Howard Schultz reacts to President Trump insulting him on Twitter

After President Donald Trump tweeted about the former Starbucks CEO, Schultz explains why he won't respond.
6:58 | 01/29/19

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Transcript for Howard Schultz reacts to President Trump insulting him on Twitter
I want to clear one thing up yet when you are talking about. Candidates running you were not saying that. Kamal was disingenuous or the folks that are running a decision you know as I do that I don't agree with the policy she stated last night wracked by wiping out the insurance. In industry would I wouldn't lose millions of jobs I don't think that's a right approach OK I just want to make sure that everybody understood what I think he was saying. An eyewitness warming you up for a campaign my friend can snow didn't. But later your son is one of my closest friends and evil ones and our dogs are cousins who know him I don't yeah I do so I wanna get an idea what was called in Georgia on on its to Graham. I wanna get your response from president trump no surprise he tweet that you want you wouldn't. Did sixty minutes on Sunday he said how chilled doesn't have the guts to run for president watched him on sixty minutes last night and I agree with him that he is not the smartest person. The sides and their party has that my only hope that Starbucks is still paying me their rent in trump tower. What how do you respond and up if it is puberty hasn't heard of the Ollie robs plus beguiling way successful against. That guy I I don't I'm not responding to that childish behavior. Okay. Smartest guy in the world got us into flat. And big. Billion dollar way to cost this sub 111000000011. Billion that lacks the smartest guy in the room and I just not responding so he doesn't and and and no one wants to see him fired more than me he didn't think he could and no one wants to see you run more than him. Yep well I think we'll see about that they did there are lifelong Democrats and lifelong Republicans want believe are looking for a home. And perhaps after the next few months I can provide them all I know is Ralph noted that. Rob I proud. Right Ross Perot they destroyed that we're. I have to ask another question yes so this is add value book really think I know that you were up in the projects Brooklyn yes and you really you know from the ground up as you say. You came from an abuse of the family of fossil was abusive to you mother was in the depression. And yet in Alice my friend Alan older early says some kids can survive that because they have. Some temperamental some chemistry something about them that they just can't do it is that. Well how do you explain that I think. My whole life I've been trying to make my parents proud unfortunately both my parents to not see my success. Everything I've tried to do would Starbucks is about dignity of work my father did didn't appreciate that as a laborer. And every policy we put in Starbucks was in a way to try and make things right for. My family and little bit of fear of failure you know Jewish kid from Brooklyn you can you can relate to that. I'm Italian but this is Alan. So make. Yes I can't add up. I'm I must and I I watched you are with O'Brien super Seoul Sunday and I'm a kid from the projects and I don't wanna make my my family proud and and and I think you're. You've been such an ethical. Businessman. I'm giving your your employees' health care and I love your story is you worked hard from the ground up as enjoyment thank you and I would never compare you. To Donald Trump as a business person. However. I've said this on the show. You have no political experience. And we have a business person not like you run in the White House. And we see what that has done. Why not take baby steps which is not your way clearly but run for mayor. Run for governor the senate congress. Gets some other political experience. And then run for the White House. I well I I think I respect the question but I think the the word that I would throw into that mixes. What we have is a void of leadership. Devoid of trust no dignity no honor no respect in the Oval Office and in government today. And what I think I can bring is a level of servant leadership that I have acquired over almost forty years. And what I've learned along the way and that is sharing success with people bring people along with me. We've built a global business in 77 countries it's not the success I've enjoyed it Starbucks gets to leadership that I have been able to create. And I think understanding. With great compassion and empathy all different kinds of people. Having government experience I think is not a disqualify or I think what the qualifier is can you bring the country together can you lead people. And I think can we restore a sense of values and compassion and empathy back into the American spirit. And are standing in the world. -- and I believe I'll do a culture war raging in this countries like a question I thought is he's a corporate capped not becoming. A Supreme Court justice I would have not supported he would ask when and what kind of person would you put on the Supreme Court. As somebody who had eyes for you know from a pro choice person. But he's certain culture war like you're already lost it. I'm really pro life but I feel like I should I shouldn't lose if you are you going and we we should be able this is the problem in. We should be able to disagree. On and those kinds of issues and yet come together on what's most important for the country. And what's most seeing more conservative than my conservative pro life values are very important to me and you're trying to win over I assume a lot of Republicans and they're just some issues were not enemy in the middle on its Wyatt to give that a two party system since the eighteen is 65 since the waves yeah I just think fate if you can live without hypothetical situation that you get trump reelected. That's fine it but. No one seems terribly convinced that this is upon all you're putting words in my mouth I am I cannot gonna live with president trying to being reelected because that's not gonna happen to him I mean do everything I can. Okay. Yeah formally announce at mussels live officially announcing gallery owner Brooklyn all lackluster I think the most important thing facing the country right now. Is not the issue of abortion or the cultural issues that divide us most important thing facing the country right now is answering the question in the affirmative and that is. Do we believe that our children and our grandchildren are gonna have a better life than we do and most Americans today believe that is not the case and that is that is unacceptable to me. So I want to do everything I can to restore. A sense of financial security and and in a real belief in the promise of integrated. Kept. No. Howard the proceeds are going where the book we'll see when I grow up into North Sea there was no public library we had booked mobiles sold the proceeds are going to bookmobile snipes in impoverished neighbors around with Patrick is to make sure that you add audio books to that because not everybody can see what he'd done the audit opinion. Thank you John thank you I'm. That's thanks to Allah shields and then wrote members on our audience you know. Here is gone home when Emma.

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{"duration":"6:58","description":"After President Donald Trump tweeted about the former Starbucks CEO, Schultz explains why he won't respond.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"60706741","title":"Howard Schultz reacts to President Trump insulting him on Twitter","url":"/theview/video/howard-schultz-reacts-president-trump-insulting-twitter-60706741"}