Kenny 'Babyface' Edmonds discusses his COVID-19 diagnosis

The 11-time Grammy winning singer, songwriter and producer also talks about his music battle on Instagram, his Mother's Day special and new music.
6:33 | 04/28/20

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Transcript for Kenny 'Babyface' Edmonds discusses his COVID-19 diagnosis
Kenny "Baby face" Edmonds is an 11-time grammy winning singer, songwriter, and producer behind 26 number one hits, and he joins us live to share how he and his wife are recovering after contracting the coronavirus and how he's keeping the music going during the quarantine. So, hey. I'm so glad you are better. What was this -- Thank you. What were the symptoms like for this? What happened? First, I don't really know where we got it from or how we got it. We were -- I was in Vegas and nic was in L.A. When I came back home from Vegas which was just basically the day I came home for the weekend. I performed at the mirage theatre. Then when I got back I started to get a scratchy throat and immediately I had some more dates coming up so I went to the ear, nose and throat doctor the next day, like I think on Wednesday I went there, that morning. He told me that it looks like it could be bacteria, it might be viral. When he said viral, I said, hmm, I don't know about that. So I immediately went -- I immediately went to my studio and just kind of shut the studio down and I hunkered down there just in case. And by that night, suddenly the fever came, body aches, chills, night sweats, everything hit me, and temperature was like 101 and above sometimes. That lasted for about six days or so where it was just constant. At that point Nicki hadn't had any symptoms at all and then somewhere in that time period she ended up getting symptoms, so she ended up getting tested. I didn't get tested until probably the following Wednesday. It took about ten days before we actually got our tests back, so I was kind of in the studio for about 17 days before I actually went back home. Kenny, you know, there are a lot of people out there who still aren't taking this thing seriously. They think they can't get sick, you know. People just -- it's not going to happen to me. Now that you've gone through this yourself, what's your message to those people? Well, you can. It's -- you don't know exactly what's going to hit you because I have some friends actually that got really sick, and I have some people back at home in Indiana, some people that, you know, I know that actually passed away. So it's real and it is weird because you don't know how it's going to hit you per se, but it can. The biggest thing is you don't know where it comes from. To this day I still don't know actually how I got it or how Nicki got it and thank god we got through it and thank god we got the milder version of it but who's to know. The main thing is it's real and it can happen for sure. Now, after you recovered, you were part of an epic Instagram music battle with your friend and fellow super producer, teddy Riley, which over 4 million people watched, myself included. I loved it. You were hesitant to do it at first though. Why is that? And who changed your mind? The idea of the battle, first of all, battling with music, isn't necessarily my kind of thing to begin with. Actually, my partner, L.A. Reed, long-time partner, he kind of like called me and said that I should consider doing this. You know, it was for the -- you know, celebration of black music and the excellence of it all. Andre Herrel and puffy got on the phone and he said in his words -- I won't say those words what he said but stop being shy and go for it. And that was kind of the thing that pushed me. I thought, you know, I should do this because we all needed an escape this was a good thing to do it and it turned out to be a lot of fun. Teddy is an amazing producer. So it was great. Now you have two new exciting announcements. You're going to be hosting a live Instagram mother's day special and you have new music coming out for the first time in five years. Have you just been busy and you weren't writing anything, or did you just get -- why haven't you put anything out? I write things all the time but I don't ever feel like putting it out. I was always like that's not it, that's not it. So I'm the worst with that. So I have tons of things but I feel like it's time for new music and I thought this would be a great thing for the -- because there were so many people on the Instagram live that wanted to hear like music from "Waiting to exhale." So I thought this would be great, mother's day, to play "Waiting to exhale", tell stories, tell how it all happened and talk about the artists and stuff. That was half the fun of it all in doing the Instagram live, was being able to tell stories and tell things. People were so interested in that so I thought it would be fun to do this as well. So now you're teaming up with Michelle Obama on this "When we all vote" challenge. That's great. Yes. And it's helping people get registered, so how did you get involved in this with Michelle and everything? Interesting. Funny enough, after Instagram live, since so many people came there, the next thing, then we heard from -- Michelle actually showed up while we were there, while we were doing it. So it was funny to see actually Michelle Obama's name pop up because there were all kind of names popping up. So I heard from her and was glad to be a part of it. This is a time when we all should be registered and we all should vote. One thing that happens for sure in these times is it makes you reflect about things that are important and rights and things that we have and don't have, so this is one of those times where I think it's more important than ever to get out and vote and use

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{"duration":"6:33","description":"The 11-time Grammy winning singer, songwriter and producer also talks about his music battle on Instagram, his Mother's Day special and new music.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"70389091","title":"Kenny 'Babyface' Edmonds discusses his COVID-19 diagnosis","url":"/theview/video/kenny-babyface-edmonds-discusses-covid-19-diagnosis-70389091"}