Nathan Lane on Trump, politics and 'Angels in America'

Lane joined "The View" to talk politics and his new play on Broadway, in which he plays Donald Trump's notorious ally Roy Cohn.
7:18 | 04/13/18

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Transcript for Nathan Lane on Trump, politics and 'Angels in America'
Thank you. T don't always stand like that Ohsorry. Ke markrbth the booster sea O Nathan, earlier in the show we were talkingbout Comey and the new revelations about, U know, thekers and possib thing and the, you know, dossier and everythi but trump said tocomey, do I look lik a guy who needs too out with hookers,hey,hey, hey. Does he look like a guy would out with hookers to U? Oh, my god. Inke needs hos, Viagra, the hair C for men. I think he needs a lot gsi can't beeve that this is theconversation we're having about the president of tnited states We hav - -- The same level. The democran thehite house, the rlicans would have him impeachend Reing by now. [ Applau W a second. Had thiithinton. It was a lascivious Clinton and ous, and he was impeached but didn't si What Clinton D happened while he was in fice. We can move on. We don know what's happening in office now, D we? True. Unch of hookpeeing on a bed. But motor boating. My heartsut to housekeepi, you know? Housekeeping oh, look. Donald Trump wase again. And no T Okay. So Nathan is there anything at's going on in the white use that trump H done that you actuallyl good about? N laughter ] I don't think, you know, look, look. Look, you know, the last thing America nt to know is actor giving political opini but Yo a there is thg. I don't know how a rational person reads or looks at the information and sees the behavior couhink other. What about North Korea and Rockman? I don't know how you -- I T know how yefend this. This is, L know, crazy grandpa. Ca was the family, we would be saying, he can't live alone anymore. Can't drive the ca he't fire ruia hookers anymore. Y aunt jul said one time. O they need? A brick to fall on theirheads? That was right on. Or like he said, he could shoot somebody month a and get away with it. I'm fearful it may come to that. Certainly hope not. I hto say I love "The bird cage." Iidn't say that to you, I would be remiss. Facebook been in the news a Mark Zuckerberg W hit O capitol. Are you on social are you on facebo No. No. I don't care whau D for dessert.mot -- I'mot --, I'mot on Instagram. I't on Twitter. No. Twitte and the only thingaps when people go on Twitter is the people, you know,urn against them. They saymething, and I don't understand They're mean Why. I mean ierstand it's a to it if you are try to sell something and reaching peopor charity for Exe. Yeah. That's good. But this notion of I want everything you ING, every moment of day. That too.people areot communicating anymore be you know, they're Al you sit in a , and you see people everyone is looking at their phone. T's terrible really. That's why you should to the theater to see "Angels America." [ Cheers andla Which we're G to. And you are starrin currently starring in "Angels in ameri thmiraculousrew Garfield. It's your 21st Broadway ow. You're so phenomenal, but Y now getting -- You. You are. You are getting some of best reviews of your career though now.anrelaying a lawyer. You're playing a notus lawyer and power broker, Cohn who was one O dad trump's early mentors B in th'70s and the '80 Yes.he was Dr. Frankenstein. Trump's mons ou a lot of research and fore in talking to the people who knew H well, and I'mio because I hav been a student of hn. Lawyers are. We want to know what he did what did your about him? Well, look. It's easy todhe people who hated him. Yeah ou know, he did many, vile things. Horrible. He destroy people'slives, but, know, there is a reason why he became successful and he rtainly -- the pe were loyal to him talk Abo how charming, Y, you know, how seduc he was. W it was great T around his kind of gy, and T see in action. And hewas, Y know, and look. You have to understand there is a difncween what Tony Kushner, the genius writer of J "Angels in America," what he Crea hsion of Roy Cohn D the realoy cohn.ere are pl where they intersect of course. Ye I think he, in a way, when he was diagnosed with AIDS, it manized him in a way that nothing ev had. He said to somebody, it sounds like a line from the play. He sai could fix anything, buan't fix this. W. And, you KNOE was -- Wow. Is a fascinating chair to play because both man and the character are filled with contradictions. He was a self-loathing Jew, self-loatinmosexual, and he only worked for the right wing causes. He was a power broker and a xer and he was a mentor and lawyer to donump until, you know, he got AIDS THA when trump diociated himself. Some of the worst pe ople denying themselves, who they are because they are il. Well, yeah. I mean, yoow, I , he I mean, he did have friendships and loyalties, and Heu know, the are nice -- he did do some -- Iire the fact. I have to go. I'm so No, no. It's right. I adm the fact you could find a heinous character and find what is good."angels in America" is playing at the Nimon theater here in New York. Don' forget to go see it. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"7:18","description":"Lane joined \"The View\" to talk politics and his new play on Broadway, in which he plays Donald Trump's notorious ally Roy Cohn. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"54447760","title":"Nathan Lane on Trump, politics and 'Angels in America'","url":"/theview/video/nathan-lane-trump-politics-angels-america-54447760"}