Nick Jonas addresses rumor that his mom does his laundry

Jonas sat down with "The View" co-hosts to discuss his family, Golden Globe nomination, and new movie "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle."
6:49 | 12/15/17

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Transcript for Nick Jonas addresses rumor that his mom does his laundry
holidays on the big screen with the rock, Kevin hart and jack Black in the new reboot of "Jumanji," and he was just nominated for his very first golden globe. Please welcome Nick Jonas. ??? I belong home ??? ??? I got loving ??? ??? So, Nick, everybody's groovy. Listen you just walked out to your golden globe nominated song "Going home" from the animated film "Ferdinand". I like hearing that part golden globe nominated. Where were you when you found out? I just got home from Europe. I was jet lagged. I stressed all week about the nominations. I hung out too late and was dead asleep. My manager called me and my dad called me. I didn't wake up. My friend came to my door and had a phone like this. I thought okay this is it. Somebody died. I picked up the phone and my manager said listen, I got some great news. You're not natminated for a golden globe I don't know why my mind went to panic right away. When somebody comes to the house like that -- The problem was he didn't say anything. He just goes here. You also recorded a holiday with Shania twain called "All you want for Christmas." You admitted to have a crush on Shania growing up. What do you remember about her from that time and then what is it like present day? I mean I've been a huge Shania twain fan my entire life. She's gorgeous. She's the best. There's one memory that sticks out. She was doing a concert special from Chicago. Yeah. She was wearing this yellow rash guard. Oh, yeah. I remember that outfit. That's a good outfit. It's a legendary outfit that really stuck with me. Did you bring it up when you saw her? No I left that part out. You travel a lot ft I hear you're a Jersey kid. I am a Jersey kid. You're a Jersey boy. You're planning to go home to Jersey to visit with your family? I can't wait. This whole run -- look at that. My brother and his wife have two beautiful daughters. So my time with them is the best gift I could receive. You're an uncle. Nick, the thing I heard about you is that despite all your success you still send your laundry home to your mother. Okay. Stop it. Does hear that? Yes, we read it the other day. Are you Italian? Of course. I knew it! The Italian boys. The question I get asked more than anything you've been doing this since you were so young. How do you stay Normal? They assume your Normal. Yes. I think in this interview I say my family. For instance my mom -- I moved out when I was 18. That's been seven, eight years. When I go home she loves to be mom again. She spent 18 years of mine and my brothers' lives cooking for us. I said sometimes she likes to do my laundry. Do you bring your dirty laundry? I don't bring it and go here mom. Here's my laundry. You do it for your MM? It's selfless. I'll call her after and I said mom I hope this didn't offend you. She said no. I'm proud to be a mama's boy. That's a good song. I could write it for you. I would love to move on to "Jumanji." I loved it. I sincerely loved it. It was incredible. I saw it with my son and daughter. We laughed from beginning to end. It's got such a great cast. Take a look at this clip. I need you to follow me and do exactly as I say. Let's move. Oh, my god you guys I'm so stoked you are here. You have no idea. You are? So stoked. Backs against the wall. It's like so action packed. Now so many people Kevin hart, Jack Black, the rock. Who did you have the bromance with? I conct wd everybody. We had a great time. Jack and I really hit it off. The other thing that everyone should know is that jack plays -- these characters become their avatars they choose in the game. Jack becomes his character. He starts as a teenage girl. Throughout the movie Jack Black is a teenage girl who develops a bit of a crush on my character. It's very funny. On screen and off screen we connected. We took some good adventures around the beautiful island of Hawaii. We did some good food adventu adventures. There were no hikes involved. So cute. So the thanks for coming. "Ferdinand is in theaters today and "Jumanji" opens December 20th. Keep an ear out for the song from "Ferdinand."

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{"id":51816479,"title":"Nick Jonas addresses rumor that his mom does his laundry","duration":"6:49","description":"Jonas sat down with \"The View\" co-hosts to discuss his family, Golden Globe nomination, and new movie \"Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.\"","url":"/theview/video/nick-jonas-addresses-rumor-mom-laundry-51816479","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}