Michael Cohen claims Trump’s hatred for Obama is ‘purely racial’

Cohen discusses why he believes the president’s dislike for former President Barack Obama is “solely predicated” on the fact that he’s Black.
5:34 | 09/14/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michael Cohen claims Trump’s hatred for Obama is ‘purely racial’
Why you never. Say you eat what you see you never heard the president say the N word. You described him as incredibly racist telling you black and Hispanic people were too stupid to vote for him. And that any country run by a black person was an expletive. But you do say he had a particular hatred for Barack Obama. That was so deep he once hired a faux Obama impersonator just to belittle him and fire him on camera. Which is really bizarre in my opinion what do you think is at the core of his obsession. With President Obama. And his needs somehow to. Discredit him and disrespect him. Who who let me say god my belief is that. He knows under eight he was never able to really fully grasp. How he the country inns and voting for the very first black president. And he has a lot of personal notes on his own one is. Obama is bright brighter than he would some you know our our law graduate arm. Thanks. Obviously we know it trunks asked me to do which is to prevent any of his greats from being released. Arm why he despises him to the extent that he does I believe it's purely racial. Just just purely based on race. I really Chris Carlin thank you big hit array types are young idol I pulled him and Archie Bunker racist arm and into oh disloyal. And dom on my new I've kissed my coal barge it seems. Very long conversation with. My purse which was Rosie O'Donnell and we talk about it quote don't quite a bit. I believe it solely predicated on the our that Barack Obama lock. On illegal a white. One of the things that I try to guess. It is to change his mind set and that's why it was so. Why are advocated for into the extent that I did it. I created this national diversity coalition because one day while sitting with him and yes what did you think of the rally. And I said I don't seem to diversity to me it's a purely white contingency. And without being minority vote. I don't think a jump shot at winning this election so we don't want to win the election. I really do believe that we need to start. Bringing in all different minority groups you know. Brown's lack. I'm into Muslim Hispanic. And I Olmert what I thought that was go our archives are set him. What was going. Brawl. I have a legal note of the White House Press Office sent us a response to the book which says Michael Clough land. Is a disgrace felon and disbarred lawyer who lied to congress. He has lost all credibility and it's on surprising to see his latest attempt to profit off of lives. Yeah that's right are seen I've seen that also and it's the typical looks response that you would expect to come from the White House from Donald trial from mayor and you know lies to the American people acting in what numbers are 30000. Clark aren't daily basis is lying about. Coldly he can demand won't law. Critics. Baseball at street that has his own words on it and state. That's not what I set. Not all I want. What you set and it's exactly what the American people hurt and my attempt again with the book is in order to inform the reader. Not eighteen different. Segments of sitting with trump but a 180000. Of them. Michael I want to make sure I get to this next question on just as easy try pegs you manipulate stories and polls and spread disinformation to make him look good. Now this continues entrance administration with him playing down the global pandemic. Can explain why these people surrounding him are so willing to compromise their integrity their character. Their own legacies in their families all for trump. What is it about him. Right right items are expressing disloyal and are talking Bergen among coal ports trumped arrangements and it's part of being its. Being a part of culprits being part of something Brett. In means bigger venue and when you zoom. This warm it's no different and it cult leader you just want to willing to sacrifice your Rome moral compass and an attorney general. He really remains in the back to prison. According to judge ousting was retaliatory. What you what is because I wouldn't sign a document basically. Violated might constitutional right right First Amendment free speech and that's the biggest the biggest problem people were meadows Jim Jordan. I hate rant and go rent all. Everybody's willing to do things. You know morally wrong myself included I just seen the only one so what is actually apologizing for my actions might bolt with this. Was also to make amends not just my wife my daughter my son and so my whole family but this country as well. Because I steered me into the White House was absolutely morally bankrupt and he's not just not. The right man for new job.

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{"duration":"5:34","description":"Cohen discusses why he believes the president’s dislike for former President Barack Obama is “solely predicated” on the fact that he’s Black.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"73005427","title":"Michael Cohen claims Trump’s hatred for Obama is ‘purely racial’","url":"/theview/video/michael-cohen-claims-trumps-hatred-obama-purely-racial-73005427"}