Rose McGowan talks alleged sexual misconduct by Harvey Weinstein

McGowan joined "The View" to discuss the alleged attack she says she suffered at the hands of Weinstein, and how she feels now his alleged sexual misconduct has been brought to light.
7:46 | 01/30/18

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Transcript for Rose McGowan talks alleged sexual misconduct by Harvey Weinstein
And -- I mean -- when you read it, it is so -- utterly stunning. That you kind of go, whoa. Please tell people what happened. Well, what happened is -- uh -- my life got hijacked as it happens to so many, all too many of us. Men and women. Alike. And in -- everybody. I went into a meeting at 10:00 A.M. And I was in the middle of my second film. So this is my boss. And -- the night before he had sat behind me in a theater. Where I was -- at a movie premier of mine. At sundance. I was supposed to be the belle of the ball. I had four movies there that year. Think I lasted a day and half because I left shortly thereafter. Let's put it this way. We have all heard kind of what it is. Uh -- women -- and anybody who is attacked, you just -- leave your body. And everything happens so fast and so slow. Because this wasn't the plan. I had turned to an mtv camera crew before going in. They were following me. A day in the life. I said, I think my life is finally getting easier. For years, that haunted me. I talk about it in "Citizen rose." The documentary where I address a lot of this stuff. The book is -- about bravery and overcoming adversity and helping hopefully teach people just to be more courageous than they already are. Right. So, now, this happens when we have conversations like this. We sometimes have things we call must dos. And have to read the statement from the representatives. Uh -- he denies rose Mcgowan's allegations of nonconsensual sexual contact. It's erroneous and irresponsible the con inflate claims of inappropriate behavior and con seens yul sexual contact late R regretted as rape. I have to say this, too. ABC has nonverified some of the claims in your book. In your book, you talk about how you told people. You didn't keep to it yourself. You told people. Not just one person. Did anybody help you? No. Actively not. Who did you tell? I came out of that hotel room. People think hotel room is what we see. You open the bedroom and there's a dor. This is a presidential suite. It's the entire top floor of a massive hotel. There's three offices in there. It's huge. It's completely not abnormal, as you have probably taken meetings in owe tell us, too. People think it's a little room. You're in there. It's not how it went. Um -- I was having a meeting. Now I know the whole time he's just listening to me. I know he's very sexy and hard to resist. Not. The warthog from hell. Consensual my ass. How does it feel. I told everybody that day. I told everybody consistently. "The new Yorker" as Ronan farrow says in my documentary. It fact-checked out. All of it. And otherwise you wouldn't report it. Didn't you tell your manager? Yes, but she got a job with him for seven years right afterwards. What did she tell you to do? I went to the management company. The bigger managers than her. One of them said, and I remember it because it was so close to what Ben Affleck said. I was struck by it at the time. He was like god . I told him to stop doing that. I just had an L.A. Times story killed about him. He owes it to me not to do this. Then I had the head of the most powerful law firm calling me and saying, the women of Hollywood, the wives, will support you if you come out. Nobody cared. They got a woman to come in, who I have heard wants to apologize to me. She came in and -- and was somebody who -- I mean, but it was true. She said, no one is going believe you. You're an actress. You've done a sex scene. You're done. Has anybody apologized to you? There are a lot of women misogynists. Not just men. Did this monster ever contact you? Yes. Three days later, I checked my voice mails in my apartment. Somebody gave him my number. I won't mention the other names, but Gwyneth has already talked about it. He said, she's my special friend. Your my new special friend. I slid down the wall and threw up on myself. I can see why. Vomitous. After 20 years, though, and you're so brave. By the way. You were able to tell the world about his abuse. And most people don't know this. You were the person that was behind exposing him in the "The New York Times" and "The new Yorker." You were the person. Um -- how did that -- coming from the place you were in, throwing up on yourself after he called you, how did it make you feel when he was finally exposed? I don't understand why -- I don't understand why if people can get convicted based on people saying yes, that man stole my purse. If there's so many, I still don't understand why legally nothing's happened to him yet. This is a bad human being, y'all. With a lot of tentacles. Not just Hollywood. Deep the reach in the democratic party. Deep reach all over the world. He had a woman, her job was to give him -- go in the room and rape. Every single place where there were territories, that's what they called them, where you sell movies, he had a minifactory set up to, you know, it was a supply chain. And -- uh -- you know. It's -- the women that have come forward, what I did was -- um -- I wanted -- I know I've lost a lot of jobs in the past to men in ego contests with each other. I'm sure we all have. So what I knew to do was what if, you know, if woman from an organization called you will have a called me and said, he's on me. The monsters are on me. To give you the idea of the levels of attorneys harassing me. Charles harder was one of them. He's now trump's attorney. The other one was gore's attorney. Deeply involved with the Clintons. It's just the truth. Today's gray outside. I didn't make it so. You did have a settlement. They give you, what, $100,000? Big deal. I understand you gave to it charity, am I right? Well, they didn't give it to me. I -- I wanted -- I wanted to buy a billboard. I tried. I called Gannett outdoors. The billboard company. I wanted to get his name is a rapist. They wouldn't let me. Shockingly. That was 20 years ago. I did give some to that. I used a little bit of it to live and pay for therapy. It's but, the biggest reason for that -- it was my only way of saying, I didn't like this. I want this. Because no one would listen to you. People are like, you took the money. The only perfect rape victim is a dead one. That's a fact.

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{"duration":"7:46","description":"McGowan joined \"The View\" to discuss the alleged attack she says she suffered at the hands of Weinstein, and how she feels now his alleged sexual misconduct has been brought to light.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"52710188","title":"Rose McGowan talks alleged sexual misconduct by Harvey Weinstein","url":"/theview/video/rose-mcgowan-talks-alleged-sexual-misconduct-harvey-weinstein-52710188"}