said to me you're going to put that on the record aren't you? You're going to use that? That was history. So I took it -- Steve Bannon is crazy. Steve Bannon has not denied one ning in the book. He tried to clarify the one thing he said that baby don was going to crack on national TV like an egg. He said he wasn't talking about baby Donny. He was talking about manafort. Who was he talking about? He said he was going to crack like an aid. He said Fredo. That was the dumb younger brother in "The god father". Steve Bannon had no illusions about Donald Trump's children. I read you thought this might bring down the trump white house. In a way I think he's benefitting from this. How? He won in a tug of war with Steve Bannon. The base is supporting him. You said the base is going to turn on him because of immigration. He's going to take the heat. He's won against Steve Bannon. Steve Bannon made Donald Trump endorse the Waco in Alabama. He made him into an anti-global is. Wait a minute. Can you stay for another segment? Can you stay? I don't think so. He's got another gig. Who cares about them? Just stay. There's so much more to ask.

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{"id":52262499,"title":"'Fire and Fury' author Michael Wolff addresses his critics","duration":"6:17","description":"\"The View\" co-host Meghan McCain challenges Wolff: \"How can I trust some of these quotes when ... all these people are denying these quotes and stories attributed to them?\"","url":"/theview/video/fire-fury-author-michael-wolff-addresses-critics-52262499","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}