Kim Kardashian West says she heard backlash for ‘Kimono’ line ‘loud and clear’

The entrepreneur addresses her the original naming of her shapewear line, which is now renamed SKIMS.
2:46 | 09/13/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kim Kardashian West says she heard backlash for ‘Kimono’ line ‘loud and clear’
Guy again Jack. Fish shaped with a line call skins so. Real went. Real bodies tell us about the house looked comfortable is a good I have it on until. The best thing that our annual. It's really good it's really don't see how he rated Schaub sorry. Clearly didn't tell you. I'm all about comfort this good hour and hanging in there I really want a big blow the there's every one that right that has sent that they are extremely soft picking the right fabric to sell where ends and means finding the right factory. I I was a stylus back in the day and ice to cut Leon shapewear and so it all back together and there are times I'm even like glued it some might stand because of what role lap back and so IA have let my heart in Cologne lol actually yes yes yes. He added that he was is on Saturday. I can't imagine taking yeah. But you know I can't originally this company was called kimono which you got into trouble with because they said you're. Appropriating Japanese culture yes and I I I'm completely. Heard an understood what they were talking about for me when I picked the name I just like the fact it was a play after my name and I've always. Loved and respectfully ask any yet to put out yat and then. But it was the message I heard loud and clear and it wasn't even an option except I to could be can sometimes. There can be so much noise online and you don't know what is. Really Siri yes and with cancel culture and everything happening like I always. Wanna take a B I wanna make sure that I'm doing the right thing and it's the right thing to do and I did any change the name right away. And it was it was tough we had two million garments within within name Marty. Printed on know that aren't and I didn't wanna be waste ball and I wanted to take a few months and figure out what are we gonna do. How are we gonna fix says how are we gonna save the garments and not waste them. And we took our time we figured it out and I would've rather lines. In the best way possible then to have any drama affiliated with the name I kept the name every launched. I it would have offended so many people on I just that's not why and that's not what the brand what did you do little ones ahead but c'mon on so I do we tried so many different options but we did put a label on top of spam so for the first round and so we get through the products they will have sat on top of bad collectibles. And they and that's about it will be just printed right on the I think these are that the full body Saddam right now. Having just had twins is the best thing I've I've found so far so I'd had a brilliant I can't I get I'm telling you it's it's linked up Selma.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"The entrepreneur addresses her the original naming of her shapewear line, which is now renamed SKIMS.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"65599948","title":"Kim Kardashian West says she heard backlash for ‘Kimono’ line ‘loud and clear’","url":"/theview/video/kim-kardashian-west-heard-backlash-kimono-line-loud-65599948"}