Les Moonves out after more misconduct allegations

"The View" co-hosts discuss Moonves' decision to step down at CBS.
3:56 | 09/10/18

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Transcript for Les Moonves out after more misconduct allegations
me chief les moonves, is stepping down after I think S Mo women came frd with sexual hsment allegations. An ink most people are saying there were allegations yeah. WHA has ten so This bring to 12, R? Nd how many women do you need before it's problem. Should be just Shod be just E.[ applause So was read that some of the women that just came out Ronan farrow's most recent piece,hen they R that he was negotiating a D outhat would be at least million, ey said we can't sit back and this pp. The th that Thi M did to me, I N to speaknow. That's what push the ne. That's what tipped them off.er doing anythingt CBS about it. That's theproble Y were hing it would allgo . T's a frat culture there. Ieems that Ty moved quickly with charlrose. The did. Yeah. Theymed to mov quickly with others. Bie is like we are players. This guy ran the network. So it'se different att lel. Bou would think that's where youart. Like the president says, odtss and H ts away with. It's the same thing. I think that'ha soright? You often say if the fish ks -- stinksmhehead.and the head setshetone. Of course if there's this frat boy ctur whaver you want call it, it's cominghe top because they're excusing thisehavior. At should be the firn that you take I love th theyay consensual. Asike you go into a Bess llo, sir, and out cos Mr. Happy. I came ine to a E, not to E your junk. I allegations against S, these oer allegations that we've been ING in th me too movement they all sm to involvelike a massageequest a like coming outtheat with the R mhappy, like this exposing ofyoself.why do th think tt's hot and one is wanng that except for these heattern issimilar. Do T tnk tt massage is going to som- Maybe the masuse will get into it and you'll a happy ending. Do W need a cultural change in terms of what we say to men -- WHA we to O boys when we'resing th I think we aultural GE about wt people do for a living. If I'm a masseuse, that doesn't mean that ianthave sex with you. Exactly. But that's mind-sehat we have to GE. Yeah you use peo mak assumption the jobs T you take, you know, and who you E and WHA youneed. I the F W arnowinding T voice to away. It's always either masseuse. They do it the assistt, people that don't have as much power. Yeah. It's not original at it alws the S thingver and over ag W very violent towardsof thesewome threw woman against the wall, allegedly. It doesn't justuinhe wom are justpe out, how many years they'ep inside. It's been repthe board mbers are B removed. Speaking about a bigger cual prlem, THAs where it STE too. N't prop this guy up. Moonves said in a statement, untru allegatns from decades ago are now being made against M that are not consistent with who iam. Effective immediately I will longer be chairman and chief exof CBS. I deeplyaddened to be leaving the company. Ih nothing but the for E organizatithe newly comprised board of directors and all itsemployee yeah, but I'll take the Y. We D kw if he's going get it.

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{"duration":"3:56","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Moonves' decision to step down at CBS.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"57731269","title":"Les Moonves out after more misconduct allegations","url":"/theview/video/les-moonves-misconduct-allegations-57731269"}