Meredith Vieira opens up about husband’s MS

Original co-host of “The View” and current host of the new game show “25 Words or Less” discusses her children and how she overcame clumsiness.
5:24 | 09/16/19

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Transcript for Meredith Vieira opens up about husband’s MS
It's all good when everybody comes home, right? It's totally good, but you were having that discussion. Rich and I kind of like having the home to ourselves. We love it when our kids come home, but I can't wait for them to leave again. Like, they're older. They're launched. They got the roots. They got the wings. Now fly. I feel good about that. When they heard your son was engaged, we watched your kids grow up. They cannot believe how old they are now. They said, that means we're older. We have aged. That's when you see it, when you see your friends' kids. You don't see it in yourself, but you see it in your kids. It's cool to see the young adults they become. You know, whoopi. It's magical. If you are as lucky as we have been with our kids, it's a great thing. Yeah. A lot of people sometimes have a harder time than we have had, but, you know. Knock on -- yeah. Knock on whatever this is. It's a blackjack table. If joy had her way, right? You know, your husband Richard most of our viewers know he's living with Ms. How is he feeling, and your bravery being so open about it is so inspirational? So many. I don't know that it's bravery. It's one of those clubs you don't want to join, but when you are apart of it, you realize there are amazing people within that community, and I really do believe that when you are given, you know, the card you're dealt, you deal with it, and he's amazing. He's doing really well, and he's ambulatory, and he cluz uses a walker, and it's the best thing. He used to use a cane, and it forced his back into a difficult position, and now he's straight, and he has a great sense of humor and he's great. One of our closest friends, Janice Dean has Ms. No two stories are alike. Every day is different. You learn to appreciate the day. For any of us, you know? I'm so accident-prone that one day I'm fine, and the next day, I break a toe. It's a matter of time before the bus heads my way. You have always been a little clumsy. Yes, thank you. Joy tells us. I hear you have recently had injuries you want our opinions on? No. Is that true? Oh, I know what you are talking about. I have this new game show, "25 words or less," and we tested it, and I didn't know the people. I go I'm leaving to go to the game. It's in L.A. We shoot in L.A., and I broke my toe T night before. I get there, and I try to pretend -- these people don't know me. I put my high heels on because I have worn them since I was 15 because I'm short. I really messed up my foot. Oh no. The show gets picked up, miracle of miracles, and we started shooting it last month. We shot 80 of them in three weeks. A month before I'm leaving, I break another toe. How are you breaking these toes? It's not even that good. The first time I walked into a table leg, and then I walked into a chair leg. I was sober, I so swear to god. Sober both times. It's kind of hard to break a toe, Meredith. If you hit it just right, it bends back. I'm wondering and the night before I went to Sochi, I fell in a toilet and badly hurt my Oh my god. Wait, wait, wait. Wait. Wait. How big was this toilet? Because if you fell in and hurt your back -- My husband hadn't put the seat back down. I hate when they do that. It's his fault. Exactly. I was leaving the next day, and I turned the TV off, and it's a half bath and you kind of know where the toilet is. I wasn't looking at it. I kind of backed into it, and Manny does it all the time. Is there something psychological to this? Am I trying to hurt myself, is the question I would ask? I would hope not. I think sometimes your brain is working so hard -- Your body says -- Your body is saying, there is, ah. But your brain says, I have to go do this. Don't do -- ah. You're so full of thought. Yeah. You did not realize. Exactly. That there was a toilet to fall into. And you know what? Meghan is right. You're such a legend. You do so much at once. You have really paved the way for so many women in television. I remember watching you every day on "The view" and "Who wants to be a millionaire?." I was, like, this woman never sleeps. She's on television all day long, and you're now doing another game show as you mentioned, "25 words or less." "25 words or less," yeah. Tell us about the show. Well, the point of the show for the contestants is the one who makes it to the final round to get his or her teammate to guess the answers using 25 words or less. There are a lot of rounds leading up to it, and each team consists of two celebrities and a civilian. I like that. It's very fast-paced and you're always on the clock. It's nerve-racking. Hand gestures? No. Just words. You know, if you are good at word games, then it's a lot of fun, but we have had a lot of celebrities who, and I understand they get nervous. They don't want to mess it up, even though you're part of a team so nobody looks bad.

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{"duration":"5:24","description":"Original co-host of “The View” and current host of the new game show “25 Words or Less” discusses her children and how she overcame clumsiness.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"65645426","title":"Meredith Vieira opens up about husband’s MS","url":"/theview/video/meredith-vieira-opens-husbands-ms-65645426"}