Kim Kardashian West opens up about Lupus

The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star talks about the “struggle” and “journey” viewers can see on her show.
4:55 | 09/13/19

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Transcript for Kim Kardashian West opens up about Lupus
I want to talk about Kanye Sunday service. Because he created a church service with music that's turned into these really big weekly events and we had David Letterman. On the show and I asked about it he raped about it. Actually. Ime at a really early stage when asked inside of a rehearsal studio yet Connie started this. I think chest to heal himself and made it it was a really personal thing and it was just friends and family. And he has had an amazing abolition of being born again and being saved by Christ and he. Has now. Made it in of people are accessible what do you worshipping in what is says it is. A Christian service like a musical ministry it is. You know they've been talk about she's says and died and their missing in there sometimes out if he goes to a different church where he has been shown up and done knees. Surprise little pop up Sunday services at other churches so whenever pastor speaks there. And sometimes at the one in Calabasas how have friends that are pastors that are in town get up and speak but for the most part it's just a musical ministry. I'm it doesn't you know he doesn't have his like 5013 C at. But not yet may get a an official chart but it is. For god and and it's a Christian church I think that was sometimes to blunt what what is this and what did they are they doing. But it started off healing for him and now it's become. Something that he just really wants to share for everybody else. One that's what you'd like your show you sheriff's much of your life. It's season seventeen to keep you up of the crash eons I watched. The scene on Sunday night that I related to I think so many people do where you have a health scare. And you go get tested and that's those few days we are waiting for the results and you thought you might have lupus which have yet serial it that way. At greatest they tested positive for amateur players they tested positive work. This on Sunday night you'll see what that real diagnosis says and I had to unfortunately beyond medication but it's worked for me. And soon you'll see with the diagnosis really is and only give it away nights it's entities to say that but. It's been such. You really get in your head when you think you're dying to matter what totally and you start gurgling things in the things that you see yeah and you wanna be I have my hairy. But yap. And but when you have an autoimmune issues so many other things can come from not so I've been really learning about autoimmune issues and I'm seen an amazing doctor that's really helped me through this. But it was it's been a struggle and it's been a journey and scary mother but you're right okay. I'm okay you know. They'll be issues things were coming go but I'm totally OK and I feel that and I'm just living in the now let's feeling good now that I. Half fact half my time but we're he covered got so I hope this isn't an improving question for you but I did watch your show yes and I'm I was watching a few weeks ago and clearly was talking about how she still talks to her dad. He Anderson I always ask. People who have. Iconic father's will have passed yes how do you agree when the entire world now is cleared dad wasn't wants to be involved because it's been. Very challenging for me in your data is extremely famous always wealthy and you. About your dad. You know wet week keep his spirits so alive and talking about him with our kids I pictures of him I always talk. To my kids about my doubting Kanye is mom and how we show them pictures and we we we just continue to talk about it on his birthday we celebrate while go to dinner as a family at his favorite restaurant. I know I wanna my sister's like you know struggles with me in with mediums and I know that it might. But some people agree with that some people don't I have had an amazing experience. Just feeling connect Ed. I read a book. That I absolutely love. Called embraced by the late. That my dad actually try to give me in high school on island data not reading it's the weekend and I would always look you know try to dismiss it and he. I think it's a hundred pages please read at. And when he passed away I was cleaning out my room and I took the book from my bad and I finally credit. And I go back to it not my sisters go back to it and I met with the off there. And she it was someone that it passed away during a surgery she had six kids loved her life. And then had an amazing experience and have then and so I mean I believe in have been so. If you do I think the book would be amazing trio I love this book in an easy feels really great closeness and my dad and I like you guys talk about grief on the show it's it's really nice it's not back common it's nice thank you.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star talks about the “struggle” and “journey” viewers can see on her show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"65600183","title":"Kim Kardashian West opens up about Lupus","url":"/theview/video/kim-kardashian-west-opens-lupus-65600183"}