George Will says Nancy Pelosi is 'the one vote that matters' regarding impeachment

The Pulitzer Prize-winning conservative commentator shares how the Republican Party is changing and his views on impeaching Trump and reparations.
5:13 | 06/21/19

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Transcript for George Will says Nancy Pelosi is 'the one vote that matters' regarding impeachment
panic state I think, and do you think that the Republican party will disappear and become extinct? There are concerns. Are you in agreement with that? Back in the day when we used to worry about nuclear weapons, the experts said that cockroaches could survive nuclear war because they're similar mechanisms. Our political parties are like cockroaches. They are simple and they will adapt. They don't disappear, but they won't resemble anything. The Republican party will not I don't think so. It's very hard to get rid of these things. Like cockroaches. Like cockroaches. Exactly right. So you were a very important influential conservative Republican figure when bill Clinton was getting impeached. We have just seen the Mueller report, and it's been interesting to see some Republicans who were around for impeachment react very differently today, people like Lindsey graham. How do you feel about it? What do you think if the Mueller report had been about a democratic president? There would be house for impeachment from the right just as the left. You have to ask a question. Are you impeaching him for what? Something he did before like firing the FBI director. That's a clear core presidential power, and you have to say he's doing it for a corrupt motive, to stop an investigation. He could have stopped the investigation, but he didn't, and the investigation didn't find the underlying defense of collusion. Now you can also have impeachment perspectively to protect the country from additional harms. The problem is the harm he's doing is he's a name-caller and a liar, but we knew that on election day 2016, and he promised to continue being what he already was. You can't impeach a man for keeping his promises, even if they're disgusting promises. Mm-hmm. It seems to me there was more in the Mueller report than was found against Clinton, but Clinton was impeached by the Republicans. I have actually read every unredacted word of the Mueller report, and it's an unsavory picture, and what the Republicans did with Clinton resulted in the remarkable perverse achievement that the Republicans managed to lose seats in the congress in the second election, midterm election of a president. That almost never happens. The country was disgusted by the impeachment, and that's why Nancy Pelosi is thereluctant, and that's not going to happen because she's a seasoned politician who has her eye on the prize which is the white house down the road. She doesn't want to send a message to the democratic base. She wants to send a president to the white house. Your book is terrific. It's very dense. It's very thick. But reparations for African-Americans, it's shaping up to be a big campaign issue in it's something that I have brought up with every single candidate that has come on our show, and Cory booker said, we must address these persistent inequalities and in your book where you talk about conservatives, you say they have said that they favor equality of opportunity, not equality of condition, and we know that African-Americans haven't had equality of opportunity in this country. Mitch Mcconnell said electing a black president however proved we already dealt with the sin of what do you think about reparation? I think you're mistaken when you say it will be a big political issue. If you want to deepen the discord, and I believe we have enough, start trying to assign guilt across eight generations that have passed in America since this. 3 million African-Americans self-identify as mixed race. How do they figure in the race in the reparations picture? We have had -- I can answer that. We have had the majority of Americans that are today living in America are descended to people who came after the 13th amendment was enacted. They had no connection with what do we do about the residents of Japanese descent -- We paid some of them. Very small. Well, you did. You have the Irish who used to look for jobs and it said, Irish need apply. That's not the same thing as slavery. It gives you the difficulties -- There is DNA evidence now, and they can see. Does that mean we shouldn't approach it? We have put man on the moon. We have stopped crimes with DNA. We have done so much in this country. Who is going to -- There is still mistreatment. There is a significant wealth all that people are asking about is a commission to study reparations and there is pushback about that. One can address the problem of wealth inequality without making it racial because there are an enormous number of people of all colors that are all poor. How can you not make it about race when we're talking about slavery? Don't talk about it as a racial matter.

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{"duration":"5:13","description":"The Pulitzer Prize-winning conservative commentator shares how the Republican Party is changing and his views on impeaching Trump and reparations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"63868305","title":"George Will says Nancy Pelosi is 'the one vote that matters' regarding impeachment","url":"/theview/video/george-nancy-pelosi-vote-matters-impeachment-63868305"}