Kathryn Hahn shares how she'll watch the ‘WandaVision’ finale

The actress discusses her song “Agatha All Along” becoming a top hit and if she believes times have changed for women in the TV and movie industry.
7:56 | 03/05/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kathryn Hahn shares how she'll watch the ‘WandaVision’ finale
You know Kathryn Hahn from her scene stealing roles in comedies like bad moms and step Brothers. Andrew any win winning turn around turn as a rabbi and transparent and she's enjoying a major moment. Right now as the nosy neighbor turned super villain and marvels one division one of the most talked about shows in the world right now. Please welcome the funny and talented Kathryn Hahn. You don't have a club and I shall. Tell my dad live very funny lady. Sunny of the president question. I did the first question I love that nosy neighbor character by the way I want to vision but some social media does explode after every want division episode with fans' theories and means and Kathryn Hahn tributes at this point especially the episode where your true identity was revealed as the powerful which Agatha hardness. And the finale airs today and I. I know you can't give away any spoilers but will your family be watching along with it rest of the world. Yeah I mean like president Teddy bear my. Literally thinks I watched at midnight he is too excited and EU has CNET but my kids and I my kids and I are very excited on. To get together and we as we have been every Friday at work and ordered the it and watch it together. And bury it. I'm very excited. Now gathering your monsters inspired theme song I guess all along has become a bona fide hit going to number one on I eighteen soundtracks and look. Hitting the billboard chart in his nation now was written at eighteen Yang frozen let it go and that's. That's really you singing the theme now lead let's take a listen. It has no boundaries act and let's not get inspired a whole host of remixes and videos like this I don't accept up all of the avengers reacting to this song. You're right out. And Katie is really can't teach them like letting go look it's in your arm possibly even after the get it out of your heads into recorded. You know you can't I and we green there I didn't happen. Now artsy thing I ardent and it was like. I mean horse so wonderful below invented and it was over Zdeno. I remember at some point if that like sting it. I love karaoke and Mitt karaoke. I am I I remember they let it quite like Jack get it here out our. Its. Editor lets up and walked. I think I think a lot of dozens of deadly at the deadly about it. I have now are I can't believe. Tickled tickled by the response. You wouldn't hilarious. You know calf and the thing about it was you're such a late bloomer right. I mean you bet insanely talented isn't elect kid. Today is flashback Friday and we know you started out as a child actor in the eighties on a local Cleveland kids' show. Called Hickory Qaeda we and whip. Eye view playing Janney a girl experimenting with make up for the first time that would take a look at live. Why must a sneered at when I white my faith. I'm not used to winning this make up and get sober everything. Old look at all of in my heat. It's an everything being spent on Euronext. She deny me. I'll just have to think cents. To. Marry is not. I do not Marat Britain. I am. That's pretty amazing I don't remember you've been doing that I could go to girl by the way were not so in Shirley it's orally. And that's how I remember I guess I got to take up half of them Mondays which was a big deal. Armed from my Catholic school to go downtown and she got there are law. Pretty fabulous love that hair cut. Eric I really and I worked adored being ham all that. Dorothy do you all get on that Arabia. And. Oh my daughter had that hair do. My daughter and those those rodents economy weren't ten times news conference from man's brilliant and so don't. Look at. You are my best friend. How well so you say that the women and your family. Glamorous even your preteen daughter but that is. That it's good to generation with the I think you very glamorous what do you mean by view it very glad you're here is openly glamour. Dog gone up this is a puppet on a Friday morning very early on I definitely my my grandmother maternal grandmother my mother and my daughter are all. Always begging me to ration my hair to put on nail polish and factor wears tight tight tight closed. I'll always have I remember wearing wearing doc Martins and my grand my late grandmother. Saying to me I'll honey sex take the holiday but. I hope that her. Never again she alluded dress store in Cleveland's called the Californians. Specialty shop. And I mean she's always fabulous. She sold sweat shirts it said Paris London Lynn hurts because glitters. With the town in which the store went outside Cleveland. I ever have my daughter's very loved the area equipped with clothes that make up that she's always loves it when I Wear lipstick which is barrier air. Aren't yet feel like I definitely. It skipped a generation I love you for that her and left a look at the. Look at and you are also always told that your career would go downhill once he turned forty please say you found the opposite to be true and it your best roles have come posts kids. Do you think you've just been lucky are you think times have changed for women and haul away. I think it's a little bit of both meg and I think that I. I think it wasn't for me at least personally like having children and I'm certainly honored you. Your your priorities come completely she acts and it certainly becomes a hundred that left him. Mad about you and so you're able to just kind of not over think any. Com. About health and I think I also walked happened to walk into a shot her when I was authorities where we're more roles. Honor and more creators were enlisted and digging into the nook and cranny of what it it's to be. I'm and more interest in in in a woman's experience. Our post forty because it adds we are no it's like it's. Honor know it's sad reading and it's mysterious and arm. Beautiful and sexy and how Larry extend its all of the date stuck at least scouts are much lower price mart to investigate. And our you know her so long there's like its dominant big abilities yelled and screw it there's an audience for at an. Barbara. Stories to tell. You're funny all sound you know you're funny so you can started any age when you're talented and funny. And so continued success to you might dare thanks to captain content they want their vision season finale is streaming out on Disney plus.

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{"duration":"7:56","description":"The actress discusses her song “Agatha All Along” becoming a top hit and if she believes times have changed for women in the TV and movie industry.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"76281013","title":"Kathryn Hahn shares how she'll watch the ‘WandaVision’ finale","url":"/theview/video/kathryn-hahn-shares-shell-watch-wandavision-finale-76281013"}