Khizr Khan condemns Trump for criticizing Sen. John McCain

The Gold Star father and Meghan McCain discuss how to handle public attacks from the president.
6:45 | 03/25/19

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Transcript for Khizr Khan condemns Trump for criticizing Sen. John McCain
made with fresh milk and real cream. Donald Trump consistently smears the character of muslims. He disrespects other minorities, women. Have you even read the united States constitution? I will gladly lend you my copy. That was gold star father and proud muslim-american khizr khan whose son, decorated U.S. Army captain humayun khan, made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq in 2004. That powerful speech at the democratic national convention became one of the most indelible moments of the 2016 election and led to Donald Trump viciously attacking him and his family, something my family can relate to. Please welcome Mr. Khan. I am so honored you're here today. I think about you often. We don't know each other but I think about you often. And this is so much bigger than the attacks on your family and my family. We're at a place cultural where it is socially acceptable to attack families of veterans and get away with it, and I think I'm looking to you for answers of how to fight back against it. Meghan, first, I am honored to sit under your grace. My god. Please -- Under the grace of senator McCain's family, our hero, hero of this nation. How dare -- How dare this russian-tainted president disrespect our hero. Senator McCain has meant so much to this nation because of his sacrifice, because of his family's sacrifice and service. We have been -- because of senator McCain. Our relationship with senator McCain goes all the way back to 2005. His book, "Why courage matters," was the last book that I sent to captain humayun khan. I asked him in my last conversation, did you receive the book? He said, this is a wonderful book, all of my camp is reading it and we are encouraged. That is senator McCain. Whenever I took -- because we decided to give that book as a gift to our commissioning cadets. Whenever I would take that book, he would sit across the table without asking what political venue I belonged to, what are my perspectives, what are my political views, he would try to in his conversation encourage me, hearten me, ask always about the family. That is decency. That is courtesy. That is heroism. This president forgot to read the chapter that teaches how to be commander-in-chief of the United States. That's right. Mr. Khan -- Somebody should read it for him. Somebody should read it to him because he can't read, I agree. So that he could learn to take care of those who have sacrificed so much, especially the McCain family. You were attacked after losing your son who was fighting for freedom in Iraq, and you and your wife were attacked publicly. I was -- this is not just about me but there is a certain kind of pain that exists in it and it's hard for me to talk about because I don't want to be emotional on TV all the time but I don't know how you and your wife got through this. It is horrific. Well, the example of senator McCain, encouragements from people like him, hurdling with family, receiing encouraging letters throughout the country. Wherever I have been, since the passing of senator McCain, they have wonderful words for him, for his sacrifice, for his service. Such examples elevate us as a nation and that had been our source of strength. So for that I am so grateful now and even before as I mentioned during his life, during his we used to pray for his comfort, very quietly, for the blessings that he has bestowed upon this nation. It is that that makes us stronger. And one quick word about these negative, ugly letters that people have a habit of sending to the families of those who have sacrificed everything. It's a federal crime to send harassing and threatening letters by mail. Wait until the post office inspector general knocks at your door. It's a crime. Do not send such letters to anyone via U.S. Mail. Let me ask you something because we know that he divides people in this country. We know that he makes people like you guys feel terrible. But the Mueller report comes out and we're thinking maybe they have something on him. How did you feel about it when you heard there was no collusion, and then Barr exonerated him on obstruction, not Mueller but Barr did which is still up in the air. How do you feel about all that? We haven't seen the report. What are we talking about? All we have seen is that Barr wrote a 19-page employment memo in 2018 to trump to hire me. Right. He is reflecting -- he is reflecting in that four pages exactly the same thing that he said in 2018. So what are we talking about report, we haven't seen the report. This is what I remember and this is what his supporters ought to remember. In early 2016, prior to election, he stood on the podium and said Russia, I want you to hack the e-mails, 30,000 e-mails. Everybody heard that. Right. And Russia did that. He sits in the white house partly because of that favor, he sits in the white house. That is the president that we have today. So the report we have to see. We have to read it. We have to find out what it is that has caused this. Mr. Khan, this is sincerely not enough time. I want to thank you and your family. You are a gold star family for your sacrifice. You're a great American. Please come back, please. Our thanks to Mr. Khan for being here, for supporting my family and thank you to all the gold

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{"duration":"6:45","description":"The Gold Star father and Meghan McCain discuss how to handle public attacks from the president.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"61932719","title":"Khizr Khan condemns Trump for criticizing Sen. John McCain","url":"/theview/video/khizr-khan-condemns-trump-criticizing-sen-john-mccain-61932719"}