Jennifer Garner on giving her kids 'Yes Day,' raising chickens and more

Garner joins "The View" to discuss family, training for her role in the upcoming film "Peppermint" and more.
8:38 | 07/20/18

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Transcript for Jennifer Garner on giving her kids 'Yes Day,' raising chickens and more
I always forget how inedible Thi audience is. I don't know what you give them. But, the ready to always. Kno what we give them? Prime. Oh, thank you,whoo. You have threekids. 12, 9, and 6.u just celebrated your sixth annuales day. Can you T ust that means? Atrict mom. And it- youay no all the timeere's a book called yes day, written byamy Kraus roeszen wi. It's wish fulfent. Saying yes Toti jell in your hair or picking cereals a the grocery store. Long you get to say ye I Reado it my little daughter en was tiny. My birtay, I want yesday. Thin year, I gave it to them. They loved it so much. It's jt silly. Yes, we're going have ice cream for breakfast. Yes, we're going buy lotte ticket. Yes we're going the goo the-it's silly. One day.'s the Lon day of the year. Ug Whatfhey ask something crazy? They did, didn't they? We have a picture. I say yes as much asca I wish I had de this. I hate thiso much. Why did I do this? R, yes! Oh! Yeah, yeah. That's my worst gh You hto I loveat. Love that. It's fun. I so squeet. The kidlweave you notes. What of notes do they E , well, if I'm travg, I might get somethi my suitcase. Or my son is really big on a love notehe J jennered to write. Soe'll - aw. My gosh! That was in M suit when I was tling for wk recently. Anything else? I kno what you're getting at, whoopi, so go he's littlebo I love him. I love farts. [ Chnd applause W you'r saying is, you'r in company. Yeah, sure. Farts, who doesn't. I love his speing of farts. Sss. T little bit of business. U kicked butt at syd Bristow on "Alias." Now you're getting backnto fighting shape for a new aion movie, "Peppermint." What kind of outso do to get ready T Oh, my gosh ike so hard to get bk in fighting shape. Asy at 46 to say, you know what? I think I'll be an action lad again. I worked so, shard. Oa, look. Yeah, that's Simone. D train me F it. We danced. Did weights. I would X. Anddo, yeah, there we ar but, um, herworkouts are just fun. And said, if I'm going to do this -- now the I know how T wo hard. But I'm going to H fun doing it. Soy wanted to do it with Simone. You'returning T T F the first time since"alias." Yes. O a new show called camping from Lena Dunham. Firstng that would cross my mind. Are Y going to be in clothes? I have my clothes on 'S not that kind of yes day. Denitely have my clothes on. It's about four coupleshat go camping. It's a lit bit of a disaster. Yes, I a T. I have not laughed THA hard in long. I would get the giggl every day. I would say, I've got it. Haon. Cond. They would say, you don't have . You really don't have . E I nothing moreun than laughing at work. We have something in common. What is it? We both raise chickens! Nd applaus]ea! Oh, O I talk about my chickens all the time on the sh not everyday -- How much you L them I love them so much. I love them so mu You see. Nd applause I love them so much. Re going tget you some -- nobody understands it. Can you explain to people why we fallnove with these chickens like ? Theyave a lot more rsonalityha would expect Ye Here's my question have seven chix I need to integrate into my flock. The best waydo it I H found is the you have a hen looking like a mama hen. Always inheest box. Slip the C underneath her. They becpa the flk. That ma ha hen will prote those chicks. Are you breeding? S, I'mad. And bees. I keep bees also. We are sters from another mother. Es. Y're the best. They' best. I got the outfit, everything. You're doing something I H always dreamt doing. You have your baby foo line. I don't have a by. Not a baby. Baby food line. It'sled oe un a farm. Tell U about it. Mo on farm in Lahoma. Evhing Wead washomemade. When I had a baby, I wanted, you just go bananas. You make every bit of homemade food you can. When you get too busy. U think, oh, I'll just a ja it will be fine.u loo at it. You , I'm giving this to human being, much les baby that is growing. Gen kale and apples. It squirts. And , have -- Caution. Have Newby. Oh, my gosh, this is real go. It's in theefrigerate aisle. Section. It's not I the B food aisle. Shouldn't we be feeding babies the freshest food possible. It pressed.c. No sugar.nongmo. Exactly what I would have given my kids. You just eat? Idid. But I squirted it on my pant.whnk mine and you drink yours. Rapid fire Bring it. Guiy pleasure? Chocolate and wine. What iumid you pla in high Hool? Is a saxophone. Sally they sa foen. Who was your first kiss? Guy name Matt nd Weirdest thing in your purse? Oh, oh.gosh. Wh is in my purse? Umi don't -- I can't think of thing. I had geode there. Most person I your on Most Fam pern in my phone? I have a lotamouseople in my phone. Know. Uh -- Matt Mon. That G. Go-toaoke song. Oh, yai A good one. [ Cheers app good one. This is amazieing by the way. Clearly -- I was jusre as de. But I have to tell you.e loved this young lady for many year she wd with a dear, dear, dear,r friend of mine. Calledictor rber, on als. And you saw him in hello dolly. , My gosh. I feel lik I have loved her E she was little. Our thanks to Jennifer garner. Get more inforon our website about once upon a farm. Some of whats gro once upon a farm is from the farm her mom grew up on. Just wte y'all know

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{"duration":"8:38","description":"Garner joins \"The View\" to discuss family, training for her role in the upcoming film \"Peppermint\" and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"56717344","title":"Jennifer Garner on giving her kids 'Yes Day,' raising chickens and more","url":"/theview/video/jennifer-garner-giving-kids-day-raising-chickens-56717344"}