Meghan McCain, Meredith Vieira to go to Vatican health conference to honor loved ones

McCain and Vieira will attend an international conference on health care in Vatican City, Italy.
3:00 | 02/26/18

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Transcript for Meghan McCain, Meredith Vieira to go to Vatican health conference to honor loved ones
I'm really excited to announce that Meredith and I are going to the backing in April to serve as moderator as. Global healthcare conference created by the cure foundation and the Vatican's. Pontifical council for culture and has you know my father is battling brain cancer so I'm honored to be a part of this event because the purpose is to rally the world around hope for cures for some of the worst diseases. And medical conditions I'm also really excited that Meredith and I may have a chance to get to meet the. Yeah isn't the very first one actually Robin spends doctor Smith is in the audience can convince us to join in this for a foundation that started this along with the Vatican. So I thank you for that because. I'm as most of you know Richard was diagnosed with MS when he was when he finds that seven day they had two bouts of colon cancer. And at what he was first diagnosed as doctor MS doctor had said to him. There's nothing we can do you just go home there was nothing out there and then nodded that we're. A few treatments but not for the form of MS that he S secondary progressive so he basically had given up hope. And then this lovely lady Robbins at one to come to the Vatican. We're doing all these on conferences on stem cell therapy because it's adult. Stem cells you know though such a controversy around embryonic. Yeah it's of people or shot twice the Vatican didn't involve will its adult stem cells they found a much more productive so the Vatican wanted to be in the forefront and has been. Most are sure we went to that conference it gave rich a tremendous hope. He went on he said stem cell therapy now three times he's just finished a book called chasing hope. And that was the Genesis of that book so thank you it I think the you with your dad it's going to be an amazing. Don't forget. Yeah yeah. No we're just can't go this year because his book is coming out news prepping all that but you meet people from all over the world who are doing amazing. Amazing work and if you don't have hope after that I mean I don't know. I sure did you feel like something good is gonna happens. Yeah I mean I am really excited about an excited here an audience stock dropping to you just tell us a little bit more about the cure foundation and politics fact or it's great to be here making it we're so excited you and Meredith going to be with us in Rome. To unite to cure event is really an extension of the global health care movement that we started eight years ago. And it's a conference similar to Davos but for health care. And we bring influencers. We bring politicians. Scientists physician educator is. Religious leaders and we work together in spite of our differences. To figure out how we can advance these technologies bring these therapies to those in need. And really make a difference and happy moderates like yourself is critical because the science is complicated. And being able to put it into universal language that everyone can understand is really important our success. And the other thing we do that's always different than most other conferences we bring patients and their families and this year. Instead of using physicians to choose them we're gonna ask your audience to be part of this global movement share with us they are stories of hope. And we're gonna select one of those families to come with us to roam and be part of does this important event and really inspire the world trade. Act I.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"McCain and Vieira will attend an international conference on health care in Vatican City, Italy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"53367993","title":"Meghan McCain, Meredith Vieira to go to Vatican health conference to honor loved ones","url":"/theview/video/meghan-mccain-meredith-vieira-vatican-health-conference-honor-53367993"}