Patrick Stewart discusses his new movie 'The Kid Who Would Be King'

The actor talks about Russia's involvement in Britain's Brexit, why he's campaigning for a referendum, and his new film.
7:47 | 01/23/19

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Transcript for Patrick Stewart discusses his new movie 'The Kid Who Would Be King'
Well, my captain, my captain. Patrick Stewart is a busy man these days putting a new spin on Merlin the wizard in the movie "The kid who would be king" and getting back on board the enterprise for the new "Star trek" series. Please welcome -- No, that's wrong. That's not true. That's not true? No. You made that up. Is it not true? Whoopi, it's true. All true. You believed me for a moment. I did. Well because sometimes we get pieces of information and it's like, what? But this I had heard before. So you also just gave Brian a slight heart attack. I'm so sorry. Do you want to lie down? I'm okay, I'm fine. So, it's great. What is? That's you're back. This isn't rehearsed. You have to understand. They know. So joy? Yes, I have two things to ask you before we go into you. I just want your opinion. Like number one, I think that the -- we know that the Russians interfered in our election. We know that now. Do you think that they interfered in the brexit election too? Well, I wasn't there to witness it but I have no doubt that they did. All the evidence seems to be pointing towards the fact that there was interference and manipulation not only of the people in the election but also the election results. Right, right. So then why don't the people in England just say, okay, let's take another vote and now we know they're trying to interfere? Please, we've got enough with brexit. At least I am one of those campaigning for another referendum, a second one, because they lied to us about the first one. She keeps saying, no, that was democracy -- Theresa may. Theresa may, our president Obama. There were falsehoods, misstatements and downright lies and people made that vote based on that. Second question, we talked the other day about how prince Philip, the great, wonderful husband, 97, got into an auto accident. He drives. Do you think he should drive and who's going to tell him to stop? Well, one person could have a go. Elizabeth. Yes, she could. It is astonishing, isn't it, we've been so used to seeing the duke of Edinburgh drive and you know he had hip surgery less than two years ago and he was right alongside his own estate, well, the royal family's private estate, and he probably thought, you know, I'm fine here, nothing can happen to me. But it did and he and the poor unfortunate women and the baby in the other car were very lucky. My god. Sunny? Well, you and I have a lot in common. I don't even think you realize this. Your beautiful wife is also named sunny. Oh, yes. She's gorgeous. You are going to become a chicken keeper. You haven't met them yet, but you also are going to be a chicken keeper. You and I both look good in bald heads. I don't know if you realize but I had a bald head, okay? Wow. And I just learned that you and I are also beekeepers. Hm-mm. Does that bring you to tears, sunny? Yes, yes. We're spirit animals. Do you love keeping bees as much as I do? I'm still very new to it and I haven't been at that house in England for nearly two months, so they'll probably have forgotten who I am by now. But I've always wanted to keep bees. I only started last year. Really? I have a very well informed beekeeper come and install my hives and give me instruction. But I wear all this stuff and the honey is extraordinary. Well, I -- We just managed to make a couple of jars before the season ran out. I brought a gift for you. This is my honey from my hive, so this is sunny's honey. It's very good. I tested it out. This is my gift and I have a surprise for you because your good friend, I believe, is about to become a beekeeper as well. Whoopi, is that true? Hm-mm. We could form a kind of cavale, couldn't we? Yes, whoopi! No, sunny. No, but it's actually because of sunny that I started to do this because I met the kid, the young man -- he's not a kid -- the young man that was doing all of this and talking about why the bees are dying and talking about the tick that they have that they can't figure out how to get it off of them, can't eradicate them. So I asked if I could help do the research to find out how to get rid of this tick so that's what I'm doing. Meghan, go ahead. We have to talk about your new movie "The kid who would be king." You're playing Merlin, one of my all-time favorite characters, one of the all-time famous wizards of all time and I think we have a clip that we have to show everyone. Your quest has been decided. There is no turning back. ??? ??? you must find the entrance to the end of the world. Deplete Morgana. Your people and the land in which you live are doomed. It looks amazing. I love it. I love everything you're in now. I mean, not to kiss your you-know-what, but you could probably be in anything and I'd watch it. And Logan was incredible. You age backwards in this movie which you're doing in real life, so can you give us some tips? Well, to give you tips, personal tips, I'm not sure about that, but it's always been known that Merlin was living backwards. So the old guy knows very little, that's me. The young guy who is played by Angus Emory, he is much younger and much smarter than me. But it's a wonderful movie and the most extraordinary thing is how brilliant these four children are. Because they were children. They were 11 and 12 years old. Two of them had acted before. Of course one of them is Andy circus's son. Really? I love him. He's terrific. It's it's got a little bit of scariness in it but -- Good for kids? Oh, absolutely. So you know. I'm taking a 7-year-old to see it. I think that's fine. It's fine. Listen, you have to come back because there's never enough time with you. You know, it makes me crazy, but that's all right. Our thanks to sir Patrick Stewart. "The kid who would be king" is in theaters this Friday. "Star trek" is on and if you want to know, check your local

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{"duration":"7:47","description":"The actor talks about Russia's involvement in Britain's Brexit, why he's campaigning for a referendum, and his new film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"60573201","title":"Patrick Stewart discusses his new movie 'The Kid Who Would Be King'","url":"/theview/video/patrick-stewart-russians-involvement-britains-brexit-60573201"}