Pamela Adlon shares daughter's reaction to coronavirus amid outbreak

The "Better Things" star discusses politics and how the entertainment industry has changed through the years.
6:19 | 03/05/20

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Transcript for Pamela Adlon shares daughter's reaction to coronavirus amid outbreak
Pump the the pump. I'm sanitized within an inch of my life. It's crazy. I'm clean. You look good, really good. Thank you guys. People can't stop talking about the coronavirus. You've been traveling around to talk about your new show, meeting a lot of new people. How are you doing? Are people coughing on you, coughing near you? We were on the plane to come here for press week. It was Monday. It wasn't a state of emergency in L.A. I'm going back home, my daughter texts me last night, she's like, mom, there's four confirmed cases of coronavirus in new York. You're in your 50s. You're okay. It's over 65. Like, so I wrote her back, thanks, there are seven cases in L.A., have a good night. My gosh. We were kind of yang-yanging for a while. I can't. There you go. He touches everybody. Meanwhile, I've been doing this for years. The coronavirus has made everybody catch up to me. Yes. I used to be really rude and be like, oh, hello, I'm sorry, I dropped something, I can't touch your hand. We touched everybody before the coronavirus and nobody got sick. And your friends were coming up and kissing you and licking you. I don't want to smell mouths. This is why I'm single. I live my life like a monk so this is kind of working out for me. Well you obviously live in California which is a key battleground state for super Tuesday, and everyone is talking about the election all the time. Yesterday we showed a clip of Jill Biden stopping a protester and she's like 5'3". We're all very concerned about safety and the divisiveness in the country. What do you make of all that? Well, you know, I can say it, my brother is a Republican. We're like total opposites. He's got three boys, I've got three girls, and he and I, we separated ways for a long time during hanging Chads. 2000. We were together for Thanksgiving. It was a particularly not fun Thanksgiving. And I just said, accord and he went for me and we decided not to speak about anything political for years and years and I have just started sending him stuff and he started sending me stuff, and we have a talk. It's like, there was a couple, James Carville and Mary matalin. Yeah. They got along. I love this story, man. I mean, you know, he was running Bill Clinton's war room. Right. And she was running George Bush's war room. You know, you guys are way smarter than me. I'm an actress. Oh, my god, me too. Oh, my god. I used to be. No, you totally are. I mean, we all -- but -- What about kellyanne and her husband, George Conway. They don't seem to get along that well. It's so weird because everybody is like tweeting and whatever and it's a fascinating train wreck for me. James Carville and Mary matalin are like what to do and I always think George Conway and kellyanne are what not to do. It's two great examples. He's tweeting nasty stuff to her all the time. It's bizarre. You just want to know what it's like at home at the dinner table or in the bedroom. Yeah. I think he's brilliant. He's brilliant, the husband. I guess. Oh yeah. I got to look it up because I don't know. He goes after trump. He goes there. Mercilessly. And there she is defending him on television. It's ridiculous. Maybe that's what the dinner table looks like, they're tweeting at each other. Or maybe they're just messing with everybody. Maybe. Maybe they actually get along Their daughters have to read this crap. This is how it used to be. You could have arguments with people but then you still said, you know, your chicken might be dry but I still like you. There you go. You're right though because it might be -- A turn-on. A game. We don't even know. I've heard it's not a put-on. How do you know? What do you know? I heard that it's real. But I do want to say it's been painful for Americans to actually say that they're going to have a hard time going home for Thanksgiving dinner and with these conversations. One of the things I'm proudest of in the campaign is that we hopefully can start bringing people together in a different way. Pamela, you've been in the business for a long time -- I can't believe he knows who We told him. Thank you. You've been working in the business since you were 11 years old. You were on "The facts of life" a show I was a huge fan of. I was wondering how much the business has changed over your career because you've obviously been in it for a long time. Yeah. Well, one, I just touched my hair and my cheek, okay. For me it's been an incredible journey because my dad was a writer/producer, you know, and so I grew up on sound stages, New York morning news sound stages with my father. It was always men. It was always men, and so in the past four years doing my show, I have been able to be a pioneer for women, and I didn't realize that until the other day. But when you sit there and you say I have the ability and the power now to hire people and to go after who I want for season three of my show, I didn't want to do it without a female key there's like four. Yeah. You know, so for me it's -- that was two. It's just that one hair was touching my cheek. We want to talk about your show now. Okay. You can put it back up so I can do it. Your show, "Better things" which you write, direct and star in, as I said at the beginning of this, is about to start its fourth season. It's semiautobiographical but it's really a coming of age story which is where you were just going. So, have you come of age? You know, it's crazy that I've been working since I'm 11 and I basically hit something big at the age of 50. When I literally should be in the dustbin at the jewish council thrift, like nobody

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{"duration":"6:19","description":"The \"Better Things\" star discusses politics and how the entertainment industry has changed through the years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"69414252","title":"Pamela Adlon shares daughter's reaction to coronavirus amid outbreak","url":"/theview/video/pamela-adlon-shares-daughters-reaction-coronavirus-amid-outbreak-69414252"}