Will Robert Mueller's testimony change Americans' outlook on his report?

Following the former special counsel's decision to appear before Congress, "The View" co-hosts discuss what they anticipate from his testimony in July.
5:00 | 06/26/19

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Transcript for Will Robert Mueller's testimony change Americans' outlook on his report?
Former special counsel Robert Mueller has agreed to testify before congress. Yeah. But a lot of people are celebrating, but wait -- well. Well, but the question is are you setting yourself up for something like a disappointment because he has already said he's not saying anything beyond what he said in the report? Of course, the report was 375,000 pages. So maybe there will be one modicum of something, but really what are people anticipating? I'm just -- I mean, this is for people who don't read like trump for example. And Lindsey graham has not read the report for example. Senator Lindsey graham has not read the report. So I think it's good. We want to hear -- it's different when you are hearing something. Well, you heard him say -- I mean you heard him say everything. Is there something different that's going to, you know, move it so that it allows people to remember what the laws of the nation are to be able to take care of that? After the written report came out William Barr said there was no obstruction. Let's see. Let's hear the details. Mueller said, here's what I said. Here's why I said it. Thank you very much, good night. No specifics from the report. We have to hear what he thought the obstructions were. I want to hear more of that. I have it on my calendar. Mueller won't tell you anything. July 17th, Mueller time. I haven't thought about it like that, joy because I did read the report. I know you did. We weren't on air, and I was -- It's really thick. It's really thick, but, like, for me it was Mueller time. I was so excited. Me too. I was highlighting things, but most people didn't -- yeah, I was. Most people didn't do that, and so that will be interesting that the American public will actually hear someone explaining it, but I don't know. I feel like it's more important to have the actual witnesses that talked to Mueller testify. They will. That's what happened in the Nixon hearings, right? You actually had the witnesses that's more interesting than having Mueller testify. Anyone that has seen Mueller testify before, you're going to fall asleep. He's, like -- it's not very interesting. I'm not that excited about hearing him testify. The questions will be interesting though. The way they ask the questions and the way he answers and his body language. A lot of stuff. A lot of stuff. My question is what could he say or do that's going to appease this table? And I want to show a picture. This specific table at "The view"? We're the only table that matters, you guys. Come on. These are votive candles people were lighting. Have you seen the virgin Mary ones? My grandma had a lot of People are doing it, except with Mueller on it. At one point, he was elated to this area that people thought that he was the savior who was going to save, whatever, bring trump out in handcuffs. So my question was just, what will be good enough for everyone at this point? I also want to see what Democrats running for president are going to do political theater-wise when they're questioning everyone, if there's going to be an I am spart Kus it will also be about the people questioning as well. That's true. I'm not as -- candidly, I'm not as excited. You're not as old as I am. By the way, I don't care about age and we need to make that very clear to people that we don't treat each other differently because of our age . That's right. What do you mean. Did you watch the Nixon -- The Nixon watergate -- I remember that. There was a break-in, and a lot of that in "The Washington post," but until we saw those impeachment hearings, until John Dean and Butterfield got out there and said, there are tapes in the white house. Nobody paid attention. But remember -- Yeah. People had to adhere to the law. Yeah. Okay? That's not the case here, you know, because according to him, he could not go in and get him and put him in the handcuffs, he couldn't do that. He couldn't indict a sitting president. Right. He couldn't indict a sitting president. So I'm not sure what you are looking for is he's saying, I'm only going to say what I said the last time I said something. He's pretty -- that's him. That's it. So unless he's going to sit there and read this thing -- But let's say that this -- this Mueller report brings more light on the possible impeachment hearings, right? Mueller's testimony. Does that mean when they are impeaching trump that he has to maybe go under oath himself? Who? Trump. They said, just write your what a bunch of baa lowny that is. They were afraid he would commit perjury if he was under oath talking. Here's the thing. Even if they begin impeachment hearings tomorrow, he's still here for another year and a half.

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"Following the former special counsel's decision to appear before Congress, \"The View\" co-hosts discuss what they anticipate from his testimony in July.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"63963709","title":"Will Robert Mueller's testimony change Americans' outlook on his report?","url":"/theview/video/robert-muellers-testimony-change-americans-outlook-report-63963709"}