Newt Gingrich responds to Trump’s comparison of impeachment to ‘a lynching’

The former House speaker addresses the president’s controversial tweet as guest co-host on “The View.”
4:25 | 10/22/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Newt Gingrich responds to Trump’s comparison of impeachment to ‘a lynching’
You know who in the White House continued his rant against impeachment yanks but he's not calling it a witch hunt anymore. He's waited all Republicans let's remember out what they are witnessing here a lynching. Well I hit it. It's a word that nobody. You know wants to hit me this was not a good choice words for him do you think. Well it's exactly the same term that Clarence Thomas he's yeah when he said he was guilty avoid caller mentioned rat but when the center here right then. Are they illustrate the insurer I mean I think they'll look to put aside this is really a big fleet but please suffer second from shoes. OK you have beaten up thrown at a yearly achievement you have beaten up over two years with the Muller thing you start to relax. Also there's this whole new wave of things and I part of what you have is a guy here. We just really deeply frustrated. That no matter where he turns you know that the fight keeps going on the company bring that a lot of this on himself chair can't even look at them Aaron say. Okay. I'm I am very much. I I'd much more you I think he's actually an important historic figure but I do think there are things he does that make it all harder I think that. You know but at times I think that had it been if you were more disciplined. He would actionable much easier road than it than he does because he sort of sort of choose up his own road as he goes down the. It seems like he Joyce it felt like it's a game for him heat like I think about the G-7 summit hosting it at his Doral resort. And his mind it's. Do you think it's a game to (%expletive) off the media at his south Democrats now. Or does he genuinely see a problem don't have anything better to do in this stuff we need to listen to you why you're not not. And good. When a giant. Six foot white guy says I'm being lynched he. You understand why so little it's a little bit like listen man you're not humans to act you are being held to the standard that we hold every we respond. OK. So high and. Does it not bother you when he says this was at the state constitution wedding colonies called it a bit phony and Molina wells plaza phony a monument to -- constitution mean. That. We can't disagree I would never question you our commitment to America whether I agreed with it or not. But you've never pooped on the constitution as far as action would call and that is very important but but a look at them again. You won't agree but. You have Steve sheriff as chairman of the committee went way I'm I know you've got to go distant when I'm W and help this new lending investment and explain trumpets support don't know why not you don't have to explain it to me. You have a white man using the term. Lynching you mentioned Clarence Thomas by my last count he's black man using public I don't think he should have used it then I think I hurt my blood he rarely charges lire. I'm very politically correct. Most of the early American movies. On lynching we're about lynching white people and the one of the largest lynchings and nineteenth century it was Italians yes so there is a tradition here is not a automatically 09 Impreza I didn't see her sitting here at. You know it may not be it totally black expressed but we're kind of not only folks that didn't come out from under the experience that was put our message you well now. I tell you folks have who. You know. Were allowed in welcome to work. In ways that we were not. But my point and is unique in fact it's in areas in this country it's not a good on them are those Italians were damaged and your experience for black folks. My point is there's. It wasn't necessary for him said it wasn't you know Al so. Would you save that his choice of words was not Smart. I think he often uses words were close only in the nation not to question. I thought I had to be put her. I don't know about you that you did a good spin but wedding you what do you think do you think that's that's the light what you should have you just. Yes I don't know I don't look at I know I do I've been comfortable just calling end but which continent kangaroo court and things like that I haven't gone up to that next level.

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"The former House speaker addresses the president’s controversial tweet as guest co-host on “The View.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"66446986","title":"Newt Gingrich responds to Trump’s comparison of impeachment to ‘a lynching’","url":"/theview/video/newt-gingrich-responds-trumps-comparison-impeachment-lynching-66446986"}