House passes equality legislation

"The View" co-hosts react to the House passing a bill that would prohibit LGBTQ discrimination after Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene slammed it, making transphobic comments in the process.
8:15 | 02/26/21

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Transcript for House passes equality legislation
That was a big bad day yesterday the house. Voted the civil right what you remember that in 1964. There was a Civil Rights Act that prohibited discrimination on the basis of race color religion sex. Or national ar gen. That was then. Yesterday the house voted to extend those rights to the LG BT community with the equality acts. So true to form Marjorie Kelly green slammed it earlier this week as disgusting and in morrow quoted an evil quote unquote. So congresswoman Maria Newman who happens to have a transgender daughter planted a trans flag outside of Marjorie is office. Here's how Taylor responded much. Isn't she cut back. So only three Republicans cross they are out to vote for the equality act and a let's start with you know what is this say about the mindset of the GOP's only three of them. And a couple of them have led the Stephon check I think his name attendance to fund subsonic. Up in a New York State she voted for it before now she voted against it what does it say about what's going on in the GOP. That only three of the Republicans would vote for this for this law. But they're behind the times that frankly behind the times. He quality. Marriage equality LG BTQ rights is something that that there has had 88 S significant change. An approval in America and I think you know GOP is behaving. Like neanderthals frankly maybe somebody should tell them that LG BTQ stands for LG BT. Hewitt on rights and maybe then they will vote for and there will be all behind its. It's been up bang up week for the Republican Party on on this issue. You know you had yesterday Rand Paul somehow hawk comparing genital mutilation. To a transgender. Male hormone therapy and surgery in a confirmation hearing. You have Marjorie Taylor Green behaving Marjorie law got green has I want to caller. Behaving like I mean girl and a high school and trying to you know. Offend a congresswoman whose dot whose daughter is transgender let me just say this. Look LG BTQ rights should not be and that's not a Republican or democratic issue. My eight former congresswoman and Republican from Miami Ileana Ross Layton. Was one of the biggest advocates for the equality act she has a transgender son. This is not at a political issue should not be in wedge issue. They should be a moral issue should be aid about right and wrong. And he should be about extending equality to all Americans sexuality. And gender identity. Is not equivalent to morality that is just plain stupid. Payment and then so Sarah just what it's funny what are you shocked people still debating this issue. And it's funny that's how you tee it up because the first thing I thought is how is it 20/20 one and we are debating something which I think is a non negotiable basic human right in this country. On and a talked about the marriage equality and and now we're talking about people just not being able to be fired from their jobs or find housing I mean this is. A little more shocking than you might realize. In 27 states a person to be fired or denied housing because of their sexual orientation or gender and 31 state in 31 states. They can be denied access to education. In 41 states they can be denied the right to serve on the jury. And this why is in the face of popular opinion right now he's 83% of Americans favor laws that would promote protect the LG BTQ community. Including 68%. Of Republicans. Even 159%. Of white evangelical Protestants agree with this so that he's just. Basic rights and when people protect them for the off chance that their religion hurt might bump in today S. I'm just kind of flabbergasted I grew up in the church and the two universal laws were love dying neighbor. And it is not our priest to judge. And so to know that there are people back to be fired from their job their employment it's just disturbing disgusting and so long overdue. That they should not be heat. Is tight as it is right now. Now it has something to do wish death. The base I have a feeling. So Sunday what is Marjorie Taylor Green has such a problem with her neighbor hanging a trans pride flag to think the colors clashed with a confederate flag. Is that it. Well you know I I was really struck. But by bats and display where you have one mother. Of transgender child. They're hanging this this trans pride flag and then you have. Marjorie Taylor Green who is also mother she has I believe two daughters and a son. Sort of hanging this this this sign outside saying you know gender is just 111. Woman in a path male and female. And we had this discussion joy earlier this week about. Happ. Innocent children and and I remember you telling me that. Parents are generally as happy as their least happy child and and I always think that when my children aren't happy I am devastated great you know I mean I have of this rule we action. To anyone that hurts my child I feel their pain. And at what I. I start to think what happened to that type with empathy between mothers that they generally. We really do have and so Marjorie Taylor Green she knows that this that her colleague has a transgender child. And even if you don't agree. With with whatever you don't agree with why would you taunt a mother. And I I immediately thought you know what what a terrible terrible display. Four for a Connelly for a mother. And thank god she is was stripped of her educational committee assignment because that is the kind of thing that she would be doing. An NB politicking on. In congress can you imagine that it was it was just am pretty despicable because this is just a human rights issue but it's also an issue. About kindness isn't. Yes it has some people are just not cut out to be they don't have that fraternal feeling and I guess she may be one of them. Let me just read and this is the country ever going to make progress on these issues and people like Marjorie Taylor Green and office Megan. Look at Marjorie Taylor Green as is like at Twitter troll come to life I hate theatrics in politics I hate. People that go to congress and have no respect for their colleagues on the other side. And clearly don't want to make any kind of real changed. I H just very disheartening and sad to see on up just strictly political level. Committees take place for our reason and the Republicans and Democrats should be meeting together. Meeting in the middle and having conversations for the good of the American public and I think. What's so sad to see his verse it we're sitting in a place for people like Marjorie Taylor greener just doing it for the clicks they're not doing it for any other reason she has. Sensibly no power in congress anymore she's a first term rank and file member and the only thing she can do is do these sort of theatrical clips that get her on the first hot topic on the view on. Friday morning and and there's no real change made an as everyone has played out before they are real issues facing this country especially in regards LG BTQ community and conservatives have been at allies and in many of them their and to some of them have been allies in and many fights across the aisle for a long time minute savages seems like we're at a place where. It doesn't matter what good work is done by people like Adam Kensing or for example who came Powell and it got against Marty Taylor Green. The only thing that matters is that Purdue when it for the clicks in the Twitter trolls and does the woman who believes in Jewish space lasers and that the Pentagon wasn't really had on 9/11 so. You know it is just as what is it's horrible. I guess she's I don't think she's going anywhere in the party frankly I think she'll league history before we know it.

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{"duration":"8:15","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts react to the House passing a bill that would prohibit LGBTQ discrimination after Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene slammed it, making transphobic comments in the process.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"76138748","title":"House passes equality legislation","url":"/theview/video/house-passes-equality-legislation-76138748"}