Joe and Jill Biden address allegations in new interview

"The View" co-hosts discuss Jill Biden's comments on her husband's inappropriate touching allegations and his message to Trump supporters.
9:59 | 04/30/19

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Transcript for Joe and Jill Biden address allegations in new interview
So Joe Biden has hit the campaign trail with his wife Jill and they sat down with robin Roberts to talk about his plans for America's future as well as the past allegations from women who said he made them uncomfortable. Here's his wife's take on it. What you don't realize is how many people approach Joe, men and women, looking for comfort, but going forward I think he's going to have to judge -- be a better judge of when people approach him, how he's going to react, that he maybe shouldn't approach them. And how did you react when those first accusations were made? You know, I've known Joe for 44 years and one of the things I've always admired about him is the way he does connect with people. And in 44 years, you know, I hadn't heard negative comments, but now is a different time. So, do you think this will be the last word on this, or is the false equivalency of, you know, of an overly familiar perhaps going to keep on? I think that people in the country, women in the country, see the difference between someone like him and someone like a Harvey Weinstein. I think it's obvious. He also said -- I would hope so. He also said he takes full responsibility for the Anita hill situation. She was treated very badly and he used those words, I take full responsibility. So good, good on you, Joe, I think. I thought Jill's voice was really important in this moment because she's been by his side for so long. She was there when some of these things happened recently, and when it comes to Anita hill, his answer wasn't perfect on our show. He sort of went around in circles. He probably could have just simply apologized and moved on, but if folks on the left are going to rake him through the coals over what happened so long ago -- I think just folks. I don't know if it's left or right. If they're going to rake him through the coals, then you deserve trump. I'm worried about how far we're moving in this me too movement. I think it's done a lot of good and brought to the surface harassment and people getting away with things that never should have happened but I worry that we're losing our ability to have human connections. You have said that. I have said that and I talked recently -- I had dinner with a friend who runs a start-up company in Palo alto and he said we don't do happy hours, the men go separately. There are no hugs. I walked away from the dinner thinking how does this help women? I think it's a transitional period. And I really liked his answer on Anita hill time around. I agree with you, when he was on our show I think he was still feeling his way through it and perhaps maybe from the feedback he got after our show, he said she did not get a fair hearing, she did not get treated well. That's my responsibility. I take responsibility as the committee chairman that she did not get treated well. That's good. And that's what he needed to say because he said on our show I don't feel like I treated her badly and that is fine -- He said she was treated fine. But if you're the committee chair person and she didn't get treated well, that was on your watch. I think once he said that that should put that to bed. And he didn't vote for Clarence Thomas. That should be the end of it and I think Jill's voice was also very important. We know Joe Biden. He is someone that comforts through touch. He was comforted through all his tragedies through touch and I think that's how he shows but we're in a different time now. I agree with Abby. I hugged him backstage. I hugged him on camera. I hugged him everywhere. He makes me feel better when he's around. I get sad and I'm in grief and I want him to hug me, okay. I'm sorry, but like, I think this whole thing is ridiculous and I have for a long time and there's a huge difference between someone sexually sexual assaulting you and someone, quote, invading your personal space. And no one has ever accused him of sexual assault or harassment. Very important delineation. And I'm going to keep hugging you every time I see you, okay? And I'm going to hug you and all of you. I'm just over this. I was so kind of upset that he said when he came out -- and we hug all of our guests. He said when he came out here and we're all friends with Joe Biden, he wasn't sure what to do. And it hurt me because I've been -- he asked me to host one of his Galas for women against violence and I did that because I care for him. And when he came out he just held my hand. By the way, say that again, women against violence. Women against violence. He does a lot of work in that domestic violence space. Not to interrupt you but this is not making an impact and I will say, do you know what is? He has the international association of firefighters just endorsed him. Whoo hoo. By the way, they did not endorse in 2016. They couldn't bring themselves to endorse trump or Hillary. It is a big, big get, especially in places like New Hampshire. When you're talking about union workers, first response people, firefighters, policemen, things like that, that's a foreseeable pathway. Really quick, president trump was clearly angered by it because he tweeted the dues sucking -- The what sucking? Dues sucking. It's hitting his home turf which is blue collar workers in the middle of the country and he's clearly threatened by that. What's interesting by all of this -- Dues sucking? I don't even know what that means. It didn't mean anything. How about have some respect for our firefighters. Have some respect for unions. The unions threaten you and they clearly always have because they don't let you just run rough shot. They're not always great. They do have issues and everybody gets it but you can balance with it. But this idea that, you know, a lot of folks have said, well, let's bust this union. Unions aren't good. They are good. They give us the amount of time we can work to say, hey, you can't work longer than this. You can't have your kids working here anymore like this. You can't do this. So, you know, I just think it's interesting. But robin also asked him his plans to make the case to working class citizens who think that the economy under you-know-who is working out for them. Take a look. What would you say to the trump voter, trump supporter who looks at the economy and sees very strong numbers here in Pennsylvania where the unemployment is at a record low of 3.9%? Well, what I'd say is, did you get any benefit from the tax cuts? Have your wages really gone up that you think you deserved? Do your employers treat you with any more respect and dignity than they did before? What's the story? Ask the questions. Ask the folks in this state. I know this state pretty well and the fact of the matter is they're not getting their fair share. You know, the economy forecast is growing 4.2 but this I think happened in spite of you-know-who. I mean -- What about the deficit. We had the 30-day government shutdown. Economists still anticipate a downshift partly because businesses are cautious with the effects of tax cuts, and consumer spending and business investments were both weak this quarter possibly because of hundreds of thousands of federal workers were denied checks for over a month. So, you know, it may be -- I don't know that he has -- he has done anything. It's under his watch so he gets credit for it. I'll tell you what, if it comes down to trump or someone with a socialist economic message, I can tell you the majority of the country -- What is a socialist economic message? Medicare for all which he also answered and I thought smartly handled that and for people in the middle who are wavering -- Talking about Biden? Biden, health care. I'm saying in general the message so many on the left are running left and Biden, it seems from his answers, is taking this lane that he's owning that, which there were a lot of questions of where he would go because there has been some pressure to move to the left and it seems like he is staying true to what he always has, which is great. I think his message, the most important message that I heard during his campaign is that as a nation do you want to choose hope over fear. Do you want to choose unity over division, and most importantly, do you want to choose truth over lies. That was the message and that resonated in my mind over and over and over again, hope over fear. Trump has over 10,000 lies now in the time he's been in office. Exactly. 10,000 lies. There's a ticker in your dressing room that pings every time he lies. An angel gets its wings every time he lies. The other thing about the economy that's interesting is that trump's numbers never seem to go past 38, 39%, and with an economy like this he should be in the 70s. I think it's 37. It's bizarrely historical in this sense that in any other presidency this would be a persona non grata because of the numbers. It's something he promised and he hasn't kept, whether or not he deserves credit for it or not. He's so disgusting, people hate him anyway. More than anything, what polls worse is his freaking tweeting and coming out with these firefighter tweets the day after because they chose to come out this early, this is the stuff that has real impact and he can't control himself. Everybody loves firefighters. You can see more of robin Roberts' have with the Bidens tonight on "Nightline" at 12:35 A.M. On ABC.

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{"duration":"9:59","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Jill Biden's comments on her husband's inappropriate touching allegations and his message to Trump supporters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"62732029","title":"Joe and Jill Biden address allegations in new interview","url":"/theview/video/joe-jill-biden-address-allegations-interview-62732029"}