Mindy Kaling talks new projects, family and more

Kaling joined "The View" to discuss her latest projects and updates the co-hosts about her new baby girl.
7:11 | 03/13/18

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Transcript for Mindy Kaling talks new projects, family and more
It's just a hop maybe if this is a bully hot yeah yeah technically I yeah. Got back. Plain and businesses last time I think you were here I may have been ignorant is wonderful movie you got a new show in December. The Tamil mom I did hit it don't have a rat stage now you know you traveled to New York with baby yes. Yeah somebody's hand you sounded extraordinary. How hard it just kind of did that don't get that is he has a lot of stuff. Yeah I know what what I had pretty high meeting factors I think I travel with a lot that she had. It's unbelievable there is like stellar Kart eats a baby teen table breast pump you mean she wings ten pounds. You have to I can fit in my mailbox fact that it's he has like kind kind of does I was at her assistant musically that preference seven Arizona plate but she's the commission looks dead. Is a lot of plants the handsome granite 21 December all right yes she was put on the end of the first the first of Tomlin out I think was at his Vanity Fair party. After the Oscars Souza directly if you want to shot in the three months I was sad end and at Callahan and cat. But to look great to see my goodness it was gang gang unit of the news. This is like the first to make it actually drink. Yet. Right that they are like anyone was like handing me drinks and I was drinking other people's drama that I was so fine and then and the next morning them opening day. I went hound. Didn't exits right in camp and make up and running had to feed her the next morning. There is like one of my like fake eyelashes spelled out honored cheat and cut up and shot up at me like why is that I kinda appeal likely get up and wait like spray tan operators say I would love to talk about your movie. A wrinkle in time I. Okay. He played from his. They end the move of course is based on across the book we took a lot about inclusiveness and diversity our show had something you work hard. I think 22. Having your own projects and the film is that right at the center of that that conversation right now we feel about that it's him. They be exciting and really intimidating mean that this character is so unusual yeah and Isiah really and opinion in person she only speaks in quotations and I was a little bit. I've been mediocre but Cass is the most inclusive cast of ever seen I think there's. Fist on the fact that he and a grand juries are all over the age of 35 and cast in this movie is it himself. I believe I'm not real gap and leg and just. And look beautiful and I just and that the young woman is plays the lead storm reacts is I've ever seen anyone like her on readiness to lead the fact I'm movie before and she's just amazing yeah also producing and starring in another show local champion yes telephone. And eight I treated with son Charlie Brady like came up with on opposite in the new project and it's just incredible time and a guest star in the show it's not I'm not the star of it. Abetting it is it's amazing it's star is eight down. Incredibly talented young man who businesses like I think his first big starring role in JJ tent at the been getting a lot of attention to this brawl he's playing half in the end gate fifteen year old kid. He's just incredible he's got to break attic Kelly frivolous and we have a clip. You're a liar you're dead beats and neither of you have any dial protecting us and I imagine delivers highlight his my uncle. And engines only I cannot enjoy your compliment as I too am reeling from this life of deception. Please keep. First time nonviolent it was outward from his greatest sweetest little bite. And he turned porn ring use Bernadette Peters and send in the clowns and Katie asks can you complained every defense that you needed to live in New York City it is. And. Staff not to his. Back. David tell that. Coming at you don't have. Okay. You tell how much you love the show could fit I'm teachers help everyone that I had seen here that and the show is my favorite show oh. I can't because I was I was doing a show called glee like three years ago. And great great show. And I would only have like twenty minute lunch rigs and I didn't have time to watch anything besides like YouTube and then you guys started posting. Your clips of your segments on YouTube and I have yeah I started watching it and literally watched every episode and yeah. How they have a beautiful place think it is. So your cab goes and Michael someone we haven't seen much M on TV. What you want people to know about Michael and what do you want people. To understand. About Michael yeah well as needy setter earlier and you guys talk about it representation is so important. And I'm so proud of you and wrinkle in time this is so exciting it. How where we we see a gay Indian kid that would never seen on network television before. Especially to does not continued. I think it's so important and growing up and Cynthia. I had no one that was different and I and Arab and Palestinian Lebanese and and it no it was like on television and so I'm getting some place I want. Mr. riveting time it's great when nobody you know witnessed what I had this it's. Reason to says a lot of times you'll see that it teenager who's out on the show and it's a lot about them getting like the nap or alienated and it's about that and he's just proudly out initiatives and focus on of the marginalization that hey I hadn't hit India either issues but it's not. Isn't right kids and he's again band and he's been very very appreciative of rap fans and yes so we have a lot of gifts for you. And windy not to feel left out as a little Ellen yeah baby yeah. We have read I don't. Creative everybody let's listen. Indicating a daily times photo you know she's a star they actually quite pleasant that they may not mustache and a I had an evening and you know let. You have to come back to protect comeback you'll do you got back an all time acting yes thank you let you have to come back to and maybe we should do is show. With some folks that are a little bit younger than us and we can talk about some things that are pertinent to you and your generous terms turn I lottery. Thank you to vote. Of them all things. Thursday night check your local listings a wrinkle in time is indeed is now.

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{"duration":"7:11","description":"Kaling joined \"The View\" to discuss her latest projects and updates the co-hosts about her new baby girl.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"53715425","title":"Mindy Kaling talks new projects, family and more","url":"/theview/video/mindy-kaling-talks-projects-family-53715425"}