Jennifer Lopez shares her holiday plans and discusses her new movie

The star talks about how her role in the 1997 film "Selena" impacted her career, and her role in the upcoming movie "Second Act."
8:31 | 12/12/18

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Transcript for Jennifer Lopez shares her holiday plans and discusses her new movie
Back on the big screen in second act playing a woman who's taking another shot a career she always dream down. And he has some very strong support at home take a look. Do anything with a prayer stop you. This you. But done. And this game has seen very. No I'm not easily. Okay fine but we make this quick flash. Okay well moment. Hello. Okay. It. And money so and I bouncing. And not on the mound there. It's a good thing to back yeah but it's a good to have a little bow you gotta have bowed out maybe them right so Elizabeth what we talk about your film. None of ministers and guests. A mule is in the what do you did not like do you have reason and they bought arts please tell us about it. My mom my mom. I mean with Guadalupe Pineda and I ran into weren't exactly that out there he likes to play the it's the I am. Okay okay. You can look do you regret thank you yeah I'm I'm I'm that she wanted to do. The scene laying you've I have you that I. Know I asked about half. We love our we love we have to love and asking their. Yesterday was announced that Netflix is actually producing a scripted series about the late Selena ninety's. Yeah OK yeah. The famous fleeing. Played in and it and it is on the film because 1997 and that is your first starring role in a movie and you were so fantastic Inman. Cookie came for our. How did that impact you as Lang and art and how much I was a little lucky to get to play her son in my career and I was in the you know just starting out as an actress and I'm assuming is super serious you know they have to play this role I have to do a great job. Plus all of her fans that she meant so much to so many people FI thought he'd responsibility I was on need to wait I'm 26 year old at the time. And I just learned so much from her and it really has movement have similar trajectories and has yet. And I was just about to make my first Al mom and Nina just watching her how she handles fame Mannelly. The whole thing and being in the public in all of it it was just. On an honor and a privilege and a blessing. To play her at that time. In my career I was is as beautiful as one of the most memorable experiences that Manhattan went down well I don't think yeah yeah ever asked you what you don't think you mean what was a beautiful experience for me again that you sent me tickets to see your residency and a lot of may get out. And. Citing grave and it's crazy during the show with so much time and I'm but you're not doing any more and I couldn't believe victim I was the at the last shall not suing I knew I was in three years slots yeah neither we did only are they yeah yeah yeah. Thank you and I didn't do what I'm not adhered to but I can't as needed a break with three years hundreds when he sentenced Owens an analyst and shades and with the same time and everything out that I do it just adds it was just an appellate take a break. Even on the performed more. And Hindu and again they're and yeah. Yeah thank you. Go back piano and that restful. Is I ran. This weekend you posted videos of you pretend Europe's plans your boyfriend A-Rod antenna on the decorating the Christmas and you can't what do you guys doing for Christmas this year. We weren't just doing Chris Smith you know yeah. Yeah I don't that's like his dad and it can. Network right there mom. And yeah we're just gonna have a big family Christmas you know. Ordering in the many games four and allowed and they know. Okay. It may not like aliens as seen in charge and a yellow you've gotta gotta and then and I don't I'm bringing back our seven and a half and that someone Tommy and A-Rod posted a picture that he had for years he posted it like last week. A look at he was like a fan of you as years ago and haven't I'm so he had opened a signing. Eight I'd tell you there it is or. I have seen this pain every single song clearing the residency know and they it is shocking to me now idealism why. I mean. This time he would like. And I can't be I was in many money that kind of adoration hugging his easel support handyman you know he just gets so excited that my shows and yes he knows he does but no he's been to so many shows he fentanyl related yeah. And that's what I liked and you are and how my and my mom everybody now on not him off that's nice yeah exactly. I've got to. How can I get second and second act what is this Belmont mount. And do you posting believed in his second. And so I do I have but I know we all have different tack than our lives and has just up tell us what we do think he gets a point in your life sometimes where. Here at. Like about to give up you not show or you have these dreams you have these things and made some mistakes maybe some poor choices. Along the way do you mean by that now and then you go communal houses Senegal what's gonna happen and then. You may and I the only thing that's really stopping you is you and this morn the is is. Is about that. It's really beautifully it's not your. Typical romantic comedy it's a comedy right it's money ultimately upon me I have I didn't you might let more of what it's a funny movie but it's also. Funny and the way that life is funny yet in an ending you laugh when you're about to crack a drama you know. Yeah Hammond and it's a lot it's most like romantic comedy and not the traditional one which it bungalow with a guy Matt Moreland when she falls in love. What yes. There. Okay. There are no good Christmas movie and he knows when they held up so long in that interview. I hope some sexy scenes in this item I know my. Yeah dad who I love I love heat. I got their discretion and I think he's adorable I watched him. For somebody we're he's not off him in the shower or and the dancing was great eight brought in I don't know yeah. Alan do you like I don't just how important it happens Gator yeah it was a it was a good thing that I. Hey rob say after is not. Day after I love the movie by the way I think his favorite part. On the movie is that you know. Experience Mars is you know having him like college Ivy League education you know was so many of us don't get that privilege. And so did he understand that he went right in the big leagues. Into you know I mean right from some high school and the big leagues and he didn't have that and he's always gonna crave knowledge of put himself through lake. You know Miami U and and then business school at Stamford and stuff like that to to educate himself while he was in the big leagues and so when he signed it cannot always like the underdog to win that way yeah yeah I'm a lot of under adult yeah relates and that probable.

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{"duration":"8:31","description":"The star talks about how her role in the 1997 film \"Selena\" impacted her career, and her role in the upcoming movie \"Second Act.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"59781450","title":"Jennifer Lopez shares her holiday plans and discusses her new movie","url":"/theview/video/jennifer-lopez-shares-holiday-plans-discusses-movie-59781450"}