Michael Eric Dyson on national anthem protest, Kanye West's comments on slavery

Dyson joins "The View" to discuss racial tensions in the U.S. today.
7:47 | 06/04/18

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Transcript for Michael Eric Dyson on national anthem protest, Kanye West's comments on slavery
You know, race is a hotic in our country E day, and all U have to dos read the headlines toe howivided relations a now. In his newbo, "What truth ds like," Michael Eric Dyson says, remembg a chapter from ama's past can pdee for the Fu. Michael Eric Dyson cheers and applause ] Soessor, ricksa Saum - he was senator. He said race relations got worse un Obama. Would you speak totplse It was said we live in the United States of amne this guy is taking drug, but Barbara streisand said, what's too painful to remember, we choose toet. I know it ain taylo swift, but learn, ki liven a country that is ad addicted. We have a guy who get every morningpreets his feeay into a psychic comode, and his inability toue against racism and argue forit. Sa, all you black pe, you'reist too. Let me tellou the Diffee between a racist and abigot. A bigot is someone whoakes an idol of H or H comments. Everyone can be gots.we have our prejudice and pet peeves. Give us an example O a bigot. I don't L tall people I don't like short people. Pe with polka do Folks that can't drive. Or a partir racial identity, right? Racism pre that you have E power to relegate my life tiv hell. That you have the legal apparatu to make merable and oppress me. To enslave me, have Jim cro and black people have a lot of this. Racism presu a kind systemic power thathey have access to, tore-enforceth lives as livinghell. Ay. Got it? Kanye west has a hot topic at this table many times. Right. And you have a relationship with them. On slavery. I did. He said slavery was a choice. Is T a bigoted remar or racist? That's nor remark. Let Mel you. T is I lanye west. Ta him after the co, and ialked to H wife, Kim. Here's thing, and H admits now that his mental ill led him to say thatla a choice, but you know what? There are histns that have id so, and other bigots racists that have said so.ea Listen T this. We talk about trump as I he is invention of poru no. We have been post-truth since 1619 when we brought people here fromica and turned them into slave. What we callogive people called genocide. You call the American flag, we call hate. We live in a trs died with an inability to remember. They love history when I comes to Thomas jeffern, or Abraham Lincoln, but slavery, T you geover it? When we talk about W who have been victimized or people olor, Mexicans who have been mistreated, all of a sudden, let's get over it. Les not getver it, let's get through it and the only way to get through it O it. What about Kim? We have had Kim Kardashian O the show. She seems -- is she being helpful to him this time? Yeah. Justoderating the influence is just autiful. Go to Wyoming, and chill out a little bit. I getth, but the thing I that Kim didn't realize until she had an interracial, biracial child that racism still persis Did she say that? Shed it. Yeah. Yon read it she said it. Here's problem. Kanye celebs bng a college professor. Ie to be a snob. Read a book and goo college. Study. Study Rd. Youot to dothat, and E if you can't go thecollege, a T have smatic approach to knowledge. Learn things. Faok and Twitter, a Instagram has messed us up. This is not instant kndge. Dyson, can Youla the history? Read my Bo I got F them. I won' explain on Instagram what happened, and then ck me, and we canagen serious analysis and knowe. Okay Professor, you say inour new book, quote, the belief that the democratic party relessly exploits bla support while neglecting black wos compelling. Whato you think is goio happen in the midterms? Dd trump is a wakeup call for all of us. I argue with black people wh argue there was no difference Een donaltrump and Hillary Clinton. Slow down with that. Opsay, Hillary Clinton wasn'tlikable. She ain't going to beour girlfriend. She gotma she was trying toun the nation. She has more knowe in her littinger than Thi man in his entire body, and she also possessed the kind ofintegrit look at this relentlessly lying, bigoted, ill-informed pn we have. He the fleshlyresource of wh supremacy reduced to one body it ain't enough to drive me to people who not onlyore me, but don't and. Th Republicans don't have an rstand thehave an advantage. Black people are progress, and ey church anread the ten codments.if Republicans weren't so racist, they could encoe black people to be on their side. I'm arguing againlack people in charge about homophob and the place of women, but I kno there are deeply rootedconservati values that need to be taken advantage of if republs weren'to bigoted and so race All Republicans are bigoted? Not all of but enough of them to make andference Ann't Sak up. Where are they when armed black people are assaulted B police?I want white folk to speak up. That's not a B M, a female problem. At's an americanblem. Speak up. Honestly, you know I'm a Republican. I don't bell Republicans are racist. Lutely. No. I think that kind blanketing is dangerous. That's why I said tare not. Good. But ilde to know midterms.itcinates me. Let me jus ask simple questionause I don't completely understand how prent trump more of the black vote than my factor Mitt Romney. What shifted and what can unshift back to midterms? 3% of black men voted for Donald Trump. PARTF that is patriarchy and sexism. Black mento believe it or not, believe some of the same you know cooked over VALU. 40% of eligible white women R trump to what up, Lucy? You got some exping to do. I want to know why whitemen, a man who said he could grab it, anon hip-hop. We seduce it and askit, andseek affirmative permission. He is, like, a preacher. Lord. We goto go. So I just wanto say, you have to C back. Keep Doi this. His new B truth sounds ke: Robert. Kennedy, James Baldwin, and our unfinished conversatibout race in Erica" is available. And members of our studio audice, you're going to be inform before everybody else because you're ING home wit

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{"duration":"7:47","description":"Dyson joins \"The View\" to discuss racial tensions in the U.S. today.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"55638497","title":"Michael Eric Dyson on national anthem protest, Kanye West's comments on slavery","url":"/theview/video/michael-eric-dyson-national-anthem-protest-kanye-wests-55638497"}