Robin Roberts opens up about her career and new project

“Good Morning America” co-anchor Robin Roberts discusses her journalism journey, time at ABC News, and executive producing “Stolen By My Mother.”
7:04 | 01/17/20

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Transcript for Robin Roberts opens up about her career and new project
When you said 30 years I thought I'd come out on a walker. Thank you so very, very much. It does sound like a long time. You've been at Disney all that time. Look at her. You started working at, what, 12? I was a child prodigy. What's the best part of it? The best part of it is no two days -- and you all can relate no two days are the same, and to be able to share people's stories from all walks of life, that's something that never ever will get old. There you are. Look at all this. Diane, my girl. Oh yeah. Thank you very much. Mama got legs. Okay. Meghan? So 15 of the last 30 years you've worked -- I love how you -- can I say, when that video was playing they were out here lifting up my seat and everything and never the wiser at home. I love when y'all do that. 15 of the last 30 years you've worked at ABC you've been the longest co-anchor at "Good morning America." You're the longest ten toured anchor. We should applaud that. I can't imagine doing your job for that long and you do it with such grass and class and are we loved by everyone on both sides but I hear you've never missed an early wakeup call. Is that true? You weren't thinking about the anchor job when you started, is that right? I love when you do the followup. I'm not as good as asking questions as I am talking politics. You shouldn't be, Meghan. It's a pleasure to be here. I got to tell you, I have never missed a wakeup call and being a sports person -- What time do you wake up? 3:15 am. I do my daily devotionals. In the beginning I had like five alarm clocks set because I was so paranoid but I never thought I'd be sitting in the anchor chair of "Good morning America." Growing up watching it on WLOX, the news for south Mississippi, where I later worked as a sports reporter, I just wanted to be involved in sports, but this wonderful opportunity came along. Then I realized like many of us, I was afraid. I was afraid to venture outside of my comfort zone, and I'm so grateful that I had the encouragement from others to be able to do that because I could not have imagined all the things that I've been able to do. That's the beauty of getting Oh! I mean it. Because you're thrown out of your comfort zone and you have to move on. That's happened to me many times. That's another way. That is another way. That's true. You know you'll be okay. I don't know, given the choice, I'm taking this way. I got to tell you though I was a young intern years ago for you and Diane, and you see a lot as an intern, and you were the kindest person from the intern to the camera crew, to makeup, to the executive producer. That taught me something and I said if I ever do anything in this industry, be kind to people, treat people well no matter what they do. You have taught me such a good lesson in life. Thank you for that. I love you. I'm a huge fan of yours. Thank you. You are venturing into new territory and you are now an executive producer of your first project called "Stolen by my mother." It's an incredible story. It's heart wrenching. I remember the story well, but remind people. First of all, I need to thank this incredible young woman, kamiyah Mobley, for allowing us to share her story. It was one that grabbed the national headlines when it first came out, and to find out that all these years she thought a certain woman, Gloria Williams, was her mother. Turned out she was her abductor. When she was 8 hours old, Gloria Williams was in a bad relationship. She thought being pregnant, having a baby, could save the relationship. She had a miscarriage. She was desperate. She drove from her home in south Carolina down to Florida. She was dressed as a nurse because she is a nurse, walked in, befriended this woman, shanara Mobley, a teenage pregnant mother who just had this baby. And just took the baby. Took the baby and walked out. A mother's worst nightmare. We have a clip. You can't take that job. Are you serious? You can't have that job, baby. You can't -- you can't have any job, okay? Not right now. Go in there and take this back. Why though? I got something I need to tell you. Mom, what's going on? I did something. I did something bad. You might think it's unforgiveable. Wow. Oh. And niecy Nash is so incredible. Niecy Nash turned in such a powerful performance as Gloria Incredible, incredible. Even after Alexis found out that she was stolen, that her name was really kamiyah, she didn't want to turn her mom in. Right. She even supported Gloria throughout the trial. Tell us about that. I got to tell you, sunny, that is something that has taken people aback, and she has been criticized for it but as her family in South Carolina calls her Alexis, her family in Florida calls her kamiyah. What she said is unless you've been through that -- she's never met anybody that's gone through this so she's doing the best that she absolutely can. And this is a woman that -- and this is a whole nature versus nurture debate. She thought she was her mobe. She was good to her. Sometimes in an abduction they want to do ill will to you. She treated her so well. Doesn't minimize it. She's serving 18 years in she tried to get the sentence reduced. She was denied. Are they still close? They saw each other in December. In jail, and that was hard to do because kamiyah is the victim and to be able to see -- go in jail -- you know this, sunny. What they had to go through, but she feels a connection with this woman who raised her. It has caused some issues with the biological family because as you can imagine -- Does the mom speak with kamiyah? They have. As kamiyah says, it's a roller coaster. I'm sure. Because her biological mother has a hard time understanding her daughter still having this bond with the woman who abducted her. And shanara Mobley, the biological mother, every year she had -- she recognized her birthday. Wow. She never gave up hope that she was going to find her. She does have a good relationship with her father, her biological father, and she has recently moved down to Florida to be closer to her father and the siblings there, but it's also being closer to Gloria who is there in jail. So interesting and so compelling a story.

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{"duration":"7:04","description":"“Good Morning America” co-anchor Robin Roberts discusses her journalism journey, time at ABC News, and executive producing “Stolen By My Mother.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"68356193","title":"Robin Roberts opens up about her career and new project","url":"/theview/video/robin-roberts-opens-career-project-68356193"}