President Trump blames California for wildfires

"The View" co-hosts discussed the president's tweets about the California wildfires and his threats to pull federal funding.
5:02 | 11/12/18

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Transcript for President Trump blames California for wildfires
So California is dealing with these wildfires that have claimed at least 31 lives. My god. And so, the tweet put out by the guy in the white house kind of freaked me out. He was blaming California for poor forest management and threatening to stop federal payments if they don't fix it. Now, this is a man who doesn't believe in global warming, so let me put it this way, there hasn't been any rain for a very long -- we're in a drought in California. That's why things are dry, see? And if there's a spark or an ember, they travel and stuff burns. So you see, it's not that people aren't doing their jobs. They're doing their jobs as best they can. And people have died and lost their homes, and you're blaming them? You're blaming forest -- what, what, what? What? First of all, it didn't start -- he said the forest. It started in a valley. His geography is off the wall also. You know, embers fly. Yeah. Embers move. Stuff is turning. Yeah. People are saying they have never seen anything like this before, ever, ever, ever. Just looking at the video and the photographs, it's -- it's -- I think you said today in your morning meeting it looked like hell. A lot of fire experts, the state's leading -- firefighters association, they've all come out against the president, especially during this time of need. As leaders of this country you're supposed to comfort and console those in need. Time and time again his first instinct is never emotion. Remember Puerto Rico and even the synagogue shooting, he went into -- Blame mode. Usually 24 hours later it is a more thoughtful tweet usually when his team gets to him and says you really need to change the narrative. I think someone else sends the tweets out when that happens. That's what the country needs. We need emotion and comfort in these times. He's not capable of it. I wouldn't want any emotion or comfort from him. I really don't. When Obama did it, it was ininsear. 31 people have died, 228 are unaccounted for. More firefighters die of suicide than in the line of duty. 122 committed suicide while 93 died on the job. We have to take care of our first responders as well. That's what I was thinking. In my home state of Arizona, in 2013, 19 of 20 firefighters, there was a movie called "Only the brave" about it. I have a good friend who's husband -- she lost much of their house. We have to think of our first responders who are out there fighting what looked like hell to me and I would have preferred compassion for them putting their lives on the line right now. Or how about a little intelligence right now. That's better. When I think about this, if there has been no rain because we don't have any rain -- It's also a desert. There's also that. But there's no rain, there's no switch. It's dry. Global warming seems to be real. If you're not sure, start with this is a horrific thing that's happening, not we're going to take funding from you. What the hell, man? It also seems as though nobody is watching out for the world right now, you know? Since nine of these fires -- of the ten largest fires since 1932, nine have occurred since the year 2000. So that means that something's happening to the planet. Climate change. And more people are moving into these foresty areas also which is causing more of the problem. It's like these shootings at schools. Before they lifted the ban during the bush administration against assault rifles, semiassault rifles, whatever they're called, semiautomatic, we didn't have as many of them. So it's like nobody is watching out. I feel like I'm living in a mentally ill world. You know who are? Our first responders and everyone in this room. They're the ones that are watching. I know that and I appreciate that tremendously from you people, I do, but I feel as though people who are in government need to be making laws to protect us. Or we need to sort of is a group say, you know listen, because it's fire there, it's tornados over here. And hurricanes. This is not going to stop, but what needs to -- what needs to change is how the people at the top stop tweeting. Stop it. And also know a little bit because the federal government owns half of the forest land in California. Duh, yeah, there's that. So, I don't understand how he can stop federal funding when they own it. Earlier we mentioned that our

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{"duration":"5:02","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discussed the president's tweets about the California wildfires and his threats to pull federal funding.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"59146181","title":"President Trump blames California for wildfires","url":"/theview/video/president-trump-blames-california-wildfires-59146181"}