Mia Love on President Trump's comments about her

The Utah congresswoman talks about her concession speech after the midterm elections and her future plans.
9:28 | 12/07/18

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Transcript for Mia Love on President Trump's comments about her
We love gave me no love. And she lost. Too bad side about them here. Well that was resident terms of you on why the first black female Republican congresswoman in history lost one of the midterm elections biggest nail byters. For rival beat her by less than 1%. Of the votes in my home state of U top please welcome. Outgoing congressman me a love. Out front before the twenty can election actually called on him to resign when you heard it taunt you before your race was even over. By the way. Both with your mind. Well I I was surprised to because. You know we I thought we had a good working relationship I can think about you know I I was supposed to just completely walking lockstep that wasn't my job. My job was represented people that sent me there to represent that I thought it really interesting but I thought that that comment really reflected a lot of the issues. That I sad when it comes to reaching out sea of minority community. Is that they need to feel like it's more than just transactional they need to feel like there's a relationship there. And I kind of felt like when he when he thought the race was over even though it wasn't we were stole two weeks into accounting are going into counting that. It was just. He thought he didn't need me anymore so we kind of that while I don't meter Sobel just go ahead and don't care activities mail level Oscar she didn't give me pain Gilad toys I don't know what that means it's always. In my concession speech you sort of mentioned you know what what is this about what did you think it was about did you think it was about race really it wasn't I don't think it was about race I think it was about. See him getting credit. For the release of Joshua Holtz Joshua Holtz was a young man in my district that was in Venezuela in a Venezuelan prison. And I feel at the president of the United States doesn't represented at we show I'd do everything we can to make sure every American knows that we're not going to abandon them so we I was doing my job. Not just at eight represented at the as a parent I was doing what I thought I wanted my represented the two duke that would my son and I feel. As if that was his job also out so I think you don't I mean. Yeah I doubt I don't hit him get out in Africa. He had been a fan interest for really long time has released a plan the last look he's sending contestants speech the ear unleashed untethered and on shock holding you exactly what's on your mind. You know I think there's an impression sometimes that because trump is president they conservatives like us are conservative believes just have evaporated because he's pressed to. How do you because I know I can go anywhere without getting asked are you still are public high solar pop right where is your pathway going forward now let me tell you owed to it this is about not following eight person to define yourself as a Republican or as a Democrat I am defined by my principled and -- to fight I'm defined by could be. Platform. And I think that that's what we need to look away from because it dirtier communities that really care about I believe that the policies. The conservative policies worked it worked for black community think lift people. Give people as many opportunities as possible how they don't either giggled as at wrapped predator I think that when you go out and you're doing everything you can to make sure that people have jobs that they helped work. That they are were keeping families together the Democrats to the I don't believe that the policies and the think I do not believe that has puppies work I believe we'll look at let's look at the welfare policy at welfare policy let out his right -- I felt but but it also peace disincentive by Eric anymore all white people on welfare than black people on the net not once back. Can you. Imagine you're you're single mom and you're trying to get that manager position you with everything. Every single helping you have there is no bridge there is no where incentivizing. Bad behavior and punishing good behavior. So I I think what we need to get rid of welfare as you all it so you're you're dissidents to bite from getting a bigger job at getting a better job at an African American issue. That's exactly I would say that there are a lot of people that are in the minority communities are feeling that I mean I spoke to a woman so I got what you don't for unemployment insurance because that saved my life as a single mother. While I am for making sure that we do everything we can to give people a leg got to let them. Go out and get as much work as possible allow moms to get an education. Adler about it a while you're there are one I well I think that helped it here that we need to give acts as much access to health care as possible the problem that we have. Is where trying to push health care and and and paying it. It would not realizing that we're spending so much money on health care. Thereby making it unaffordable for a lot of people to get health care. We have got to make sure we hope pharmaceutical companies accountable we've got to bring down the cost of health care so we can give us very much Seattle is set at the same adding that what you're learning how can I saw is that it's rocks yeah Democrat he's running the government to paper all of that we're do you get the money to pay for. For all of that maybe we have a the money are not much wall. Well look I can. It's a completely different Elliott and that's a battle he does eight is how you brought you the role of government you I UA entirely different way I am I right here on tape I'm mayor I am I realize that the best solutions are found that the most local level when you're making decisions. From whether it's the White House or even in Washington. Lest people have a voice and so you've got to limited government to meet doesn't mean you cut everything limited government means that everything's applied the appropriate level let me and I can and more people mark as a mayor. Trying to take care I have all of the resources as the mayor's support as opposed to meet this isn't let me ask you this Washington. You said during your concession speech and I don't have a verbatim but that Republicans must. Embrace minorities in order to sort of increase of diversity of the Republican Party and I mention that. Republicans failed to take minorities into their hearts. And their homes and it almost seemed like of revelation to you and and I I just ask you because as a black Republican. That doesn't make a lot of sense to me when you have a Republican Party that's. You know supporting a president who who was the birth her Central Park five DOJ settlement not letting black people rents. You know he your Haitian American and he called Haiti it. Country I was like I'd been out for what why were you so surprised by that. Well let me just that we're not gonna let Democrats off the hook because I was actually targeted by Democrats. That jargon at me that it I need to say that they targeted me because. I was eight. Because I now. A black. The all Republican women and they've replaced me with a middle aged white male in the in this ended in the state of Utah while the voters there work there horrible they were hot there was a whole lot of money in an. That went to take me out look at Carlos cabal out. Do they tried to get rid of every single diversity that they possibly cut it to meet diversity on the left side is good for that if you think the thing. Yeah Bailey had an agreement I don't I don't think cook you know for the Carlos got replaced but it paid woman dressed up but Doi and that's going to serve. Look I don't I think it's politics as I think it's about the numbers they won a majority has let that means taking out them up only. Black Republican they did at that means taking output Belo. They did I don't think to them it was targeting. Aid you know black woman but you want Lucent which had to me was very interesting if you said that when when trump said she gave me no love you don't think it was about race. And actually in something you just alluded to. For mediation is what you most clashed with them. What precisely about race you did stand up to him he clashed with him when he called Haiti an African countries. Congress is a race as union did. Asked is the slam him about ending Haitian temporary protective status and which I don't think you got an up kind of like okay let let's let the Atlantic Goldfarb race based patient so you only need those. Our American issues it wasn't it wasn't right or wrong issue it is about. America democracy at its best and what I did was I stood up for what I believed was right what I believe our district. The thought was the right thing to do and I'll continue to voice those that two boys those opinion do you think he's a race yeah I'm not gonna get into is ahead and decided to end I'm it is cracked dry here's what what he has I'm not actually. Well I do I do not say this because I think it's important have different views at the stable that is what the that you guys and if you are Republican today. I don't think every question about you should be. About trump I could probably not speak for efforts in the Republican and it's difficult today being apart the Conservative Party or Republican Party at her he's gone abroad about people brought out. Growing up and rob white heat we have happened analytical grade witches we have you know daily offensive and disgusting for a political. Or a Republican president to do about a Republican and I think you about that I held. I look I am I am. Why am I am a Republican I'm conservative but I'm not defined by the White House I'm defined by set of principles and those principles lift everyone from the lowest common denominator up. I'm about America I month not hurt at first. Can run again what we want to get and that all right mark thanks to honor a yellow thank you so much for me let me bring you at the mobile experience I tell you.

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{"duration":"9:28","description":"The Utah congresswoman talks about her concession speech after the midterm elections and her future plans.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"59685447","title":"Mia Love on President Trump's comments about her","url":"/theview/video/mia-love-president-trumps-comments-59685447"}