Nathan Fillion on career before acting and ‘The Rookie’

The actor discusses his career path, including his telegram job before he started acting and “The Rookie.”
5:21 | 02/20/20

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Transcript for Nathan Fillion on career before acting and ‘The Rookie’
for a while and one of your first gigs was on the soap opera "One life to live." It's amazing to watch the progression of your career. What kind of things have you taken from there to here? I lived a block this way and worked a block this way. This building is in the middle of everything. My whole life in New York was everything I do every day I learned on that show. I will never speak poorly of daytime. I had such a -- a couple of your crew guys were a couple of my crew guys. I just had a little reunion backstage. It was so nice, such a warm, kind place to be. I learned everything there. I miss the soaps. I really do. There's still a couple on other networks. Yeah. I don't know where an actor to go to work and be with people who have been in the business 25, 35, 40 years, and I don't know -- I have no idea what I'm doing. They said no problem, here's what you do. They would take care of that. Very good people. I have a question for you that is not on the card but my husband is going to kill me if I don't ask you. Is "Firefly" coming back? I hope so. He's a super fan. A lot of fans really want it to come back. Me too, me too. If only for the space ships and horses. Exactly. Before you started acting you were a singing telegram person? That's so random. That was one of my many jobs I had working my way through yes, I did singing telegrams. I think we have a picture. Oh, yes. We do? Looking like tarzan. Oh. Excuse me. Is that like a tarzan outfit? That is tarzan. What did you sing? I had -- it was like a parody version of "The lion sleeps tonight." I've never had so much authority in a costume until "The rookie" wearing a police uniform. That was a lot of authority in that costume. Yes. You could do anything you wanted dressed as tarzan. No one would stop you. You have a great face. Thanks. You have a wonderful face. Thank you. Doesn't he? It's a great face, very expressive. There's no changing it now. It's handsome but it's fun too. Keep talking, joy. You created quite a stir on Instagram because of your tattoo of a cobra on your back. People are confused about this, whether it's real or not. Is it real or not? I don't want to alarm anybody -- Oh, I get it. I don't want to alarm anybody. This is just something I do every once in a while to try to take five years off my mom's life. Do you like it? Nathan, what have you done? So it's fake? Oh yeah. I see. We all had tattoos that Christmas vacation. They're just press-ons. This is the second season of "The rookie." Yes. Second season, congratulations. Thank you very much. You play a 40-something LAPD cop only a few months on the force. That's true. And December's winter finale ended on a cliffhanger. A fellow officer was drugged at a bar and kidnapped. Yeah. What can you tell us? This is -- our job we vacillate between some light-hearted stuff and some easy entertainment and then we get intense because the job of a police officer can be very, very intense. Yes. In this episode one of our very own rookies gets kidnapped by a serial killer in cahoots with another serial killer who's in prison right now and she's buried alive so it's a race against the clock, can we get to our friend. Wow. And that's what he can tell you. I'm like -- what else, what else. He can't tell you what else. So it's kind of funny you're playing a cop because apparently when you were kids you and your brother had a favorite game that you played? This is true. That's my brother Jeff right there. That's my brother. I heard a little bit about this game which is hysterical. When we were kids we would play chips, California highway patrol. Remember chips? I loved chips. Eric Estrada. My brother always got to be ponch and I would be baker because I was fair haired and he was a little darker. We had walky-talkies that you couldn't hold while riding a bike because it was too hard. The range was so bad, we would say, like, turn up the volume! It was terrible, less than a block, the range on these walky-talkies, but we had fun. That sounds awesome. I used to play games like that. We recently had on the cast of "Birds of prey" and there's a lot of secrecy regarding your role. Is there anything you can tell us -- What can you tell us? This is for James' new movie, "Suicide squad" 2. What I can tell you -- my god, there's so much -- they say we can't wait for you to publicize the movie, publicize the movie, but you can't tell them anything about the movie. I can tell that you I'm kind of dressed like a "Captain America" type character but sleeveless, no sleeves. Sleeveless? So it's about arms in this. It's a little about about arms. Kind of like an arms race. Kind of.

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{"duration":"5:21","description":"The actor discusses his career path, including his telegram job before he started acting and “The Rookie.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"69106724","title":"Nathan Fillion on career before acting and ‘The Rookie’","url":"/theview/video/nathan-fillion-career-acting-rookie-69106724"}