Newt Gingrich on the rise of hate crimes

The former speaker of the House discusses how Donald Trump handles domestic terrorism.
7:23 | 04/29/19

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Transcript for Newt Gingrich on the rise of hate crimes
Back across countries and multiple investigations happen in DC right now must be given you a little acts that. A lesson flashbacks want to when he was speaking about house after the Clinton administration please welcome author of the new book Clinton's. Newt Gingrich this. Called it no collusion. Has my book is about the Russians trying to poison the US. Moeller is. I'm just pure dumb luck it came out exactly and I'm glad I yeah. One new it's nice to have you back on the show as always paying him. Sigourney Weaver are high now I want aren't around the end though that night is now think of you in the future the cameramen. Are worried about not. The oil injures but that's all you heard us talking earlier about the synagogue shooting in San Diego and the rising he cries. I just want to get your take on why you think there's such a rice and he cracks in the United States specifically I think part of it. And rug under this is a challenge to us because you believe in freedom but I think part of it is the Internet based social media. Where different people who normally would have never found each other. Can now communicate and reinforce their hatred and get to have a sense of legitimacy that doing evil things. And I think that whether that means we have to all the way to be prepared to have some editing. And say this certain topics are certain optional war or if we find that you're heading these kind of messages. Really need to investigate you before anything happens when. This the case recently in them all Americans who is based took this child and through it. Here Natal long list of violent acts and clearly is mentally ill. But the current laws don't allow you to say. He shouldn't have been on the street I don't know what the person who did the shooting at the senate but I think there are some people that you cannot tolerate. Having the ability to other murder of the people. And it's not good enough to say well after you do it. But this is a real challenge for us as a free people because we cherish freedom. But there may be a boundary. Where we just can't we cannot tolerate certain levels of miles. Eric caveats in the first and second amendments that had to be rethought and possible thing you notice that this is leadership matters and people go back to Charlottesville as one is the ugliest days in recent history. And some people blame president. I worked for the hate that we're seeing right now in his lack of response in that moment he said recently that he candidate. Perfectly. Even Joseph Biden used it at his recent announcement at talking about both sides and that we're in a battle for our soul. Do you think the president handled it perfectly horse he part of the reason why there is such division and hate right now. That brought presents a good question that I watch your show on Friday washed reviews and by all. I'm bar owner started saying that there's this myth although on the left it's not true. You know medical record trump said trump sends clearly. That he was opposed to that didn't white supremacist who hasn't posted Klansmen who was opposed to Nazis and and he says that clearly. Sort that Claire are not Beck glare. Well it's not because I have for what he said break here. And his first statement he says it's. That there was violence on many sides and many sites two days later after all the backlash. Is the first time that he even mentioned the kkk neo Nazis and then the following days. He still set news. You had some very bad people in that group you also had some very fine people on both sides. If my both sides I'm look at the dissolution traffic. Always don't know when they're only just today if you are somebody who. Thought Robert Healy was a decent person which by the way with the very high percentage of white Virginians look any traded to the country. And assuming as older and yes OK so and I don't and it's horrible price an okay everybody in the south. He thinks of that anybody. Was it was a reasonable person is. Don't know you know what might inappropriate. What might have worked probably better if those good people the good people he was I guess alluding to. Looked over and saw some of the placards that do what carriages and anti semantic. Words that were being sent perhaps they might have marched. In a different march I think they wouldn't you know and so. I think what if you see that. You really did you know if you don't mind if your gonna march with these folks if you're in the picture with them it looks like. You are part of the problem so even if there are even if you say there were good people use you have to understand. That that's not what people see because you think if you're a good person in your marching for the monument. You're not gonna let people say well you know we're not gonna let Jews take over our lives and don't want Jews know well blacks and all that stuff is so I think that that's why. Going to be limited has fumbled when and is only two points of a could not much time alone outstanding under the first point is. That new look and organized groups like anti there's a fair amount of violence on the left. And and but that's not what we're talking about what's on my stylist it was dollars because that's what is hot line is you have a president. Whose daughter and son in law and grandchildren are all Jewish. The the idea that he's in any way anti Semitic. I think his irrational. And know what. That what we said Kuhn speaker Gingrich is that he said you had some very bad people in that group. You also had some very fine people on both sides. And the suggestion somehow that he did not say bats is intellectually dishonest no wanted to and. Children with the interpretation. I'm saying are you literally saying that that everybody who favors. Having those statues is somehow a bad human being. If you autumn aren't seeing what people with signs that say it down when Jews Jews not gonna take over our lives. And you know step away because that's not how you feel you're going to get lumped into magnet that's what's so pitch off. Okay. As terrorists on our Jewish grandchildren. That he's still can't he can't do both have that and also give dog whistles to them white nationalist he could do believe that. Yet he's done this with the not so much government has this but I never thought I heard him go out dancing in my daughter is Jewish my grandchildren Jewish know how I feel a very strong I've never heard that. Money into my adversary can only handle that perfectly that. What it would go back to slowly and handle that Abraham Lincoln patently clear to settle this on any confusion people are angry still about that day in the Latin things they needed him appropriately at the time. So I'm not that. But I'm going to come in here. I go anywhere. Even to a Republican group has set the up and say I think Donald Trump does anything perfectly. Now trumpeted is a very powerful personality. Who at times stepson his own messages and at times makes mistakes that's the reality.

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{"duration":"7:23","description":"The former speaker of the House discusses how Donald Trump handles domestic terrorism.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"62708212","title":"Newt Gingrich on the rise of hate crimes","url":"/theview/video/newt-gingrich-rise-hate-crimes-62708212"}