Miss Piggy tells Whoopi Goldberg about her new career venture ‘Muppets Now’

Everyone’s favorite diva Muppet joins “The View” to catch up and discuss her new Disney+ series.
3:44 | 07/31/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Miss Piggy tells Whoopi Goldberg about her new career venture ‘Muppets Now’
You know, miss piggy and I go way back. So I am thrilled that she is back in action on the new Disney plus series, "Muppets now" because when she is interviewing stars like rupaul and the hottest topic in the world is still her. Okay? It's still her. Take a look. Diva, it's a positive term, Oh, absolutely. Yeah? It's a term of endearment. It's a term that really just signifies your importance in the industry, and madam, you are the most important female figure in the entertainment industry. Did you hear that? Unfortunately yes. Did you hear that? Unfortunately, you are. I could not agree with you more. So please welcome the one, the only miss piggy. Hi. Are you at home right now? Where is home for you these days? You know what? That's a good question. I have been inside so long I have no idea. Let me take a look outside the window. I see water. Looks like an ocean. I don't know. It must be one of the coasts. Either malibu or the Hamptons. You decide. Okay. Okay. That seems right as you describe it, and you're looking good. Do you have any tips for folks when they need to look good in their video chats? Because you know a lot of people need help, piggy. Yes. Well, thank you. Thank you. A lot of people will probably say, just focus on the top half, right? That's good advice. Makes sense. Right. I mean, you're probably not wearing any pants right now, How did you know? Well, you know me so well. You know I'm not wearing any pants, and -- No. I knew that. Because I have to ask you how Kermit is doing, and are you guys, you know, still together? Do you really -- do you have to ask? Your producer is making you ask. Okay. Okay. You know -- You know, I could -- tell me. Okay. Well, you know, these days, whoopi, nobody is together. It's not -- it's not doing wonders for my dating life. I'll tell you that. We all, you know, he's living wherever he is and I'm living wherever the heck I am. Let's talk about your new show which is called "Muppets now" which premieres tonight I think on Disney plus. You get to interview a lot of celebrities. What can you tell us about it? Well, yes. There are a bunch of different segments actually. There's a cooking competition with a Swedish chef, science segment with Bunson and beaker. I have my own lifestyle segment too, but you're right. I do get to interview some big Before you go, do you have any vacation plans? Where the heck am I going to go? They won't let you go anywhere. Come on. That does remind me, sweetheart, that does remind me -- Yes. I heard that Meghan McCain might be taking a little break. She's expecting, is that right? Apparently, yes. I wish her the very best. I wish her the very best. I know you do. But, you know, it sounds like though, you might be -- Uh-huh. Host short. Space at the -- right. Might be a little space at the table. You want to come fill in. Okay. Well, it's spoken. If you are able to get here, I want you to come and do that. All right. I want you at this table.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"Everyone’s favorite diva Muppet joins “The View” to catch up and discuss her new Disney+ series.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"72106183","title":"Miss Piggy tells Whoopi Goldberg about her new career venture ‘Muppets Now’","url":"/theview/video/miss-piggy-tells-whoopi-goldberg-career-venture-muppets-72106183"}