Michael B. Jordan on attending Met Gala, 'Black Panther' success

Jordan joined "The View" to discuss his new HBO film, "Fahrenheit 451."
9:11 | 05/07/18

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Transcript for Michael B. Jordan on attending Met Gala, 'Black Panther' success
?????? Michael B. Jordan was one -- yeah. Was one of the great movie villains. You couldn't help but sympathize with him in the record-breaking blockbuster "Black panther." Record-breaking blockbuster "Black panther." He is changing the game again with a stunning new take on ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451." Take a look. Did you think that one tiny crime would be wiped out by thousands of good deeds? That there would be no punishment? Little knowledge is a dangerous thing. You read a few lines, chop heads off, destroy authority. I know. I have been through it all. Now what do you want to do? I want to burn. Please welcome back the fabulous Michael B. Jordan. ?????? ?????? I need a permanent seat up here. A cup with my name on it or something. Hi, guys. What's up? She is fanning herself. Up in that corner. What's up? Over there. Over there. Everywhere. They are everywhere. An audience full. They don't even know what show they are at right now. You're so busy right now, you did this movie. You're also shooting right now in Philadelphia, "Creed 2." Yep. We had the derby, Cinco Demayo. Did you get to go out, or was this all work? I had plans to go out for kin sew Demayo, and I ordered from postmates and I tried about four or five different Mexican restaurants and then they started to come and they canceled my order, and I was sitting at home icing my knee, and literally I ended up getting a cheesesteak, and I planned on having a nice Cinco de mayo, but I -- You ate your way through it. It was a relaxing night. Tonight's a big night for you. You're going to the met gala. I am. I know you have been before, and a lot of times people are kind of veiled in secrecy about what they are going to wear. Can you give us a clue? A little hint. I like the middle one. They are all themed, so this year is I think religion is this year's theme. I can't -- I'm with a designer that never made a full suit before. Oh. So that's -- That's revealing. Yeah. Yeah. Have a good time. I will. I'll party for the both of us. Please. I have only done it twice. I can't do it more than that. It's too much. I love seeing all the pictures of what religious theme. Just a little -- That's going to be good. Let's see who screams tomorrow. I'm just saying. So last time you were here -- Yes, ma'am. African-American panther was just about to come out, and you're playing Eric kill monger, and it did well. We convinced people it was going to do well, and then -- Yeah. You told me too. I did tell you. It messed everybody up because it came out, and it did the one thing that everybody tells us can't be done. It took over the whole world. Did it open in Egypt? Saudi Arabia. It was the first film in 35 years that country allowed a film to be open there. They are moving along then. It was definitely a statement and a milestone for us, so I don't think anybody thought it would be as big as it is, and, you know, it's still in theaters. Still growing. Still going. And for the cast and for myself, we really can't really wrap our brains around it because it's still living. Yeah. I think, you know, afterwards when it's over and the dust settles a little bit, then I think the real impact. Having trouble keeping your feet on the ground? No. My feet are planted firmly. That's what we love about you. These people, your fans, they are going wild. They have gone viral as a matter of fact. I'm going to read this because I can't remember this. One young woman took a cardboard cutout of you to her prom. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Unbelievable. Another fan broke her retainer when she saw you shirtless in "Black panther." I didn't break my retainer. Wait. Last week, a fan direct messaged you and got to meet you. That's pretty cool. What happened there? Yeah. We were filming on temple's campus, and our base camp was in the parking lot, and the dorm room windows, you could see us coming in and out of the hair and make yaup trailer. And I was coming, and they started screaming out the window, and I popped by real quick and just said hello, and they were shouting out crazy things, and they were, like, I'll cook for you. Let me cook something for you. Do not cook anything. And, you know, just nice young lady. She was, like, let me take you something. I'm, like, what do you want to make? Tofu. She's beautiful. This is the other lady. This is a different girl. So I answered a few of them, you know, just saying hello because when I'm there, I like to, you know, I want to touch the people. Did you get your food? I did. I ate it. It was okay. It was good. Okay. Okay. She did her thing. That young lady, I told her and her friends to come down and grab some pictures. That's so sweet. They are at college working hard on their degree. Show some love. It's a thing that doesn't happen often, you know, somebody who looks like you comes onto their campus and is saying hello. I am responding to you because you're keeping me doing what I do. That's a great thing to do. That's what it is. I'm from Newark, New Jersey. I'm from my community. I have to, you know, for me, you know, just stay grounded and part of that conversation. I'm -- no matter how big, or no matter all my success or accolades, I have to have that conversation no matter where I'm at. Let's talk about -- "Fahrenheit 451," based on the ray Bradbury book. This is a science fiction book, but it's kind of a scary script. The firefighters burn books. You know what they used to say. People who burn books will burn people. That was during World War II. It's very scary, and there is a lot of controlling free thinking. Exactly. What do you think about that in today's world? It was a book written over 60 years ago. It could have been written last year, you know, and it's, you know, for me to be apart of this project and tell the story that I think is so important to today, you know, is the free thought. Choice. You know, media control, you know, anti-intellectual. To be able to play a character that challenges that, I thought it was important today and to be able to send a positive message out there, and, you know, team up with HBO again, and work with Michael Shannon. He is so good. I checked off all my boxes. You checked off a couple of your boxes. You have a couple more boxes to check off. Come back any time, all the time. You're just, you know. He is a regular. I need a cup with my name. Got to get it. Thanks to Michael B. Jordan. "Fahrenheit 451" premieres on HBO may 19th. The DVD of "Black panther" is available tomorrow, and thanks to our parent company, Disney, you know what? Members of our studio audience are going home with one.

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{"duration":"9:11","description":"Jordan joined \"The View\" to discuss his new HBO film, \"Fahrenheit 451.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"54989202","title":"Michael B. Jordan on attending Met Gala, 'Black Panther' success","url":"/theview/video/michael-jordan-attending-met-gala-black-panther-success-54989202"}