Helena Bonham Carter on how she prepared to play Princess Margaret

The actress discusses her role as Princess Margaret in “The Crown” series and the real life pressures on royals today.
4:50 | 11/18/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Helena Bonham Carter on how she prepared to play Princess Margaret
Princess Margaret as played by you, she really read Lyndon Johnson. She knew how cramped he was. He had similarities with -- With her. I mean, trump and just thinking. She knows how to read people. She played his game with dirty jokes and what have you. It's perfect. In the first two seasons of "The crown," the princess and the queen were played by two other actresses, Vanessa Kirby and Claire foy. They won emmys. I'm sure you will do. Now you and Olivia Coleman have stepped into the roles. I heard from a birdy, you met the real princess Margaret. Not for the part. Well, actually kind of in a way, I had. She's been dead awhile. She's been dead awhile, but I have my ways of getting through to her. I did meet her in real life, once. He was very -- she was typically ambivalent in what she said to I remember something. Well, you are getting better at acting,ren't you? Left-handed compliment. She was good at complimenting and putting you down at the same time. She was an unhappy girl. I think she was at times unhappy, but also there were times when she was perfectly happy. I think, you know, if you are that famous, you can't be smiling all the time. You know, she was somebody who I think she had sadnesses and everything, but she also knew how to have fun. She did. She's certainly -- now having gotten to know her, she wasn't walking around with pity. Not like oh, how tragic. It's hard to be that famous and be that -- I think she was vulnerable too. Yeah. Mm-hmm. Do you think she was disappointed she wasn't born first? There's the crown, Margaret. There's the crown part. There's the Peter Morgan version and then there's the real. I would hate to second guess what they really, really felt, but we got the joy of the fact. We'll never know what they feel. Of course. So we can project onto them what we want. So sibling rivalry is something that affects us all, I think. As soon as you get bored, you're somewhat determined by your position in your family, and your brothers and sisters. On the whole, people who I met, I went to good friends of hers, and she said, she didn't mind about being number two. She minded about being short. 5 foot. She was 5 foot, that was it. She was tiny. Very, very tiny. Everything. She was so tiny that she sort of -- what she loved to do was to raise the seat in her car. She had a complex. So she could see. So they could see you. That's the thing. If you can't see somebody, that's her job. Her job was to be seen. That's why she moved so slowly, so that if your job is to get from, you know, if you are opening something so you go from the car to the entrance, you go as slowly as possible so that people can see you. Oh. That's a thing. Can I put the thingy back? Yeah. We often talk her about the pressures the real Royals face especially from the media, and the latest news is that Harry and Meghan are apparently not spending their Christmas this year with the queen because they're going to spend it with Meghan's mom and also alone also. Do you think there is really a rift in the family? It doesn't matter. You know what? Just let them be. Who gives a -- That's what we said. It's also great for Doria. It's her time. For every move to be analyzed, it doesn't matter. To us it shouldn't really. What is, you know, that's saying -- The Royals are under pressure from the media all the time. All the time. It was a first really, and they broke. A tabloid royal. They have had their moments Margaret was also a performer. She loved to sing, and do all kinds of -- what we saw her doing. She loved singing. Yeah. She loved the limelight. It was something -- she was basically, and if you had to look at the two sisters, one was an introvert who was the eldest who ended up being the queen, and Margaret was born an extrovert, and she loved, you know, in private. She loved having a good sing-along. I get to sing which was fun, and I had the caveat she liked to drink. She wasn't necessarily singing at her best. She drank a lot. I love her.

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"The actress discusses her role as Princess Margaret in “The Crown” series and the real life pressures on royals today.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"67109885","title":"Helena Bonham Carter on how she prepared to play Princess Margaret","url":"/theview/video/helena-bonham-carter-prepared-play-princess-margaret-67109885"}