Jenny Lee shares inspiration behind new book 'Anna K Away'v

The author says the sequel updates the original best-selling book and talks about the importance of representation in literature with "The View" co-host Sara Haines.
4:12 | 06/22/21

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Transcript for Jenny Lee shares inspiration behind new book 'Anna K Away'v
Ginny me is the TV writer producer and author whose debut young adult novel Anna K became a national indie best seller for its modern twist. On a classic love story. Now she's out with a follow up called Anna K away please welcome Janine me while I'm Jenny thanks for being here. Sarah thinks being a lethal in K a love story revamp the classic tale from and a current and a it I'd never seen that rate in teal a contemporary romance now I remember reading this book and high school. And I hear there's a funny story behind your first encounter with it. Tell us about that. Oh my. Cruising countered that I actually read a school as well I was fifteen years old and gotten rounded cash and my older sister was at brown university and she had just an expression literature courses she sent it to me being saying that I would have plenty of time to read 800 needs well. Only don't love of us sister Jenny I understand now. Now why you choose to update this classic story for 21 century women. I saw in 2012 Sharon nightly at a T Asian movie with my mommy christmastime in New York City I have always had seen every adaptation. And it really loved it and again I was thinking it's just a great deal about. First time that's. People don't really experience luck so I I don't know just popped in my had that I was like some decent to great young adult modern. I'm luck so I was like action right that's. Well and a current and that takes place in Moscow but you're stories about Korean American girl living in New York City where she gave inspiration for that. I'm I went to college and what you ice you know I arrived in the city when I was eighteen so so actor magical place or teenager and I was thinking that you know the train is such an important icon in the book and going from Greenwich Connecticut to. New York City I thought would weaker for metro north that exactly. Now a study at 3716. Children and young adult books from the university of what's constant showed that in. 2019. Only eat point 7% of children's. And young adult books featured in Asian American mean character. How important is representation. In when. Nurture. It's extremely important for me I had written the middle great book click five years ago as well I had my older brother. I'm I have two nieces and a nephew who are half Korean and he's the one who was like you really need to write about these kids who were mixed race or half Korean Tibetan my children how concede themselves main characters and Lee and books. Absolutely in the second book Anna K away picks up right where the first left off without spoiling too much. Can you tell us a little about it. Sure. It takes place exactly as soon as the other book and and it really Lisa over the summer because at first but kind of took place during the school year and I was like who does all honesty congress kids' party summer how I rely on the fun. Siegel. As right inched into the first book I love to ride away the deep tales of New York City and know what it was really fun to read but apparently the biggest fan of your writing is your own dog. A 135. Pound. New found land you said that sometimes when you're out on a walk that she's the one walking you I imagine that's the case is that true or. Yes that's absolutely true she buried stubborn. An and a I actually wrote that the main Yorker and a K that she goes to news of land I only have one so that a little bit of fictional little literature. You took some liberties there AC what you dead. But. Paint you sell much containing lead there's nothing better in the world than a good book he can't put doubt and these two are two of those books especially right now in the heart of summer each reads pulled reads you gotta check it out. Anna K away is also out now so think you again Janie. Makes me.

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"The author says the sequel updates the original best-selling book and talks about the importance of representation in literature with \"The View\" co-host Sara Haines.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"78423955","title":"Jenny Lee shares inspiration behind new book 'Anna K Away'v","url":"/theview/video/jenny-lee-shares-inspiration-book-anna-78423955"}