Michael Eric Dyson on Jay-Z’s impact

Author of “JAY-Z: Made in America” discusses why the rapper is the true American dream.
5:07 | 12/04/19

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Transcript for Michael Eric Dyson on Jay-Z’s impact
I back my hair like that very thoughtful professor you taught a class at Georgetown. About Jaycee for a decade yeah now and now you've written a book about called daisy made America great. And you right thing to say this is Jay sees America as much as it is Obama's America or Transamerica. Or Martin Luther King's America and how has JC impact this country and explained that that statement. Yeah well I think look there's a professor Walter McDougall says that those central theme of American history is hustling. And head right hustling right involving the bad and good sense right the bad says the stop plows those who are on the take. But the good sense those who weren't you know always trying to come over the next scheme and have a business Democrat or hustlers I absolutely and that America begins on a crime a lot of good families began in criminality but they change themselves. Jay-Z starts off as a crack dealer now he is a billionaire. An announcer for Newark and one of the gift most gifted red or Christians we've seen so. When I say he's an American he is quintessentially an American he started at the bottom he's now where he is he worked hard hit ingenuity he worked against the odds high school drop out and yet he's being talked. In a school what a guy what a Ph.D. from Princeton. Using his lyrics as the basis for cores and I think that's an incredible. Michael and I've been friends for a long time I. Europe my fiftieth birthday party apparently came believe it yet we need get a bad maybe I maybe Thursday cute saying are you. Op Ed and I read your book and I think it's great. However however. Conjunction in the book you talk about something that we discussed many times here at the table and and you and I got into it about this calling happening this man. Colin. Capp critic Jay-Z and GA's partnership with NFL you know now I think it gives the NFL cover. I for its treatment. Of college happening right copper that it desperately needed right. I'm you however. Have also been an outspoken. Supporter I think of contacts and it would. But you also are supportive of JC's involvement with Anna felt yes please explain it to me again. Who had their risk of having it won't let Newsradio and yet you gotta have it both ways got to have inside game outside game. Yet to have stepped courier in the three point land you gotta have LeBron on the baseline and I think look but he Colin out. Don't know women it but the but did the deal was bigger than Colin Wright as Colin heatedly come out actually -- say this puzzle to build bigger than Colin Powell's protesting black oppression. Right yes there are other athletes who because of him. For inspired by him Malcolm Jenkins thank mom won't report doing things on the local level but but they get called sellouts by collins' camp why. Because they took the nanny million dollars from the NFL to what. Fond of black organizations. That are doing the right thing and moving beyond kneeling they were talking about stand your ground balls they're talking about trying to young people as adults so my point is they were told they were taking Collins has Grayson and moving forward but you can't call them a sellout because they disagree with you and in the senate I got up and give the game to play the you've got to go look you gotta both stay outside protest and say what's wrong and then when they say will help us understand what's right you gotta go inside do that yeah do you think Collin company would have ever had a chance however you think about that chance. To have a tryout with the NFL if JC were not there Jay z.'s internal influence bank cajoled the NFL into doing the right thing yet kind of got FO. With public Hancock. I got company coming from the you have to wave all of his rights when idol I'll have to wait another elementary I am a lawyer eyewitness too isn't it anyway pretty well yes it is no it was far worse no no new had to wait every single. He would not do what we do ad din that sound as records or relevant when. Just within the do you did you ever consider when you say this. You are not government generation you're fifty or 61 you look far better than me for good reason let's say this. You could promote people to go what what you know what these people are you don't think we're gonna do for you you can't get a freedom scholarship from Fay wrote. What payrolls about how slow go into the game go on how can give me half a chance I'll turn that thing out. Don't don't come that's about the delete the limitations under set list and I would have done this. I love public happening but it imagery from our perspective going with the Mickey Mouse shirt go pretty boys and girls and a great to be in America and they did have a Trojan horse elect Sampson to mix metaphors. In you don't scare up the foundation from within. We have their strategy and I gotta have Fredricka what is fit if the waiver that they after Colin cabinet to sign. He would have to wait every single right. Every single to right are going to allow average amount every. Single right furthermore furthermore I hold what has roulette and I troops but what is my days be done in terms of his partnership with the and it felt for social justice issues well let's let's let his visit went to visit this I don't know we should continue this conversation at dinner we tell what we only because when. Now he's the times made documentaries these terrible things don't reveals and the NFL he's been doing it wearing his revamped the part of what didn't you have to I don't know why aren't you guys at his look today.

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{"duration":"5:07","description":"Author of “JAY-Z: Made in America” discusses why the rapper is the true American dream.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"67498277","title":"Michael Eric Dyson on Jay-Z’s impact","url":"/theview/video/michael-eric-dyson-jay-zs-impact-67498277"}