Lanny Davis on whether he tried to kill Ronan Farrow's Weinstein story

Davis joins "The View" co-hosts to discuss his new book, representing Harvey Weinstein and more.
4:56 | 09/06/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lanny Davis on whether he tried to kill Ronan Farrow's Weinstein story
??? let's go worlne crazy Welcome back. We're still with Lanny VI sunny? NBC is under fire for accusations that they shut down Ronan fa story about harveyweinstein. You were to wnstein at the time. Andyck, the psident of NBC, says you swe up at 30 rock uninvited. Bout re M altions. Did you get the story killed? No. Poor Lanny. I Sor yday. Truthn M side. I carried twomessages. One is, what's thetus O Mr. Pharaoh's story? D I've discusseds with Mr. Position iso getacts into the hands of rters. I he never tried to kill a Stor in hi lifetime. Whatever Mr. Lack was told wasnot true. S have takenonan farrow's sry at time? What he did for"the W Yorker" they cer MI a big story. For whatever reasonhey reporting I "The new Yorker" W pretty outstandin pulzer prize-winnin as a matter ofact.stein denies any allions nosensual sex. I can't tell you about my advice to him. I can tell you about ak that I wrote about the philoph use representing mr.cohen O anyone the is,l it early. Tell it all, tellt your. And the I she tru that'she plosophy I fall nice. Well. Let's talk about book. I'veeen listening to um --nd you point a lot of fingers a the for losing hill the election. Um -- among other -- thes, "The new yorkti Ander outlets. Just a of B mistakes. A perfect storm. So, why did write thebook? So, um -- full disclosure.ary rodh and here in law togetheefore she changed H name.s a great friend. Love her as great Frie. E lots of Akes in that campaign. She owned them andook responsibity for them in her ow book. Found on the morni of October 28,2016.please everyone L the . Hillary Clinton is wisconn, Pennsylvania, Michigan florida, North Carolina. About to win a slide. On T mnif October 28th polls. What hpeee days? That'sever hpened in ameca history ja Comey writes a letter and doesn't even look at the e-mails and tn two day before the election, H went, oops, th the Disgraceful. That's what my book is about. Not to leave Hillary blameless. I that you tookn Michael n,o getrevenge? Lete answer this quti my feelings about prent P are not partisan. It's not about democratublican. It's a the of our country and the op-ed in "The times" said it member of the station. I took on Mr. Cohen because he told me afterwo weeks O dp nversation that I have a story to tell of WHA transformed me from being lling to T a bullet, have a story to te about why I now K he'sangerous as the esf the unid states. United States. His transfortis WHA ido. It's toistory's why I took the client. I also have feelings that don trumphould not serve as president of the ud states. I have one more question about Michael cohe so --- before Michael Cohen had T epiphany that Y spoke of It's a big word, epiphany. He J heould Tak a paid vacation ormy Daniels dime. So, when this was allover,f course, we read storm was telling the truth,t Tera. Should he toto Daniels, W I coming next weday, by T way, with much avenatti. I'm goingo wait forichael Cohen to speak story. We have had to waitut of respect for the crimitice system to be finished. To answer your on, when H gets a chance to T person story of transfon. Right. One thing americaerstands is the ability to be redeemed an T change the president 2016: How FBI director James Comey cost Hillary Clint

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"Davis joins \"The View\" co-hosts to discuss his new book, representing Harvey Weinstein and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"57648763","title":"Lanny Davis on whether he tried to kill Ronan Farrow's Weinstein story","url":"/theview/video/lanny-davis-kill-ronan-farrows-weinstein-story-57648763"}