Miss America divided over swimsuit controversy

"The View" co-hosts discuss the decision to remove the swimsuit portion of the competition.
4:19 | 07/09/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Miss America divided over swimsuit controversy
The decision to ve the swim suit portion O the miss America pageant has the organize did the. 22 pageant leaders are calling for new chairwoman Gretchen Carlson to resi 29r miss Americas are supporting her. Should it stay or should it go? M mom was like, it's a beauty pageant. I want to S bathing suits. I was surprised. What I wish for miss America is youowow miss universe, they have th fit of the country. We can't you wear something reprentative about your state and teach you state. If you're from Maryland, wa crab onour head. Yo Iowa, be a piece of corn. Be a piece O corn. Teach me about what is so great tr state. Iowa's cool. Nobody wants to put aigld piece of corn their head. Sunny loot those magazines for the articles. I want to learn about your state and know why it's so spectacular. For miss erse, most people don't know where the countries are. States. No, no. I'm talking miss universe. They do the colors and they do -- most peopl don'tknow. But here, know. Teache about Arkansas. Teach me about Arkansas. What W you like them to wear? Barbecue. A picture of bill CLI on theiread. You know. What would you wear if you' from Arizona? Zo has the best tfit. You have cowboy hats and cowboy boots. Texas going to be ssed because they have the same thing. Yoy with the bathing suit? Yes, thank you,joy. Tippinge off. I agree with your Mo um, and I would like toks love Gretchen son. Think she's at the forefront so many important thin culturally,sagree with her on this. I personally am good family friends. A familyend of mine married a MI South Carolina. They met working on my dad's campaign. I agree. It's a beauty pageant. I want to see diversity of bodies. Plus-sized girls. At B much more inclusi don't think there missing in wrong with wanting to S off your body. I would like to see men do inspect inspeedos and man boobs. Ve handles. Plumber'ack. Of it. They have the Mr. America. Mr. Universe. Theyon't tele it. There's a reason. Okay. Who wants to look at the plummer's crack? No. Exactly. It's like the full Monty. Ihink if styled a bunch plus-sized girls. A whole diversity of women. In all ys. And it's a by pageant. So allersity O women and their body it's all about beauty of self. I like that ea. I don't mind a bathing suit.you know. Because a lot- you know People work hard.it -- pple work hard to get intohe beauty pageant. I'm N a pageant person. I T mind it. I liour idea. You don't like it? No, I sai that when I was a judge. It's great pageant. Even my idea? No, not even that. Why do we need to S people paradin their bathing suits. You like the crabs? We're talking about objectifying womenookings a their physical -- whole it. Listen to what they have to say. A little talent. Thent shouldn't be a beauty contest. Then don't call it a beauty. Miss America is more than be. Gretchen car was a miss amera. They're all really smart. The stereotypes about mutety pageanomen I don't like. I don't have a problem with it. Why do you H to be tiful to beiss America. They're als very smart. Gretchen C was a Rhodes scholar. That's why her I ink is better. You T wear the crab. The if you'rem York, you care a sky skriper. New York. Hair spray abohis. Announcer: "View your deal"

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the decision to remove the swimsuit portion of the competition.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"56460139","title":"Miss America divided over swimsuit controversy","url":"/theview/video/miss-america-divided-swimsuit-controversy-56460139"}