Jerry O'Connell talks his daytime talk show 'Jerry O'

The actor explains why Wendy Williams is his talk show idol and what it was like to be in a Mariah Carey music video.
5:57 | 08/01/19

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Transcript for Jerry O'Connell talks his daytime talk show 'Jerry O'
It is throwback Thursday, and the perfect time for you to walk out to "Heartbreaker" by Mariah Carey. That was it, yes. You were in the video, and you played her boyfriend. It was a huge hit, and that was 20 years ago. I know. Crazy. Can you believe that? Crazy. What do you remember about doing that? I remember Mariah Carey being very beautiful. Yeah. I remember being taken aback by that. I remember her inviting me to her trailer to drink champagne. Wow. I thought I had made it, and I thought I was -- I thought I was working it. I thought maybe I was this. I was going to be the new Mr. Carey. Like you had a shot with her. I thought I was going to be the new Nick Cannon, and unfortunately her boyfriend at the time, Luis Miguel quickly showed up. Security pushed me right out of I forgot about Miguel. They were a hot couple, but she was super nice and beautiful, and what a fun experience, and you're right. A lot of people do if I'm riding the subway go, "Heartbreaker." You treated Mariah wrong! Really? It was just a music video. You didn't actually date. You and I are hardcore bravo-holics. I wish they would continue it. You see Meghan be passionate up here. You should see her on "Watch what happens live." I'm very committed. I heard you were watching the debates. I watched the first segment and you were getting into it. When you talk about Sonya Morgan, that's when you really see the passion of Meghan. That's really dangerous because they give you alcohol and I love Andy so I get a little loose-lipped so I got to be careful on that show. There's an open slot for one of the New York housewives. Meghan, hello. I don't think I'm old enough. She's hardly a housewife. Thank you, joy. Not a housewife per se. There's a great cast right now. She lives in a hotel. Really? Mostly. I'm really nobody's housewife. It's complicated. She's with someone, and sometimes she's not with someone. It's a whole situation. You're also married to the insanely gorgeous and talented Rebecca romjin. There was sleep divorce saying if couples sleep in different beds they get a better night's sleep leading to less fighting. What do you think of that? Wow. I -- I hate to say this. I am a snorer. I do snore. I don't believe it. My wife says I snore. I have never -- Has she recorded you? She has recorded me, and now I believe I'm a snorer, yes. My wife wanted me to get, like, one of those c-pap things. The snorkel things? The electric thing. You can just get a mouth garden. The problem is you're never going to be able to, like, be intimate with someone when you are, like -- You have to put it on later. Are you ready? You look so beautiful. It's later. Is anybody going to want to hook up with me and I'm, like, hold on a second. I love you. It's never going to happen. It could be considered kinky. Joy, you're right. I didn't think about that. Kind of like "Silence of the lambs." Joy is into c-paps, okay. Mental note. The more you know. Good to know, Steve. Ladies, I am here in new York. I have a show called "Jerry O." Coming to another network that rhymes with lox. It's on fox, and I'm take over the Wendy Williams slot. What's happening to Wendy Williams? She's on break for the summer or something. She goes, yeah. All you co-hosts go to when it's summertime. Weet to watch. Yeah.she's my boss. She's my Oprah so, like -- Oh wow. What can we expect? We're going to have some celebrity guests, some surprise celebrity guests that they're not telling me about, which I'm a little scared to be frankly honest. It's going to be a lot of fun. We're doing a lot of, like, interviewing new yorkers on the street and just -- we're going to have a good old time. I'll tell you -- what it's not going to be is I watch your show a lot. We will never mention Assad or Syria. For sure. I mean, you were talking about the DEM debates last night. For "Jerry O.," I had to watch "The real housewives" last night. We have to watch that stuff too. I know. So many candidates. I'm not sure why others respect running. Luann, start here. 2020. When you filled in with Wendy, you did really, really well. You were fun to watch. I know. She's great. While I love all you guys, Wendy is sort of like my talk show idol. I really -- I love her a lot, and it's such an honor to work for her. When she was on the radio, she just talks. What's the she does. She can talk to wall. I know. She can. She's no natural at just coming out and just -- Wendy -- she's, like, you know, Michael Jordan. I was her legal eagle. She could talk to a wall. Amazing. We have great respect for her here, but you have two gorgeous

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{"duration":"5:57","description":"The actor explains why Wendy Williams is his talk show idol and what it was like to be in a Mariah Carey music video.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"64713247","title":"Jerry O'Connell talks his daytime talk show 'Jerry O'","url":"/theview/video/jerry-oconnell-talks-daytime-talk-show-jerry-64713247"}