Pride Month cooking with chef Art Smith & 'The Bear-Naked Chef' Adrian De Berardinis

The culinary superstars show "The View" co-hosts how to cook fried chicken and an Italian twist on macaroni and cheese.
7:12 | 06/25/19

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Transcript for Pride Month cooking with chef Art Smith & 'The Bear-Naked Chef' Adrian De Berardinis
Well, of course we got fried chicken. How can you have a nice summer without fried chicken? Yes. Chef's got you some delicious -- tell them what you got there, chef. Well, what goes better with fried chicken than Mac and cheese and we're doing an Italian version today. Now, you've cooked for four presidents through your career -- president Obama, president Clinton and both president bushs, and you haven't yet cooked for our current president but if you were to cook for him, what would you make? You know, I come from a place of love. Yes. Yes. Fried chicken takes no sides. Yes. And I just believe that -- What? I really believe that food brings us together and I kind of live on that principle because I've put out a lot of fires with a little bit of fried chicken and gotten in some holy doors too with it. Yes, yes. So what would you cook for He loves fried chicken. He loved fried chicken. He loves my old boss, the kfc now. I didn't learn cooking fried chicken from my mom, I learned from the colonel. Don't tell your secrets. That's okay. You're going to show whoopi your fried chicken recipe. Yes. This is the one we make at art bird. I became a friend of a pop star, lady gaga. Her daddy and I put together art anyway, simple recipe, soft white flour, southern flour. Do you want to start or you want me to dump? I'll start, you dump. To have delicious tried chicken you got to season it properly. Put some rap reek ka in there. I like it to kind of jump in my mouth. Uh-huh. Onion powder. You had my fried chicken before. You like my fried chicken. Yeah. Onion powder and garlic powder. Garlic powder. And a little sea salt. Sea salt! We love a little thyme in there and that's all we use. Just stir it all up there. Nice. What we've done is, to make the fried chicken really delicious, Ms. Goldberg, you want to brine. You want to soak it in buttermilk and that makes it delicious. Make sure the oil is 285 degrees. Let's get cooking. All right, baby. Well, you recently also traveled with Michelle Obama on her book tour. What was that like? Lord Jesus Joseph. That lady has energy. She adores soup and salad. Chef Adrian made her a delicious -- his family's pasta, really good, and salad. The lady loves beef. Be careful, sweetheart. I will. You know. I know it's like -- I'm a sister. I know. You know, you saw me go over here so I could step back when it went crazy on me. I don't want you to burn yourself. No. What are you doing over here. Adrian, we got to talk to Adrian. You go by the name of the bear naked chef because you enjoy cooking naked. Are you naked right now? I have clothes on. I mean from the waist down. No. I saw you naked on the real housewives. Really? Mm-hmm. Full frontal naked? No. I wore an apron for health What if oil splaters on Mr. Happy? You have to be careful. The ladies were happy. They were a lot of fun. Where's the oil with the pasta? I don't understand that. Oh, you were talking if he was frying. When you cook naked, you can't fry anything. I'll teach you a thing or two, joy. So, sunny? I'm sorry, I'm over here eating. It's so good. What are you cooking, Adrian? We are doing Mac and cheese Bolognese today. Joy, I know you love to cook. I don't love to cook but I like to cook. You're Italian. I've never heard of macaroni and cheeselasagne. It's a take on lasagne. It's phenomenal. You're not going to want to eat anything else. We're going to start layering it. Joy, I'm going to have you layer some bechamel sauce. Bechamel makes everything taste good. What is it? Put it on ham and cheese, grilled cheese. Bechamel is a classic sauce which is butter, flour, make a roux. You add milk. I add a little nutmeg, parmesan cheese. Then we do pasta? Actually, we can do a little layer of -- What's that? This is a Bolognese sauce. You make that ahead of time. You make it ahead of time and we're just assembling it right now. This is ground beef, onion, celery, carrot, ground pancetta, salt, pepper. Delicious. Nothing better than a Bolognese. Now we can do a layer of pasta. I like this. It's actually easier than lasagne because you don't have to deal with those annoying noodles, right? This is sort of fun because you can spoon it out and it doesn't get all messy. These remind me of my hair before the care actin treatments. There you go. Same here. Now a layer of mozzarella cheese. I would put more. Go ahead. Put as much as you want. More parmesan cheese because this adds that delicious flavor and then we just keep layering it on. So we do bechamel again? Exactly. This is extremely exciting, we hear that you're actually joining forces with lady gaga's deejay for a gay pride event. Can you tell us about that? Deejay white shadow, music producer, famous for "Born this way", the anthem. I just said all -- he said, you know, I have four children. He said I'm there and he's going to be performing. Look for the rainbow rooster. Oh, I will. Incredible. Thank you. That's wonderful. And art, you have a southern background, and Adrian, you obviously have an Italian background. That's why you're having such a good time with joy. How did you two meet and how do you combine those two backgrounds? We actually met on Instagram, believe it or not. That's amazing. I was doing a cooking tour in Italy and he wanted to join me. He wasn't able to make it and he was building his restaurant here New York City, grand central, art bird. He asked me to come visit and the next thing you know we're having cocktails and became best friends. I don't know what it's like to have babies but opening restaurants is like children, I'm telling you, so it was a lot of fun. It's wonderful. Thank you. And everything is delicious. Thank you. Thank you so much. Our thanks to art Smith and Adrian deberardinis.

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{"duration":"7:12","description":"The culinary superstars show \"The View\" co-hosts how to cook fried chicken and an Italian twist on macaroni and cheese.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"63935250","title":"Pride Month cooking with chef Art Smith & 'The Bear-Naked Chef' Adrian De Berardinis","url":"/theview/video/pride-month-cooking-chef-art-smith-bear-naked-63935250"}