Remembering Carl Reiner

"The View" co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar remember the Hollywood legend who died at the age of 98.
2:41 | 07/01/20

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Transcript for Remembering Carl Reiner
that we lost renaissance man, the renaissance man of comedy, and of so many other things, Paul Reiner, so I wanted to take a minute to do it now, and joy, you have a connection with Carl as well. Is that right? Yes. I had dinner with him many times. Yeah, tell us. I interviewed him a few times, and do you want me to say what I was going to say about him right now or do you want to -- there I am with Mel and -- Go ahead. And Carl. The one thing I wanted to say about Carl was he told us how to grow old gracefully and creatively. That's the one thing I remember about him. By 98 years old, he was still tweeting and doing -- writing books and being creative. When I asked him about, did he consider himself a legend, this is what he said. He said, you're a legend in somebody else's mind. You're not an icon. You're not a legend. You're just an old Jew trying to make it. The only thing I'm thankful for is I'm still able to think. He was funny and self-deprecating and brilliantly talented and we will miss him. We miss him already. Yeah. He's one of the first people I met when I started to do my show on Broadway because he was a friend of Mike Nichols, and so one day after the show, we're rehearsing and Mike says, well, why don't you come to lunch with me? I got a couple of friends, and I'm going to go see Carl and Steve and Paul, and I say, oh, okay. I know people named Carl and Steve and Paul, and so I walk into the restaurant, and it's Carl Reiner, Steve martin and Paul Simon. I thought, oh. This is a brand-new world. So I got to sit and listen to these guys, and, you know, I worked with him when I did a Carol Burnett special, and I worked with his son, with rob. He was just part of the fabric of my life, and there is nothing better than a man who gracefully goes and continues to laugh, and continues to make you laugh. And I just, you know, you look at his work, you know, he did "Oh, god!" With George burns, "The Dick Van Dyke show." He's like no one else. He will be missed. That's what I was trying to say, and what joy would have said if I had been able to get it together yesterday. That's why I'm wearing the crown in his name.

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{"duration":"2:41","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar remember the Hollywood legend who died at the age of 98.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"71557871","title":"Remembering Carl Reiner","url":"/theview/video/remembering-carl-reiner-71557871"}