Is Joe Biden auditioning possible VP picks?

As Joe Biden continues to campaign by holding virtual events with some of his potential running mates, “The View” co-hosts question if this is the best way for him to go about making his choice.
3:49 | 05/22/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Is Joe Biden auditioning possible VP picks?
Joseph Biden's been adjusting to campaigning during this crisis filed in virtual events went. Some of his potential VP picks like Stacey Abrams Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar was some people say it is the Biden reality show that you think that's the appropriate way to cook. You know referred to this or is this him doing what he can do. In the midst you know you know who being on television every day. In the afternoon and all these other things that have been taking attention is there a better way for him to do it signing. Well I think you're an unprecedented time straight out where all you know we are ourselves filming from our homes even though we've got these really cool virtual backdrops looking like we're in studios were not. And Tom he's not he's in his home. Filming you know. From from his home just like all of these potential. Partners are and so I actually think it's pretty creative I think it's pretty inventive. People will get the visual of what would it look like if these two were holding a press conference together. If it how how do these two work together what is the chemistry. So I actually sort of like watching them I I think it's pretty creative I think it's inventive. I don't consider to be does beauty contest thing that people are saying our reality show I think it's the the furthest and I Hammett. You know. Megan you seen this process play out first hand both four. Is is he is this the best option for him now give him you know what that television landscape business. What's we're we're seeing and other places. Yes. I mean I think vice presidential horse race commentary is something they. Keeps political analysts very busy rate now but I actually. I'm not a big believer in chemistry tasks across the board I think they can be sort of a short allusion in anyone can perform really well. And as short period of time not to make this about me but. When I was originally offered did job on this show they wanted to tasked me with the until early is nice and now you see what I can do. Password a few years later I get refused to chemistry test may end up getting hired anyway I think vice presidential picks the exact same way I think you probably know. Mighty father and I know people get very triggered when I talk about Hamza just bear with me. He shows not orthodox running mate and he's just someone that he hadn't had a lot of experience wed in fact I believe that he had only met her Hilan twice before announcing. Her as his vice presidential pick and when he was dying he did an interview with his HBO documentary filmmakers and me documentary about him and said one of his biggest regrets wasn't choosing. Joseph Lieberman and I think in the case of Joseph Biden and the kind of times worrying. He have to go with the person who is going to lead us out of this. Absolute epidemic pandemic. Generational crisis because as far as I'm concerned it's looking like it's gonna get a whole lot worse before it gets bad Eric. And I think he needs to go with someone who is going to look like onstage and on camera what and then. In the White House quite frankly someone hill he tracks he trusted President Obama dealer at very close friends has been widely reported widely known. Their friendship and trust and I think that is going to be the thing that's most important and I think there's sort of as that Sonny put it. Beauty queen contest who can perform the basked in front of the camera for twenty minutes is probably ill completely ill suited for this time. And I think it also is it really sort of you know output down to those of us who are actually looking at this as the future of the country. You know they I don't think I don't know how many people are actually thinking about this as that beauty conscious I think that's one of those things that gets. Put out in the press and then we are stuck with having to deal with. This idea down none of us ever to tighten up work ever dealt with what talked about before.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"As Joe Biden continues to campaign by holding virtual events with some of his potential running mates, “The View” co-hosts question if this is the best way for him to go about making his choice.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"70837815","title":"Is Joe Biden auditioning possible VP picks?","url":"/theview/video/joe-biden-auditioning-vp-picks-70837815"}