‘Lucky’ to have David Beckham as a ‘soul mate’: Victoria Beckham

The fashion icon discusses her new beauty line, “Victoria Beckham Makeup,” and talks about what a modern day Spice Girls would look like.
7:57 | 10/18/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘Lucky’ to have David Beckham as a ‘soul mate’: Victoria Beckham
It's gets a pop culture icon and half of one of the most. The world's most glamorous power couples she's also a fashion and cosmetics mogul with a new line that's appropriately called Victoria shut the beauty please welcome the eternally posh. But Torre back up. I said I just want to hug you backstage because on the global sex. I know I don't think I'm ignoring you don't want to hug U of I had to look at an English weather that it was saying listen I I came back for London and I always gets sick god explains what I apologize. Apple event and I. Okay. So you if you haven't been here in nine years. Nine years I no accountability there I mean I didn't have popped when I now and I had to say armed even harper ice cruise is not a had just started kindergarten. Right. And done in the your daughter harper wasn't even born yet as you said and now Ewing had gorgeous husband David Beckham. I'm married how long have been married twenty years claim here is asking you this 1 AM here is so. Okay. What course of the -- such an obvious question what was event attracted. Yeah. And yeah. No yeah. I'll tell us your secret you know not a big deal he's at he's actually a obesity is incredibly good to convey date it is. The make wonderful husband and fantastic father and I really inspiration to all of us he knew he Hogg was came. Raising reading me I'm lucky to have him as my cellmate. Song. Somebody after many years together you must be friends because sex are. I got out okay so they are physically they told me is flashback Friday I thought it was throwback Thursday you know they have fled I don't know right about that anyway we have the photo and I to a view let's see this picture. So look at it wow. Look at how little lists of damaged. It's gone on his thinking. How look at that he still is so cute. That's an old that's a young that was waiting wedding yeah yeah yeah yeah sand you know and I didn't think tank united nothing being thank you. You do not do so much you bodies businesses as Joyce it is for kids in what I find interstate is I have three now under two and I've watched. You and your kids and how you've done it all publicly and now. You're eldest son Brooklyn's twenty in you have to watch his own life at the pub sometimes I'm sure you read headlines and learning about him and relationships whatever I can some hum. You know when you read because Fannie and I think it's all about communication. And you know we we we we hang out a lot and it we own realized some recognized as a family we have a responsibility. Meant he's twenty and we took us essentially TA in I think it's college because that young got and they does sometimes on the stack and if they. Like picture freaks on with the consequences but you know they all. Say young. But I can sit Webby Tyson we told him all week you know. Well I communication. I am thrilled that you're here because I love fashion. And I couldn't get out I love your clothing in particular I'm wearing Victoria bringing them. Yeah. And our pilot. Fred Taylor always knows you know what I'm going out aren't doing an event I ask from the Victoria Beckham. Because I think the clothing is has always made so well and it makes a woman feel good annually since in the waste and the aggregate she does and the fabric of so he's really good at what inspires you because that you know though the female bodies so well well. You know I'd do what I did he has watched. Yeah I have my. Socks you wind up a you know I always thought she went in the right places it doesn't. Spice goes his stocks he tweet in powering goes. And boys through music and now with fashion. And BT it's about empowering women and making them feel like the best may be useful fashion up themselves and I can fight were often not paid the DEA's. And said you know I land but not about you know what. What looks good and how you want beauty you know and yeah I'm not not and never anything over the complicated just great cigarettes at a gonna make you feel printed up especially of yourself I KNX very vague idea since they sent them sinks back. My since is is unwilling I don't know there's enough and have cut. You can put it on in the it's a lot of the minority and I think packages and the fabric is well but he doesn't took questions it is about being. Increasing its accidentally their place and we won like you know with 1989 it's okay. If you follow up video might desperate I have to I'm now we UN have a good friends with Eva Longoria and yet he has raving about I'm not be so you could have emailed to you wanted you created your own. As a young smoky by Victoria Beckham you're wearing this is this making guy here and then you get this milieu right yes you know great at a buffet and the look I don't you make up you know mine you know not a. For me I want you to create ultimately what I want in my makeup back but then 07 it will focus on clean beauty. And what we. What what we've got is is a collection of makeup which which it's clean you know the packaging is sustainable unsafe kind -- faces until says. Kind to the environment kinds the planet. And it's inclusive as well which I think he's great there was something for everyone and we started with an eye story. Not and then we went into an story and we going to be doing regular dropped to that this is something that I wanted to do the Sox a long time. I'm Mike community seems to be launching it how many business so sweet wearing them a copy and pasted it was good advice we have colors that bring. Jenna says that you know that everything that I want in my makeup whether it's a daytime Smith PI overnight Huntsman guy how big as it traveled like a bad for the play about the only its. Big yeah I have a lot of LAX ray was cut lyrics. But EL III enough to make hotline like I said focusing on clean beach he was weak U leaky and you can do that could have form because. That. Actually ducks to me and has acted as as a performance as well I'll always love these reports Spice Girls I think everyone at room loves you. Spice Girls you were still powering to me as as a young girl and when my friend tonight dressed up I was always posh. I was never. Dearly is as classy as you were as beautiful as you are but I loved you and Spice Girls what I Spice Girls were hot today yeah 2019. What would that Spice Girls look like would be different. You know I think despite could be the saying it was about 817 who you it's okay to be different. I'm separating that and being the go ganging up I doubt. I have to support other women and is about building a community and that's what the spice goes was about. Being positive having fun panic set team the way you walk. With the scheme K it's not about changing who Leon it's not about saying this stamp placed train struck again and get creative yes ring coolest. No face creams can get at a rate not what is good and did. Yeah they're spending all about money putting I. But what it. What is gonna do is just make you know like the best measure of your vote I don't think he wanted to change wasn't if we could all look like you would all by the mega you know Hussein about the smoking diet but it was lovely to see you again don't wait another nine years to come back Carroll pat I negative Victoria Beckham who make up slightly Victoria Beckham beauty is available now.

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{"duration":"7:57","description":"The fashion icon discusses her new beauty line, “Victoria Beckham Makeup,” and talks about what a modern day Spice Girls would look like.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"66374384","title":"‘Lucky’ to have David Beckham as a ‘soul mate’: Victoria Beckham","url":"/theview/video/lucky-david-beckham-soul-mate-victoria-beckham-66374384"}