Jill Biden shares biggest COVID-19 concerns and addresses remote learning inequalities

Pointing to remote learning inequalities across the nation, Biden said, “We have to create equality in education and Joe will do that.”
5:29 | 06/30/20

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Transcript for Jill Biden shares biggest COVID-19 concerns and addresses remote learning inequalities
It's no secret that trump is going to hit your husband hard for our everything you can possibly imagine president trump is disgusting and there is no boundaries he won't. Gold for I know we all know guide to. You know I there's at a seven the content he says mayor has been quite frankly I just don't want her peak cities are grows but we know. That trump is tough line and it's very hard for things to stick to him. But he is very good at neutralizing his opponents like he did with little Marco lines had an of course cricket Hillary. So how are you guys preparing to go against that in the debates and in the general election and just deal with inevitable vitriol that's coming. You know re never sure is and gel is strong he's been in politics are. You know I mean most of his life and I think joking here. Joe's used to handling police. I think wooden. I think he can handle just fine I mean they go after him for his little gaps that he makes and in his chair reading makes mistakes is nothing like this isn't. Criminal in the White House and the things that he says every day. But I wish they would just stop doing that by about it on what why do. Why do you suppose trumpet so Teflon for so Teflon what do you think. Are rare. I don't understand the jury really matter to stand it either. Why he's not held accountable live now. Yeah I think hit it I could do what the quite simply it's a quantitative. Things that he said well look it's so crazy every day and so disturbing that becomes. You become immune. Until and I thank. But he went. Now look at. I want to I'm us. I want us switch gears and talk to you about the corona virus because at this point nearly. A 130000 people Americans have died here in the US and over the weekend the secretary Powell and un human services says that the window is closing. For the US. Two. Do anything. About this to get the virus under control what is your biggest concern. Well my biggest concern you know as a teacher is. Sure there for America's children. I think that's what I'm concerned about it and so. They have you know that parents can be responsible. They should let their children Wear masks and they socially it. They're socially distancing from their friends and I know it's heartening this summer. Out. You know playing you can. In. You know just swimming equals think it's just a different time. And I think it's the responsibility of parents and grandparents. Just say your children this is life and death and Lee saint. You know it's up it's something that I worry about as well might might my children are our school aged and my mother is a teacher and and since the virus schools have moved. Too remote learning which is very difficult for a lot of children and we are seeing a lot of inequality. Which families who just can't afford. To have computers and children really getting left behind and as you mentioned you are a teacher yourself. What is the solve here what do you think can and should be done. Well are. We have. You get rid of the inequity in education. Do you and that's what I'm hearing from teachers all across this country each set of you're right I mean not all area. Ride and not all kid had. Not if kids have access to the Internet. So that's wanted to. Change during my administration. And and we had to create. Equality in education in don't do that. Starting Litsch universal pre K are all hit at three years old are they all started the same base etched in. And then. And then they continued great and then our local little hat creek community college is one of the things that I. I really get in pushing gore and when it started dating and BO Bob. I administration. And there's so much we can you get more titled what should the title one schools. You are. Who have been great it's neat and then. I truly think Sonny and really. So Richard the mental health art students because Clinton needs children on school and they cannot bring her back I understand that. But they're coming back in many many. Shot her friend anxiety because of this pandemic or had they food insecure. And age you may or may not know our child abuse is on the rise and it couldn't bring all of last wit all anxieties. So we have to hell are she despite doubling. Or psychologists and counters in our schools. Mental health support to our teachers. Because they're the ones. You know I'm English teacher and it's not only myself it mattered to teach each year and how. Colin their fears. And our Amy didn't feel strong and you know confidence again. So there's still love you but I eat you know Rick joke present it. We can. Voters.

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{"duration":"5:29","description":"Pointing to remote learning inequalities across the nation, Biden said, “We have to create equality in education and Joe will do that.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"71537937","title":"Jill Biden shares biggest COVID-19 concerns and addresses remote learning inequalities","url":"/theview/video/jill-biden-shares-biggest-covid-19-concerns-addresses-71537937"}