President Trump's combative exchanges with the press

"The View" co-hosts weigh in on the president's comments about correspondents Jim Acosta and April Ryan.
5:24 | 11/09/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President Trump's combative exchanges with the press
in case you were wondering, we're not done with trump yet, because he gave us so much information and material before we came out here that we have to keep discussing it. So we're talking, for example, about his press conference this morning where he continued his attacks from his last press conference on CNN's Jim Acosta and April Ryan who was here yesterday. He attacked the two of them. Watch him. I think Jim Acosta's a very unprofessional man. He does this with everybody. He gets paid to do that. You know, he gets paid to burst in. He's a very unprofessional guy. Same thing with April Ryan. I watch her get up, I mean, you talk about somebody that's a loser. She doesn't know what the hell she's doing. She gets publicity and then she gets a pay raise or she gets a contract with I think CNN, but she's very nasty. Why is he picking on April Ryan? Jim Acosta, we know he's had it over here for him for a while, but April Ryan, what has she done to him? He has a problem with anyone that will challenge him much like any dictators. He doesn't want you to believe your eyes. For this president to call anyone unprofessional is really rich, really rich. I know. But I think what is striking to me is that I feel complete disgust when I hear him speak because of the way he comports himself. I mean, what happened to elegance and class in the white house? I mean, it left, right, when Obama left. I'm disgusted. I'll give a shoutout to Ronald Reagan, you know, or George W. Bush. They comported. In all the years I've been on this planet, all 40 years, I've never heard a president say to a news person, you're stupid, that's stupid. Abby Phillips, let's look at her picture, what has she got in common with April Ryan? The one on the left. Yeah. He turned on her also. Earlier in the week in that same press conference where he was off the rails, he told yamiche her question was racist. Let's not forget that just three weeks ago over 12 explosive devices were sent in the mail, including three to CNN. And here he is calling the press the enemy of the people. Here he is personally add homonym attacks against the press. Antifa protestors stormed tucker Carlson's house to the point where his wife had to call 911. I think if you don't like somebody on TV turn off the TV, call their advisers. Don't show up to their house and terrorize their family. But there's a difference, I think. I hold the president of the United States to a higher standard. He's got a bigger bully pulpit than anybody in the world, the bigger platform than anybody in the world. After three weeks of people receiving bombs in the air and I was on the list, to continue attacking the press this way is, frankly, irresponsible, offensive and condemnable. I agree with you. I can't stand tucker Carlson's raps but that shouldn't happen. I always go back to it starts at the top and the tone starts at the top. I don't know about all you, I'm exhausted from all this. I'm exhausted with the conversations with these press conferences and the way he talked, it was -- it was -- for me yesterday seeing April Ryan here, she brought her daughter and a security guard. You have to go everywhere now with a security guard. She's had to hire her own security at her expense. The president talked a ago about what a unique opportunity it is to be a correspondent. What about the respect as a president? You know what I was thinking about legitimately, the genocide going on in Syria and all the things we should be talking about instead of attacking the press. All these things to talk about instead of attacks on the press. He's so obsessed with these people. He dominates the press with his stupid remarks. Of all the things you could have that platform -- Ruth Bader Ginsburg in that moment. They asked what he thought. She's in the hospital. She broke three ribs. He said she made a terrible comment about me and she's not on my team. I'm not a legal expert but I didn't think supreme court justices needed to be on a side. No, they don't. It is exhausting. It almost feels like you're on a hamster wheel just running and running, but we can't get exhausted because we cannot accept this was Normal. I'm not exhausted. I'm energized. You're the mid-terminator. I am the mid-terminator. We need to point out the fact that he does this -- yes, he's doing it to Jim Acosta, but he seems to be disproportionately attacking women over and over and over again. He attacks everybody. This panicked state that he's in, I think he perceives that the tide is turning against him. Even Mitch Mcconnell said something. I believe he said we're not going over the cliff with trump.

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{"duration":"5:24","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts weigh in on the president's comments about correspondents Jim Acosta and April Ryan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"59089916","title":"President Trump's combative exchanges with the press","url":"/theview/video/president-trumps-combative-exchanges-press-59089916"}