Rex Tillerson out as secretary of state

President Trump tweeted this morning that he plans to replace him with CIA Director Mike Pompeo -- "The View" co-hosts discuss the latest.
3:45 | 03/13/18

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Transcript for Rex Tillerson out as secretary of state
Right what we went on the ad the revolving door in the White House had another exit Rex to listen is out as secretary of state and he's being replaced. By CIA. Direct. Mike Pompeo. Look. I've worked with Mike Bombay out now for quite some dive. Tremendous energy tremendous hit that lack we're always on the same wave flags. The relationship has been very good dad dad that's what I did as secretary of state. I wish Greg still there's. Well. And new CIA director will be Ellen Pompeo what do you think. Don't know yet but I don't I'm. I'll. I'm excited kids and not Ellen Pompeo that it. The pockets and not the pop up yeah OK so Mike Pompeo is out and Gina has about who'll be the first female CIA director is gay south. Right. We're talking I kind of foreshadowed this when they're saying that anyone that doesn't toe the company line yet with. The president or. Calls it something like a moron who can. You will eventually be out it said that Rex Tillerson with the only one that had slipped by and I spoke too soon and I my candidate and say I'll keep anybody in that job they need to do Linkedin or something. Has sought to open caught some people who don't let these job what was the what was strange to me is. President trump was interviewed just break before we came on air and he said listen. I disagreed with Rex Tillerson on the I ran deal and other things we just didn't see I'd I'd. I don't think that's what you need in the secretary of state are quite frankly people that are surrounding you you don't need to be an echo chamber you don't need is testing the fat you need. A team of rivals like Lincoln. Oh people that can challenge you and debate you know doesn't like that what. What do yeah Obama administration was filled with nothing but like my does that have failed in the nicest way not all necessarily sales it is one of the centers especially when women's studies and our public higher Ed feet higher and Henry hashing out a lot moderately away stops ideal outlet is lightweight lightweight let him finish let him forget it meant Whitney will get to you hired. His opponent it's actually asked as secretary of state and so I think you know. It it's a better way to go beneath Hillary Clinton yeah he hired his actual opponent to be in his cabinet okay. Now while I mean a pack. I'd like 101000 in his big army responded that doing these are not want to say every human is illegal move on okay sell at John Evans slot OK then it's fine it's really. And a dozen slot and Mike Allen. Then on the sentence and Morgan axiom since October they've been saying that he has been on the outs for a long time Mike Pompeo doesn't daily briefings and meet with the president and the congress may use it went to West Point served in the gulf war he's very capable for this John good. He's very he's more than capable and he seems to be very much in line with president trump on many issues I will say. Today Rex Tillerson was always an odd choice someone who comes from a ExxonMobil and who was running an oil companies is when this necessarily that scene today at my job like liked him because he knew how to run a business just like trump that's that was his thinking but the government is out of business I think it right exactly I. I would say yep we're swap creatures and they know how to run swamp not all scared that not is his biggest problem but it to us and by the way that Telesis had no idea I'd saying this then did not a does not know why he was fired on. True does it like Sex and the City illegally break up note on a post grant. He he heard about it when we did on it but that's a now say lightning hit.

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"President Trump tweeted this morning that he plans to replace him with CIA Director Mike Pompeo -- \"The View\" co-hosts discuss the latest.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"53714850","title":"Rex Tillerson out as secretary of state","url":"/theview/video/rex-tillerson-secretary-state-53714850"}