Roger Stone indicted by Mueller team

The co-hosts share their view on Stone, Pres. Trump's longtime friend, after he was indicted on seven counts by special counsel Robert Mueller.
7:33 | 01/25/19

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Transcript for Roger Stone indicted by Mueller team
And we are now up to 37 arrests in the Mueller investigation. Don't sound so excited, joy. Try to have a blank face, a poker face. I'm not very good at poker. Hand. Anyway, these indictments include six trump associates as of this morning when his long-time friend and ally Roger stone was arrested in a seven-count indictment alleging he lied to and obstructed the Russian investigation. Now, I say to the panel here, very brilliant people here, how much trouble could this guy be in right now? I think he's in a significant amount of trouble. I mean, he's been charged with seven counts, and one of the counts, witness tampering, it's punishable by up to 20 years in prison. And so that's pretty significant. The other counts are punishable up to five years in prison. So he's 70 years old, so arguably if they ran consecutively you're talking about a lifetime sentence. But the interesting thing for me about this indictment and it's 24 pages and I read it this morning. We were reading it in the makeup room. It reads like "The godfather" and it's online and I suggest if you're interested you should read it. It's so chock full of criminal activity that this is what I call a teaser indictment, because they didn't charge him with everything they could have charged him with, which means to me they're saying, Mr. Stone, you should cooperate with us because if you do not get teased by this, we will supercede this indictment and charge you with the big Willie stuff. But how long can he live? The guy -- Well -- He already got 25 years. That's pretty much it. He told ABC in December that under no circumstances which I would testify against the president, to which the president then tweeted, nice to know that someone still has some guts. It's a little different when the FBI knocks on your door and says, open up, FBI warrant, which is what happened to him this morning. The big surprise, at least for me, isn't Roger stone getting indicted because we all had feelings about this guy and knew it was only a matter of time. The big part of the story for me though is that it sounds like the trump campaign knew beforehand about the wikileaks. Who knows how much they knew about them and where they came from but that is a really important part of this. Another thing, because I've been pretty cautious as you guys know to say wait for the Mueller investigation but it does feel like the walls are continuing to close in and where -- The walls, huh! Good one. Where's the bell. Where it does get tricky for me is if it does end up linking to a family member, a don Jr. Or Jared Kushner, someone high up in the campaign. I can speak for myself and Meghan, you can speak for yourself, having been through campaigns, it's pretty unusual for a family member to know about something so serious and the person at the top not to know. Too much legal stuff, I am just so damn happy this guy is indicted and arrested. He is a horrible human being. He is a thug, he is a bully. He has said horrible things about your father. Yeah. He has said horrible things about me. Let me read you one, why don't we. He got banned from Twitter for saying horrible, racist, offensive things about don lemon, about me, about Roland martin. I am a happy person today and let me just say what it does. It says, this is from his Twitter account, really? @Ana Navarro is fat, stupid and bleeping Al Cardenas. Let me say, Anna Navarro is marrying Al and rob Mueller is bleeping you. He said horrible things about your father. Ana and I don't agree on many things but we can agree that Roger stone is a bastard from hell who deserves everything he's going to get. He's been known for 40 -- it's all legitimate. He's been doing this for 40 years. He worked in the Nixon administration. To say he has a nebulous criminal past is putting it lightly. As far as I'm concerned he should have been arrested a long time ago. This communication with wikileaks -- Don't stop, keep it going. It's a time that we all agree and we're different views. That's the whole point. His communication specifically with Julian assange and wikileaks, I find that traitorous territory. When you talk about Russia releasing information from the DNC, I remember at the time when it happened thinking be very careful. Just as quickly as they can release DNC information, they can release RNC information. The fact that he was playing with this in this way, he is a traitor who should rot in jail. And Bob Mueller -- if you read the indictment and you should because really, it is 50 shades of -- It's juicy. He was on "The view." He's been here. He showed me his Nixon tattoo on his back. The next time I see it, it's going to be at rikers. I had an idea that you, me and Ana should visit him in jail. I'm not visiting him anywhere. I'll go visit him in We all agree that he's a horrible person. Why is it that Donald Trump surrounds himself with all of these people. Why do you think? My mother always told me -- No one would work with him. My mother always told me, show me who you walk with and I'll tell you who you are. This is what he's about. He surrounds himself with those types of people Listen, Roger stone was a pariah in Republican politics. That's what I was trying to say, no one would hire him. You know what's fascinating about you ladies -- Nobody of any legitimacy would hire him. What's fascinating about you girls, I am as adamant as trump and I don't get that response from you. He's the president and he's worse because he has the power. I'm with you on that. All right. Birds of a feather. Birds of a feather flock together. I don't know. Or get flocked. If one of the kids are involved in this, that's when you've got me. Let's take lets. Let's sa. Me tiene. Going to get indicted and they go to Donald Sr. And say your son is going to get indicted. I think he's the mommy dearest of fathers. Maybe ivanka. They were very sanctimonious about the fact that this is a different campaign, we're draining the swamp. Swamp people don't get indicted on campaigns, okay, because they know the rules of politics and rules of how to run campaigns, so excuse me right now as a born swamp person, all of them are ending up in jail, the ones you're so proud of draining the swamp with from Roger stone on down. There is a response from the white house. It says the indictment does not allege collusion by Roger stone or anyone else, rather focuses on alleged statements that were made to congress. The false statements were about the collusion. If it walks like collusion, talks like collusion -- Can we play the clip of Roger

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{"duration":"7:33","description":"The co-hosts share their view on Stone, Pres. Trump's longtime friend, after he was indicted on seven counts by special counsel Robert Mueller.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"60627728","title":"Roger Stone indicted by Mueller team","url":"/theview/video/roger-stone-indicted-mueller-team-60627728"}