Joe Biden's biggest concern about the coronavirus outbreak

The Democratic presidential frontrunner explains why misinformation is his biggest concern amid the COVID-19 crisis.
7:59 | 03/24/20

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Transcript for Joe Biden's biggest concern about the coronavirus outbreak
It's looking warm while lack our next guests will be the candidate who I'm counting on to sing you know who. As he joins us now live from Delaware please welcome back former vice president Joseph by go to work. So act as we talk to you this morning there are more than 46000. Cases of the corona virus in the US. And a third of the country is in some form of locked down. How are you can ask Harry you do that and what are you doing it through Europe you're locked down. Well what I'm doing is this set up a little bit in the studio here in my home unable to speak tune do a lot of we Mostar for we're with the media. Number one but. I have a full day of working long enough for example I start to mourn and often aren't have refused my. Medical experts and the Annan hell circumstances they send me all these graphs and lay out exactly what the status of things are. And then I have an hour and a half meeting with Marta economic team. Former members of his administration and others who are laying out what they think is about to happen and how we should be doing riveted. I spent time in the phone with third congressional leaders signed and then I'm doing a fair number of not sure there's no show led jurors but he do we know. Even Pattinson shows. OK so now let me just let me put it CEO. Every day we're being told different thing it's from different people and understandably people are on an easy. What is their number one thing you're most concerned about and what do you want to tell that that American people. Number one thing I'm most concerned about Whoopi is misinformation. Listen to the scientists. Listened to the doctors. Listen to what they have to say. And I would respectfully suggest that nation abductor found Jian a lot more than the president or anyone who's not an expert like truck cheek. Laying out exactly what's going home. And there are a number of things that are happening here and around the world we can beat this we can get through this the American people are absolutely remarkable. And some may see for example Jill is now upstairs on the telephone with. A woman who is on the board of our National Cancer Institute divide cancer initiative. Because they're working on a programs to deal with the seniors should not do not all sinners deal with folks who are suffering from cancer. Can't get through chemo can't get out of the house are worried are frightened. And are setting up a system whereby jolts. Making phone calls others are making phone calls them sending pole or tree sending emails just a book author spears because not everybody has. Friendly available and and so there's a lot of things going on I'll give you want her example. A fellow used to worker me a great guy down in the South Carolina. His due here is three beautiful daughters one more girl in kindergarten. They're teachers from their school district are riding through neighbor does take some three hours. They call all the kids in the semi become by your driveway stand on the driveway. And she sent us a video of its and high end the issue has everything going and I'm gonna come see you tomorrow what I mean there are people reach an out of ways to give assurance. Tempted to have some semblance of normality. Because people are frightened. Vice President Biden necessary means in hot topics we just about. Trump saying the government would reassess that recommended period for keeping businesses shut. And people at home. Are you read all concerned as trump said that we cannot let the cure being worse than the problem itself. We have to take care of the cure that will make the problem worse no matter what. No matter what. We know what has to be done. We know you have to you're her you're tired hearing the phrase you gotta flattened that curve. Where it's going up like this people get it and then comes down we got a flat matte curve. And we got to make sure that once in fact we have this under control it doesn't come back so we should be focusing on is getting all the help necessary. In terms of testing. In terms of access through the gear that our first responders our doctors our nurses need. In treating people we should be getting extra beds and hospital beds. In major cities around the country in a rural areas on the map here are Kim loved going on certain can see it. I'm not clear from the docks is sent to millions or some hamburgers and move the country. And up north word fact there are no icu units we have to get help there. We should be focusing on surge Sheen. Data surgeon equipment surging testy Sergey and all this information. And all this capability around the country that's a first and foremost thing we should be doing. You set of waiting around. By spread urgency Vice President Biden this is sunny you stuffit. Trump has neglected minimize and lied about the virus I completely agree with that. And now you're doing daily briefings on the virus from your home in Delaware I thank you for that. Is this to counter the misinformation. That trump is putting out that you've reference before. Well look what I reference before was. Back and fingers march 6 through Dave Lawrence he said a few things just weren't accurate. And and and I I think it's important people get the facts the American people can handle the truth. But where they can handle is something that's not true that that they believe in a moment and then they find out it's not true that just look big boost confidence. The president has to be instilling confidence in American people that we know how to deal with this virus. And we know how to deal would this crisis as well as the economic side of it look all the way back in January. Arm the intelligence community was saying that it's coming in we're gonna have a real problem with this virus. Then in January 27 I wrote a piece for US news and more report saying we must be prepared. And there wasn't taken seriously we're that we bring you have died in a day late dollar short but now we're catching up and I think it's important we continue the wrote were wrong and the president not make false I shouldn't say false not make assertions not based on hard science. And I don't agree with the notion that somehow it's okay to let the let people die and I'm not sure that would happen and I heard earlier comments from her show. And because. To make sure the economy's therefore. Our kids. The whole world who suffer from this we have the strongest most vital. Most vibrant economy in the world we can't bounce back but we need workers to bounce back we need small business is bounce back we need people being able to take care. Thu immediate needs people are scared to death. I'm getting personal calls from people who just know of me no want to have one number from the old days. Her calling and saying look I got my Camille pay my mortgage I'm not can be able pay my rent. We should be doing the things looks like the senate is now getting together. I've been in Constant Contact could the folks in the senate. I think they're getting closer to a deal that makes sense but the focus has to be in those people core an extra rest now financially. Who need to move now financially. They leave we act to ensure that they had continue to stand a payroll where to ensure that they get these first round of checks to deal with their crisis they're facing. People who don't have. Large bankroll people who don't have savings accounts people who don't have. Much to fall back on they need to help now. Economically.

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{"duration":"7:59","description":"The Democratic presidential frontrunner explains why misinformation is his biggest concern amid the COVID-19 crisis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"69773678","title":"Joe Biden's biggest concern about the coronavirus outbreak","url":"/theview/video/joe-bidens-biggest-concern-coronavirus-outbreak-69773678"}